Developer gets iOS apps running on BlackBerry, for real (we asked for more evidence and got it)

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jun 2012 04:55 pm EDT

This past Saturday a thread popped up in the CrackBerry Forums by new member businesscat2000, titled iOS Apps running on PlayBook! The thread linked to this video on youtube, which runs through a demo of iOS apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook via an iOS player of sorts, including Super Monkey Ball, Tiny Tower, Tom Tom, Sushi Cat, iFart (of course) and more. This video also linked to another youtube video, showing the iOS Player running in a Windows environment.

It took less than an hour for businesscat2000 to claim responsbility for the videos and being the brains behind this extremely interesting development project of sorts. In the forums, the community responded with both shock and awe and a little disbelief, to which the developer explained his approach:

The CPU isn't emulated on Playbook (though it is on Windows). It works very similarly to how WINE works to run Windows applications on Linux. The app binary is mapped into memory and imports are resolved to point to my own implementation of the various APIs needed. iOS actually uses a few open APIs already, which Playbook supports just as well (GL ES, and OpenAL). The bulk of the work has been in implementing all of the objective C classes that are required. The ARM code of the applications run as-is - the armv6/v7 support on PB/iDevices are pretty much identical, and the code is designed to run in USR mode. No SWIs, GPIO accesses or any of that kind of shenanigans.  

Pulling something like this off is a massive undertaking, so understandably the community pushed back with questions and doubt. Maybe these are just app video playbacks running in an app? Or maybe these are Android apps and not iOS apps as some of these apps are available on Android too?

Wanting to get to the bottom of this I have been in touch with the developer quite a bit since Saturday. And yes, everything seen so far is legit.

Test #1: I had him install an iOS app -- SketchMobile -- and draw out Hi CrackBerry on it on video (see below). No app streaming player here. I witnessed it.

Test #2: Just a few hours ago we sent the developer the iPhone app for our sibling site iMore. This is only an iPhone app and not available on any other platform. As you can see in the video above, he got the nuts of it up and running in less than hour. It's not pulling in images from the web, but the app loads and it is working. Huge.

Seeing is believing, and we have seen. There is more work yet to be done still. Right now it works best with API's under v4, and supports builds for universal binary or armv6. Right now it works best with apps like games, but apps that need UIWebView and CoreData, not so much yet.

To iOS developers out there, to further prove his progress, businesscat2000 is willing to test out your iOS apps. Jump over to this forum post for more explanation and details. 

As for what this all means? It's a little too soon to tell, but obviously the ability to run iOS apps on the BlackBerry 10 platform would be HUGE for us BlackBerry users. One thing I do know for sure we'll keep on top of this story as it continues to develop. More videos below, and be sure to jump into the forums to discuss.

More Videos of iOS Apps Running on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Hello CrackBerry, written to me by the developer on the SketchBook Mobile iOS app

Original iOS apps on PlayBook demo video

Angry Birds on iOS Player on Windows

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Developer gets iOS apps running on BlackBerry, for real (we asked for more evidence and got it)


Not only skype, try all 600 000 ios apps + all 500 000 droid apps (that don't work on android player) + all blackberry 80 000 (-7)apps + windows phone 40 000(remember that video?) . It will be sick... 1 000 000 applications on one tablet and future phones. :D

RIM should buy this technology and integrate it into BB10.

mmmmm, don't know if Apple would allow it but it would be a great thing to have!!

Apple wouldn't allow it, the only reason BlackBerry's 'support' Android apps is because Android is open source.

Despite Apple's willingness to likely want to stop this, I don't think there is anything illegal. Emulators are in fact legal so long as the creator did not use any copyrighted code.

The illegality around this type of work has more to do with the apps, and the fact that they might be distributed illegally.

If RIM where to integrate this into the OS, developers could just repackage their apps into AppWorld and have them work via the emulator.


