Developer? Attending the BlackBerry Developer Conference? Register for the BlackBerryCool15 Event Now!!!

Register Now for the BlackBerryCool15!
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Oct 2008 03:24 am EDT

It's Monday, October 13th, and you know what that means? Only ONE WEEK until the start of RIM's first ever BlackBerry Developer Conference. If you're a BlackBerry Developer (or are thinking about getting into it) and still don't know what it's all about, be sure to visit the DevCon website and read all about it. Better yet, register for the event and come on down! Online registration closes this Friday, October 17th, so hurry.

The BlackBerryCool15: Our buddy Doug over at is putting together a cool little side event that you need to check out if you're a developer and are attending the event. Here are the deets:

The BlackBerry Cool 15 is an event we're running to give exposure to BlackBerry developers with innovative and "cool" software ideas while providing them with a relaxed forum to interact with other like-minded people. The BlackBerry Cool 15 is a celebration of the BlackBerry development community and a good excuse to have a great time! Here's how it will happen:

  •  We're looking for 15 registered DevCon developers willing to display their innovative, pre-1.0 software release in front of an audience at the BlackBerry Developer Conference.
  • Each of the 15 selected developers will have 1-2 minutes to pitch their idea or application, followed by 2-3 minutes of questioning by a judges panel.
  • After all the developers have made their pitch, the audience members will vote on the best BlackBerry application. The winner will receive some great prizes which will be announced shortly.

I'm going to be helping out as one of the judges at this event, so please, if you're working on a great app be sure to register for the BBCool15 and show us what you got (and yes, my vote can be bought if you get a Storm in my hands between now and then! LOL). The whole BBCool15 event is going to get videotaped and produced into a cool web video after, so it's guaranteed to get you some blogosphere exposure for your new application. More Info on the BBCool15 Here and you can Register Here. I hope to see you in Cali next week!!!

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Developer? Attending the BlackBerry Developer Conference? Register for the BlackBerryCool15 Event Now!!!


Is it possible that RIM may announce the Curve 8900 at this conference? I would think that this would be a great opportunity for RIM to tell the world about their newest Curve!

In the hope that some developers will stumble upon this...
I'd like to see a native version of Brightkite for the Blackberry.
It would be great to have a version like the iPhone has.
I've put together a blog post in the hope I can get some interest in this going.
Its at and if you are not sure what Brightkite is please look here

Basically it's a cool social networking application that allows you to post photos and your location. Kind of like Twitter on steroids!

Here's hoping :)