DevCon 2011 Session Update: My session now live and renowned gamer Jane McGonigal announced as feature speaker!

CBK @ BlackBerry DevCon
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Sep 2011 11:13 pm EDT

Calling all BlackBerry Developers... We're just over a month away from BlackBerry DevCon 2011 and it's shaping up to be a good one. If you're signed up to attend, my session on Working with Bloggers and the Media to Promote Your App is now live in the Session Catalog so be sure to signup for it. I promise it'll be a good time.

RIM has also announced as a featured speaker renowned gamer (and futurist) Jane McGonigal, who's going to be delivering a couple of sessions: Com28 on How Gaming Can Change the World and Com29 Who's Got Game? where you'll be able to pitch your app ideas to Jane. Click this link to learn more.

We had a blast at DevCon last year, so we're really looking forward to the show this year. Last year RIM shocked us with the BlackBerry PlayBook. With Tablet OS 2 around the corner and QNX SuperPhones coming in 2012, we're sure this will be a DevCon you'll want to attend. Hope to see you there!

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DevCon 2011 Session Update: My session now live and renowned gamer Jane McGonigal announced as feature speaker!


Hey Kevin I think you have a typo in your heading - "reknowned" :\ Or is it some silly company name? Oh whatever. It's cool you're doing a talk though :D

Congrats on the session. Something that I wanted to mention is that I don't know if it was in your best interest to attend the shareholders event. As a blogger and voice of crackberry, your readers look to you for your perspective as well as to your guesses as to where RIM should head and what products you think might be coming out and when. Don't underestimate the value of Crackberry's speculation and/or scoops. Whether or not your guesses turned out to be correct, they were fun and gave Crackberry fans joy and hope at the same time. Essentially the NDA has silenced you. As a blogger, you should NEVER sign an NDA if it going to prevent you from doing what you do best. What you did best above everything was to give the fans a reason to hope. It is no fun if you are being reduced to a product reviewer.

You ought to unravel yourself from the NDA or pass the torch to Adam or Blaze until your NDA expires. Someone from Crackberry needs to start talking and guessing at stuff because BGR and Engadget etc are all doing it about RIM and it isn't fun to read.

Wakeup Crackberry!!! Rimpire was coined prior to the meeting and since then just product reviews. No personal offense intended by my comments.

What the HELL are you talking about? Haven't signed NDAs with RIM at all.  There's no NDA in attending a shareholders meeting. Do your research before you post something completely wrong. The only time we're even close to anything like that is when we get an embargoed review unit (same as any other gadget site that has one).

And totally not the case at all. Do you not read the blogs? I've written posts recently complaining about BBID, asking what you'd do if WE ran RIM, etc.  That's not play nice type material.  No NDA here.

If you're going to type a comment like this here, you'd better get your facts straight. I don't take personal offense, but you're 100% out to lunch, so you're the one who has to wake up here.

How many of them get chance to speak at right place...
Make better/ most use of this opportunity....
I would like to hear every bit in your next podcast..

I wonder if RIM is going to introduce any QNX phones...I would love to see them, but I'm guessing it would be a bad idea because it will only have been a month or so since the release of BB 7 devices. This could definitely cut into the sales of those devices...just a thought...any opinions?

yeah that would be pretty dumb of RIM to introduce new qnx phones this early since they just debut os7 device it would make consumers pissed for sure