RIM should hire this programmer, buy his company to lock up this technology, patent it, etc. ;)

Thats amazing! I'm really impressed that one person did this. The question is: What now?

Edit: This is beyond app requests guys. Cool it with the flurry of requests. This is a huge achievement, the dev deserves credit for his work up to this point, regardless of future development

Agreed. this is a great achievement. very exciting new and thank you for the developer. I look forward to trying it out!

[Deadly duo - Playbook/Bold]

NOTE: PlayBook OS 2.0 IS NOT BB10... SO it can only get better when BB10 arrives!!


Umm. No, I have an ipad 3 that never gets used because half the sites I go to require flash and the POS ipad is useless for that LOL! so go back and play with your itoy maxi-pad loser

Sir, you haven't got the point. I am talking about 3rd party software. So behave yourself, sir.

And by the way, why are most of the users here so excited about bringing iOS apps on the Playbook?

Maybe a few people care about the apps. I think most of the people here are impressed by the work itself.

It's also heartening to see an emulator running another modern platforms apps so smoothly. It speaks volumes not only to the developer that made the emulator, but to the hardware/software combination that allows apps to have such brilliant performance.

I'd be curious to see how a similar app would run on Android or iOS. I suspect that it wouldn't fare as well.

While this is a very impressive (and well thought out) emulator, it is not as impressive technologically as you make it out to be. Once the dev explained to me how he did this, I understand better what's going on. There's no CPU emulation happening at all, so it's mostly just porting of the necessary libraries and making sure everything is linked up. If someone wanted to run Playbook apps on an iOS device, performance would be similar.

It's not the Playbook that makes this possible, it's the brilliant devs.

Well, QNX was designed from the ground up to do exactly this kind of thing. Unlike iOS and Android, which are cut down versions of server OSes repurposed to run desktops.

I think the idea is to be excited about the awesomly skilled developers that are attracted to a REAL OS like QNX.

While interesting I fail to see why this is an important development. Getting an iOS app to work
in a BlackBerry environment seems to me hobbyish at best and non-consequential at worst.

Would it not be better for developers to create apps in the BB environment rather than cannibalizing existing work from other platforms.

What am I missing because bastardizing an iOS app to work on any other platform only reinforces the idea that iOS is the system to beat, barring that, let's just steal from them.

Yes, it would be better to develop native apps for BB.

What this proves, is that the underlying ability of the PlayBook is as good, if not better, than the iPad. Will this convince developers to switch? Maybe.

On the other side, if the developers don't switch, it opens up the ability of PlayBook and possibly BB10 owners to get apps from any store. So, if the developer of the app doesn't have the resources to do the app in iOS, Android and Q++, then they user doesn't have to worry about choosing BB10 over the Android or iPhone because of an app availability.

How's that argument go: Hey iPhone has all the apps and more if you break the phone. Well, my BB10 will play all of those without breaking the phone. Hey Android has a ton of apps that can play on most Android phones. Well, my BB10 will play all of those apps as well. And my BB10 will play my BB apps as well.

It doesn't prove that at all. It proves that the Playbook has the same capabilities or better than the iPhone 3GS. As the author stated, at this point it's iPhone 3GS apps at 360x480 max res.

You can use the iPhone apps on the iPad, but the apps are either small or look like crap. So, my statement still stands or could be read; It proves it is better than the iPad, which can't play the iPhone 3GS apps without them looking like crap.

Lol, and what is your frame for comparison? A shakeycam video of the playbook screen? They'll look the same on the PB as they do on the iPad. You logic makes no sense, it's like saying my calculator is better than my Blackberry because the numbers are on dedicated buttons...

But we dont want ios we want a small amount of the apps developed for ios i like some android apps too but for me the blackberry interface is far superior thats why i have a blackberry

+1. We dont want ios just their apps. As much as we love our pb and bb10 we js have to admit that pb still lacking off some important he's not rim developer therefore he can do whatever kind of development/mod he wants to.instead of just building few native apps for bb he opted to allow pb run ios apps. Just gv kudos to this dev for his hard work u know this is something big in the dev world rite?

