DevCon 2009: Enter the RIM Matrix - Apps Downloaded From BlackBerry App World in Real Time!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Nov 2009 12:58 pm EST

Going through the leftover footage we grabbed during the BlackBerry Developer Conference last week in San Francisco, I stumbled upon the above clip I recorded in the hallways of the conference area. It's pretty geeky cool - RIM had a flat screen set up with what I dubbed the "BlackBerry Matrix." 

The monitor showed the logos for apps being downloaded from BlackBerry App World in real time (though it may have been more like real time plus a one minute delay). It was mesmerizing. What you don't see in the video above is that if I just would have turned around for a second, the camera would have caught about 20 people huddled around the monitor just staring at the screen for minutes on end. The BlackBerry Matrix had us. 

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DevCon 2009: Enter the RIM Matrix - Apps Downloaded From BlackBerry App World in Real Time!


heh It'd be interesting to have a little widget or something that shows that off on the side of your screen all the time or something... Not terribly useful, but entertaining...

I think there should be an app you can have on ur BB that can do what this vid does ... or one step further you can watch ur self download apps this way lol in a screen saver way

Apple already did this awhile back... they had a giant screen animated showing the apps as they were downloaded in real time.

Apple did this at their last developer conference...when they announced 1 billion or something apps being downloaded...but they didn't use a screen but an entire wall. Kinda disappointed in RIM for just taking the idea.

lmao... Then I guess you're more of a hardcore BB user. I'm not sure how the hierarchy goes and what goes past hardcore... lol

There goes 1 minute and 44 seconds of my life which I will never get back. That was one of the dumbest videos I've seen. Even the iPhone fart apps are more useful than this; at least those make for a little chuckle.

Between the video description and the first 30 seconds, it was pretty obvious what the video would be about... I'm not sure you can blame anyone else for sitting through the entire thing rather than ending it early, or at least skipping forward to see if the end was different...

David Boyd posted a blog on T-mobiles release of Bold 9700 and stated the following: "Attention all T-Mobile users! The time has finally come... The first T-Mobile 3G BlackBerry is now available for purchase at But wait... is it the 8900, or the 9700. Seems as if T-Mobile dropped the ball and used the wrong photo on the website. Big oops T-Mobile!"

And how is this different from showing Bold 9700 as Storm 2 and Storm 2 as Bold 9700? Do I win something for pointing this out? LoL.

LOL! I love the end of this video, "If you're still watching this video that means you're a hardcore BB user. Congratulations, you passed the test" HAHAHAHA! Great.

hahahahahaha I saw the same thing earlier today. I'm like ummm I'm pretty sure that the Storm is a touch screen device. haha

It would be cool to put a leak at the end of a seemingly boring and long video and see how long it took to be noticed and leaked again.....

I Guess i'm a geek also being i sw the whole video, wish there was an app like that to buy would look cool on a blackberry!!

I watched all the way to the end..I'm a wicked dork! I thought it was really neat (just using 'neat' proved' I'm a dork)lol