DevCon Podcast: Interview With Chris Smith, Senior Director of BlackBerry Development Platform

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By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2009 01:04 pm EST
CrackBerry Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!

The first day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference had us going from early morning till late at night, but just before the evening reception kicked off we had a chance to sit down for an interiew with Chris Smith from Research in Motion. Chris' title is Sr. Director, BlackBerry Development Platform, which means a WHOLE BUNCH of major software responsibilities fall on his plate.

For all of our faithful CrackBerry readers out there, THIS IS THE PODCAST YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO. We cover a LOT of topics here.... all the hot issues and topics that pop up in the forums daily - the web browser, OS 5.0, app memory, and WAYYY more.  It's about 32 minutes. Take a listen. Enjoy the show!!

Listen to our Interview with Chris Smith, Sr. Director, BlackBerry Development Platform



Reader comments

DevCon Podcast: Interview With Chris Smith, Senior Director of BlackBerry Development Platform


Thank you Kevin for this interview i just finished listening to it. Because you are at the Developer Conference maybe you could find out some answers to my questions?

The reason I have a BB is because the company I work for wanted something more business focused.

Do you think BB may be getting away from being a producer of Business centered devices to entertainment driven devices?

Also, it seems many Smartphone developers are chasing iPhone or Droid (insert device here) Why can’t RIM devices be the ones that others are trying to emulate?

Will I ever be able to listen to Windows Media protocol audio on my BB?

I did like the multiple theme question at the end maybe we will see this in the future. Thanks!

Yeah, crank the speakers up. I ordered some new super duper podcast recording equipment for doing live shows, but it got held up at customs and didn't have it yet for devcon, so we had to use a less than optimal solution.  thx for the patience!

Kevin, with the browser topic on the podcast, do you know if all devices will receive this new browser? I'm very much interested in getting the new essex once it's available but hesitant now if there is a chance it will not get the new browser.

Although now it's tempting to check out verizon with their storm 2 with all of the new goodies on the way.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it didn't sound like they ruled out the original Storm from the Open GL programming.

Granted, I'm looking forward to my upgrade to the Storm2, but that may be a while. So if this is going to be something that hits the floor as upon completion of the meetings, I'm eager to have something good coming out the purchase from this trouble-clad Storm 1. Any further insight would be a big help. Keep up the great work.

I cannot seem to find this podcast on itunes? Is it available for download through my ipod touch? *Sorry i just read that it would be up later! Nevermind im my eyes are just tired at looking at this curve screen and wanting a 9700*