+1. I am VERY impressed with the work this developer has done, and proven. I think running iOS apps through an emulator isn't necessarily a bad thing for BB. It would be great to be able to supplement current BB app offerings with 2 or 3 outside major apps like Skype that are not currently supported by BB until dedicated apps come down the road. I'm not looking to load up my BB with "crap apps", but there are some useful apps now out of our reach. As a dedicated BB device and OS nut I'm not looking to convert my BB into an iOS or Android wannabe.

Not being as knowledgeable as the developers and techies on the boards I'm wondering why the Android and now these iOS apps currently only run on the Playbook? Are our smartphones not equipped to do the job at this time? Maybe for BB10? Thanks!

You just wait guys... Once BB10 is out we'lll have our own jailbreaking team with our own version of cydia ;)... I promise you that

Already working on it. Been compiling code from every playbook update, now stripping the dev device coding down to bare bones. Stay tuned.

wow when I saw this last week I thought it would be cool if it was real...but I kinda expected it to be a fake...glad to hear it's not.....Just shows how powerful QNX is :)

Sue, for what?
One unforeseen consequence of doing that might be that Apple finds itself in an anti-trust fight with the European Competition Commission, who are pretty hot on monopolistic behaviour. The EU got just about every other phone maker in the world to use the micro-USB connector, and did everybody other than Apple owners a big favor. I imagine they have somebody waiting to jump on anything anti-competitive they can lay their hands on.

For those who can not see how this helps the playbook or bb10, this makes possible to get the tools outside your main ecosystem that can help you reach your goals.

I'm not looking to fill my playbook with apps from others ecosystems like apple, android or webos, I like what I got in the playbook, but sometimes I need an external solution that helps me solve some challenge that is blocking the path to my goal, and I really like to have that flexibility.

This does not change my opinion that this is ultimately a useless solution in search of a problem.

I also cannot take seriously anyone that uses the term "ecosystem" in relation to computing. This is technology not the friggin' rainforest.

No one here should take anyone who doesn't realize that the term 'ecosystem' has been and will continue to be used for a long time in terms of any technology as it is no longer about companies developing for a single platform for the masses, such as phones or computers. With crossplatform developing and hardware manufacturing becoming one unified process, technology ecosystems are created. Your ridiculous argument is moot based on apparent lack of any kind of knowledge regarding the topic at hand. The ability to get any other app from any other os has numerous positive implications. Perhaps for some developers it seemed too tedious or even impossible to port apps to playbook. Showing them options or even outright doing the work for them can give them new revenue streams and therefore open their eyes to something that could be quite profitable and immensely beneficial. At VERY least it shows that the OS can handle much more than what 90 percent of the population seems to think it can. Iphones and pads are only what they are because of those 3rd party developers. Truly great phones and tablets and ECOSYSTEMS are yet to come. I believe in BB 10.

Feel better getting that off your chest. Good.

It still does not change the fact that it is a stupid ass term that has been co-opted by mental midgets who, lacking anything bordering upon an original thought, think jingoistic language such as this will give them some degree of gravitas or at the very least make them appear knowledgeable.

It doesn't. It just sounds idiotic, and by extension confers the same negative characteristic on the user. No real sense in trying to make this point to someone who defends such vacuity.

Put your thesaurus away and pick up a dictionary and look up Ecosystem.

How stupid does it sound to argue an industry recognized term and then calling the entire industry mental midgets...nice.

I take it you're the resident philosopher then?
Are we still talking about a guy who got iOS apps (do you recognise the word apt?) running on BlackBerry (do you agree with this capitalization?)
See where your divergent arguments will get us?

It is not a "stupid-ass term". The root meaning of "ecosystem" is from the Greek oikia, which loosely translates as "household" in the sense of an estate with its houses, farm, craftsmen and the like. Hence economics, the study of communal management which extended to national and international level, and ecology, the study of how the natural world organises itself around resources and consumers. An ecosystem is a more or less self contained unit (in biology, of animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and so on) which can be simplified by looking at the inputs (sun, rain and the like) and the outputs (waste).
In computer science an ecosystem is a software platform and all the goods and services that build up around it, feeding off it or supplying the creators with income. IBM I think were the first to talk about the Tivoli ecosystem, and anybody who has worked with Tivoli understands very quickly that this makes sense. Mobile phone architectures are true computing ecosystems with their consumers, carriers, application developers, hardware developers, OS developers all interacting in different ways that add value.

I guess that amazinggraceless will now consider me to be a jingoistic mental midget, but with over 30 years in the industry at levels from hardware designer to c level, I do think I have a clue as to how it works.

This is awesome!! Glad to see more & more devs gettin interested in BlackBerry.. RIM is really doing a great job reaching out to devs.. & devs must see BB10 has a lot to offer.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. BlackBerry IV Life!!

When a jailbreak tweak comes out to emulate the keyboard on bb10 for iPhones everyone goes crazy and says "Rimm should sue. They want bb10 bla bla bla." When a dev ports ios apps everyone goes crazy saying "wow awesome.Rim hire this guy." Its funny how when the apps are on the iPhone it makes it a "toy" but now that it can run on the pb will the same ones call it a toy?

You already know the answer to this. BB fanatics will never see the idiocy of the toy vs tools argument.

If Apple does it, it's crap and toyish. If RIM does the exact same thing, it is the holy grail.

Yeah bro...just like when Android or BlackBerry has a feature that iOS doesn't, Apple fanboys talk sh_tabout how it is stupid and not important...but once Apple finally gets it on their devices, then it is SUPER cool and innovative... right? smh

Not a lot of people called the 4s innovative. And if you go to iMore they aren't even calling ios6 innovative. If you guys are excited for gaining ios apps might as well buy an iPhone. SMH

I wish the crackberry team put some like buttons on the main Page for comments like this.

um I only saw 1 guy say that RIM should hire this guy.
Most people here seem to agree that Apple will be looking at suing if they can.

What's amazing about this is NOT that we want Apple on our phone. We are exited becuase it continues to show the power of QNX over the competition, first Android & now iOS

There is a difference between wanting IOS and wanting access to the apps made for IOS. I wouldn't be nearly as interested by this if I had to reduce my PBOS to function like an iPad (would be interesting to see though).
If I could flow through my PlayBook as RIM designed it and have access to all the hard work developers have done for Apple, I feel I would have the best of best.
I tried an iPhone for the apps, but couldn't deal due to all the time sacrificed for my hourly activities.
Who wouldn't like to have access to every single mobile app while staying with your favorite OS? Anyone... Anyone?

If you double tap your iPhone it brings up a pane with all your apps slide across and tap which one you want to use. How much time did you really lose? And honestly I've owned a playbook since September and I am not saying what this dev has done is stupid. I am just saying when a keyboard tweak stolen from bb10 everyone goes crazy but yet everyone loves this. But I do see your point here.

"A keyboard tweak"?? Sure bro, drink some more Apple Kool-Aid. And the difference between that situation and this is that RIM showed the keyboard functionality (which is new BTW) and within a week, some Apple dev rips off the functionality. In this situation, some dude is just getting an iOS emulator/apps to work on the PlayBook..big whoop! I could care less about 95% of the apps in iTunes and App World has 3.5% of the remaining apps.

No Kool-Aid Drinking over here. I own a Pb, an iPhone, and a bb 9300. You have failed to highlight the difference.Since the dev said it would be available in cydia(which it is not) it's called a tweak. Not really a rip off if you ask me. Big whoop? Its on the home page of CrackBerry and if you read the comments it is kind of a big deal. It even had its own banner at the top of the site! I was just highlighting the fact that if its on an iPhone its called a toy. Will the pb be the new toy now that the ios apps are ported? Don't get your panties in a bunch.

1. Apps haven't been ported, this is just an emulator running some apps ... created by some dude in his spare time. Nothing official yet.

2. While it is cool that this guy figure it out, I dare say it is a big deal until it is official (see #1).

3. I did point out the difference. This isn't some feature/functionality that the developer is actively copying/pirating... where the keyboard was a new feature, right?

4. You say that there is no Kool-Aid drinking on your end but you sure do talk an awful lot of smack about RIM for being a PlayBook/BlackBerry owner.

If the Apple fanboys wanted bb10 or android they would just buy them. This would work out for Rim too I mean it would help them out the gutter. Apple doesn't need to port other apps to their os; They got em already.

Hey shief.. for someone that owns a Bold and a PlayBook, you sure do talk a lot of sh_t about RIM. Maybe head on over to iMore.. where you can hang out with people of your own kind. I hear they serve up ice cold Apple Kool-Aid over there.

A 9300 is a Curve not a Bold. And what sh_t did I speak? That rims in the gutter? Is it not? I always check out iMore when I have a chance but CrackBerry is more informative to me. And I got it he didn't copy it pardon me he emulated it...cough. Anyways the point I was making still stands. Maybe your eyes are too filled with tears from crying that you only could read part of my post. I guess the PlayBook will be my new toy since its getting to "emulate" ios apps. Or is that only for iPhones. Anyways unbunch your panties.

Yeah, I only read part of your post because I mistakenly thought you posted that you have a 9930...not a 9300...oohh, my bad. And whatever you are doing, talking sh_t or not, has a pro-Apple/anti-RIM tone to it... or am I just making it all up? I, along with many of my fellow PlayBook users, would rather see native QUALITY apps over a bunch of ported/emulated garbage from iOS and Android. That being said, you can rip on the PlayBook all you want, but before you do, ask yourself one question...Can iOS run a QNX or Android OS emulation?

This is your problem. I haven't ripped on the PlayBook nor do I want to. I didn't say one negative thing about it. Many of your fellow playbook users agree that lack of apps is hurting the Pb. And this will most likely change that. Stop ignoring them. If there wasn't that many Rim wouldn't have included the ability to port over android apps in the os2 update. Stop being so defensive. And to answer your question. No it cannot. If you jailbreak it it can probably run a theme but that is about it. Point?

Whatever dude... All of your posts regurgitate the same point like a butthurt Apple fanboy.... "well, if the PlayBook is getting Apple apps, then it must be a toy".

And BTW, I'm not saying there are a ton of apps for the PlayBook.. personally, other than Skype, I think I have all I need. I have a bunch of games, some work and task trackers, a few multimedia apps, and a bunch of miscellaneous apps.

ps. I don't think the "perceived" lack of apps is hurting the PlayBook as much as the "perceived" inferiority of it over the iFad by both consumers and the media.

I repeated it because you failed to answer the question for some odd reason. Hmm denial? It wasn't a point it was a simple question. All your points regurgitate the fact that you are a fanboy because you are so denfensive. I.E saying that I have a anti-rim tone (lol) and that I can continue to bash the playbook. (which I didn't). I don't really care what apps you use. But that's good for you if the apps you have suit your needs. Who cares what is hurting the PlayBook more, either way they're both hurting the PB. To put it into perspective if this emulator actually comes to the public the PlayBook would have THOUSANDS of ios apps,THOUSANDS of android apps, not to mention THOUSANDS of native apps. That would generate lots of sales if more people knew about that. So yeah lack of apps is a big thing. But hey if a butt hurt apple fanboy is someone who enjoys their pb, their iPhone and their curve, then hey thats me. Hopefully at this point you have unbunched your panties.

I have bigger things than your "I'm not ripping on RIM, but I am" comments that get me worked up...and I'm curious as to why you think your question about apps and the PlayBook being a toy warrants an answer so why keep repeating it?

If you didn't have an answer you shouldn't have even commented. And its a great question if you don't think so then don't hit reply. It deserves an answer from the people who refer to the iPhone as iToy because of its app system. If you don't fit into that category then I don't see why you got worked up at all. Go do your "bigger things" if you can't answer a simple question. You even admitted that what the dev did isnt a big deal to you so I cant see why you even commented. If you really coach a hockey team I'm sure your strong point is defense.

1. You commented on a public site so I'm free to respond to your comment.

2. I don't care about Apple and whether it is a toy or not. I have 2 Bold 9900s (3 if you count my work phone), a Torch 9800, 2 PlayBooks, and 2 iPod Touches.

3. I didn't say that what he did wasn't a big deal, what I said was that it isn't a big deal for PlayBook owners until Apple apps ACTUALLY work on the PlayBook.

I felt a disturbance in the force on the eve of Apples WWDC when I first saw the video on the weekend. It was as if millions of accountants suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silent.

This story has legs. Kudos to the developer. Impressive. Most impressive. (WOW!)

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Microsoft would want to talk to him too...if he can get iOS apps working on windows...that would be huge for windows 8 RT.

Kinda neat - I agree with it being more-so hobbyish, but definite kudos to the developer.

On the other hand, I get such a kick out of the Apple-loving, non-contributing GOOFS out there who can't respect someone's goal or achievement. He was clearly being quite modest having not stepped into the light until quite a few days after the videos surfaced, so cram the whole "BlackBerry enthusiasts are wannabes" nonsense, ya queefs.

Why, in North America, must everyone and everything be better than everyone and everything else? People are so envious that I want to see how sticky they are before I grind them up and throw them in my vaporizer.

Seriously, nerds, relax a bit. Again, kudos to businesscat2000 on the achievement!

Did you even read the post? Kevin wrote "It took less than an hour for businesscat2000 to claim responsbility for the videos" Ya queef.

Oh, darn, I made an honest mistake and here I am acknowledging that mistake.

I still meant the other 90% of my post. Ya faginal vart.

If there were an edit button, I'd be using it right about now. I suppose it was, you know, a tiny bit extreme..?

RIM should hire this guy!. Androids+iOS apps on PlayBook...this going to be exciting!
PlayBook plays all!

Will this ever be available for download and installed somehow to the Playbook? If yes, when will it be available?

Heeeeyyyyy RIM!!! hire that guy get him working on apps! if this guy can pull that kinda stuff off maybe he can get you guys in a great spot for even more apps for the bb10!

This is in no way possible. The whole thing is a show. Unless this guy can give up a step by step tutorial to try it out ourselves, i'll never believe it

Why would you conclude that it is impossible to run apps designed for one linux based OS.. in an emulator on another linux based OS?

If this is your idea of impossible... you must live in a very small world.

Not that I'm proud of this, but many of the Kardashians rock a Bold 99XX, and I think I saw something the other day where Kim was using the P9981 (??whatever the expensive Porsche model is).

Pretty interesting to see this sort of stuff. It wouldn't affect me, personally, as I use the playbook more as an extension of my Blackberry, as well as for more simplistic computing tasks so I don't have to be at the computer.

I do see the up side to this. It's not (by necessity) about getting iOS developers to port all their apps over using this guy's methods, although that could spark some developers to do so. It is about what a fair number of people have said: showcasing just how much potential the Playbook has to offer even in its current state, not necessarily extending into OS 10 or even 2.1. This is the Playbook OS and hardware NOW. iOS developers can see that their apps will not only work on QNX, but work quite fluidly on QNX.

Does it mean we'll have a huge influx of apps very shortly? I doubt it. Playbook is still not the leading tablet, though it does make up a half-decent chunk of the tablet market here in Canada behind the iPad and the combined Android tablets. Does it mean that we'll see some developers from the iOS community take a second or third look at coding for the Playbook and for BB10? Most definitely. I'm pretty confident that with all the positive things devs have already been saying about the QNX software and the tools that RIM has provided, we will start to see some pretty killer apps come in for BB10.

Man there are a bunch of tools posting against this. I have done some serious development in my time and am super impressed by what the dev has accomplished so far. I would take this to a university IP law department for an opinion on how to commercialize or open source this. I could care a less about running most iOS applications but I would definitely buy this jst to support his efforts. Kudos!!!

I assume this would be a tool for developers to easily port their apps legally to BB10 devices. Similar to what some Android devs are doing.

What this essentially does is something very important in the form of perception, this immediately increases the application selection for the blackberry platform.

One of the main reasons that analysts are down on a RIM comeback is that, they say that rim is too far behind in the apps category to catch up to the competition, this provides developers who have already created these apps access to profit from the blackberry appworld without any effort.

Eventhough this is in its preliminary stages and currently runs 3GS level apps if your an iphone user like i am ask yourself what apps you currently use regularly on your iphone 4 and 4s that cannot be used on a 3GS?

WWDC just announced that ios 6 is available for the 3GS a piece of hardware which has far less computing power than a playbook.

Bringing ios6 apps to blackberry is almost like bringing bbm to iphone, its a game changer, one that everyone must pay attention too.

In my opinion why this is cool is because it's the homebrew community that needs to embrace BB 10 as much as the mainsteam developer community. As others have mentioned, BB 10 needs it's own version of Cydia and a thriving community of independent developers and hobbyists to be a vibrant and sustainable platform.

BlackBerry 10 needs to be adopted by the community as much as it needs big apps like Skype to be successful. It's often small independent projects like this that spark major new support and features for a platform.

There will be no jailbreaking of blackberries. Jailbreaking is the result of inferior security.

RIM doesn't have inferior security.

Asking to sacrifice security in the name of fart apps is like chopping off your head to see what it feels like.

Thus why I've never drank the iOS/Android Kool-aid.
And, thus why this is such a great accomplishment!

I want businesscat2000 to be a special guest on the next CrackBerry podcast. You had the DingleBerry guys on one podcast, and this is potentially a more impactful development.

"eco-system" that gets bandied around these days would be interesting if we see more of these things pop up to challenge these ideas and concepts and one day have software that is no longer limited to the platform it was designed for.

People may still feel that blackberry is a dead end but I still think with things like this going on from users, its interesting times ahead for the smartphone maker.

Dear RIM,
Hire businesscat2000 and a dozen new lawyers to fend off rotten apple's lawyers - the payoff will be huge!

This is hands down amazing. I'm as excited about this as I was about the android player just because it brings established apps to the playbook. I don't think the playbook is a bad device (in fact, I tell everyone how though it is same generation as ipad1, it had better resolution than 1 and 2), to the contrary, I say it is the best tablet on the market (best=/= best-selling). That said, I know great apps made FOR the playbook are arriving and around the corner.


Unlike android, iOS makes developers sign agreements that say they won't let anyone get their app from elsewhere but the itunes for cheaper (or sometimes anywhere else at all) in their developer contracts. So even if this were to work and is completely legal (as it seems to and be respectively), what's to say apple wouldn't strong-arm developers into not releasing them/repackaging them on BBX?

There is a third party martket already for the playbook
and while I am against such markets for native apps for the
sole reasons of the security implications, I would welcome it if
they specialized in IOS and android apps, because doing so would hurt
the competition's markets. Hopefully the dev will make deals with third party markets to have ios apps available to playbook. If I were an IOS dev and I had the potential; to publish to Apple only or to Apple + playbook then I would choose the latter.

Question if the apps are working from apple where can i find minecraft pe my fav game if you can tell me plz reply saying hot