DevCon 2008: Through the Wide-Angle Lens.. of a Developer!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2008 10:07 am EDT


The first-ever BlackBerry Developer Conference is now a part of RIM history. DevCon brought forth some exciting news from RIM (App Center & App Store!) and made for some excellent content (working on Storm Review after I hit publish to this post!), but at the end of the day... err.. 3 days, this event was really targeted at one group... BlackBerry Developers!

I bumped into the brains/developers behind GymTechnik yesterday when checking out of the hotel (you'll remember we recently reviewed GymTechnik in the blogs) and we had a good chat about DevCon. Long story short, Sharad Mohan, Co-Founder and CEO of GymTechnik, used his flight home to put together his reflections of the event for us all to read. To me, GymTechnik is a perfect example of who RIM targeted with this event -- young guys, relatively new to the BB space, passionate about their product and excited at the opportunity and potential developing for BlackBerry has to offer -- who better to review DevCon?! So without further ado, let's turn it over to Sharad!

The RIM Developer Conference: Through The Wide-Angle Lens... Of a developer!

Owning a tech start up and trying to deploy a niche application for mobile smartphones can be quite a daunting task in trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. We always have questions, we always want to know what's going to happen tomorrow, and we always, as much as we pretend to not need it, inevitably need help. And who better to get help from, other than the makers of one of the most popular handsets in the world - RIM.

My company, Gym Technik, got the privilege of being invited to the first RIM Developer Conference with our mobile fitness application being chosen as a finalist for the "Most Innovative Web Application". We were ecstatic when we heard the news and right from the get-go were quite curious as to what to expect. Little did we know that what lay ahead of us were three days of first class treatment, extremely informative and helpful sessions with experts around to answer any questions, and Grammy Award style party atmospheres in the evenings!

Day one of the conference, the introduction day, was exciting. My partner and I attended quite a few of the informative sessions and were amazed at how much information was being given to us to make development on the BlackBerry platform seamless. At times I couldn't help but feel that I was sitting in a university like lecture hall taking notes on BlackBerry development from top notch "professors" in a world class "University". My only wish was that I was somehow able to attend all the sessions to soak in all of this valuable information. Luckily we were told that all the sessions were video-taped and will be available online. *phew*

Above all this, what amazed me the most - was the "Ask The Experts Area." For a development team trying to make an application on a platform for the first time, this was a dream come true. We basically walked into a room filled with RIM development experts each of whom specialized in a different mobile component, and just bombarded them with questions. I was a bit sceptical at first as to how much we would learn, but after our first 30 minute talk - It was evident that each and every person helping out in that room was a wealth of knowledge. It was like having our own development partner literally walking us through our development approach to our solution. This hands on assistance along with the "Hands On" lab where they sat down with us and showcased tutorials and sample code on their new development tools, will drastically cut the amount of development time we're going to need to release our native client application. Yes, I was all smiles all the way in that room.

And if all of the above wasn't enough I just cannot overlook the royal treatment given to us from beginning to end. Everything from making sure that during the breaks there were enough beverages and snacks to go around, to the fully packed lunches offered on all three days, to the open bar networking events in the evening, all the way to the fabulous surprise - A free blackberry to all attendees, this constant pampering really did make it feel like we were all valued partners of the RIM team.

The General Session on the second day was probably my most favorite part of the week. I knew right when I walked into the room, filled with soothing lounge music and blue ambient lighting, that there was plenty of excitement in the air. Listening to the executive team talk about the RIM vision and their work on making a developer's life easy, was extremely motivating. Also, the announcements of all the new development tools along with the capabilities of the new Storm left me extremely intrigued with the BlackBerry of tomorrow. And of course the special guest appearance presentation by Will.I.Am on his mobile project was entertaining and quite inspirational. It isn't everyday that I feel such a close connection with a celebrity as far as realizing a common goal - in this case, developing a mobile solution pushed out to the finger tips of the millions world-wide holding a BlackBerry.

So all in all, what I would say I took away from this conference (apart from my new Bold) - Is a better understanding of what a BlackBerry really can do and a comforting feeling that RIM is doing what it can to make my life as easy as possible in developing a mobile fitness BlackBerry application. I will definitely be back next year!

Sharad Mohan
Co-Founder/CEO of Gym Technik

Some BlackBerry Developer Conference Images

Excellent Panels and Lecture Sessions


Great atmosphere!


General Session was a hit!


Will.I.Am Inspired!


Royal Treatment!


Can't forget the food! So good!

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DevCon 2008: Through the Wide-Angle Lens.. of a Developer!


Very entertaining and interesting to read. It makes me feel even more excited to become a BB user with all of the steps that the company is taking in the right direction. Best of luck to all the developers and know that we DO appreciate your work!

Awesome read Sharad, I'm kicking my butt for not being able to go to this thing seriously, even though I have no experience with developing mobile applications, it has always been one of my key interests ever since becoming a crackberry addict,an while I'm slowly getting around to diving into a few things.. to go to this event I think would have given me that major push to actually get down too it, but's over now..I can only hope RIM does post the sessions for all, I know from past sessions and such they usually charge for such footage, but maybe with the BIG push they'll reconsider charging for the footage and just post it online for everyone.

I would LOVE to watch those videos mentioned above... Any way the general public can view them or is it only the invitees that are allowed to see them?

It just sounds too awesome!

I am Jealous, i asked my company about sending me just for the insight when i heard the news it was going to happen here in Ca. I am sure the content was very informative. My company being an innovative design firm i cant wait to see the results from this conference.

Thanks for giving us your insight.

I just wanted to leave a quick message to Kevin and the gang to say what a great job they have been doing with keeping us up to date on all things Blackberry and it was great to finally put a face to the team running this site.

I'm the other co-founder for Gym Technik and I just want to say that the devcon was amazing and RIM took care of us like we were part of a closely knit developer family... no barriers whatsoever. Everyone at RIM was extremely helpful and it was just a great atmosphere to be soaking up all the dev sessions in. You guys should really try to make it down next year.

I am hopeful that someone knowledgable on the newest RIM Bold will make a comment regarding Adobe's Flash Player for the BB Bold or any of the newer BB Devices just coming out.

Is there any hope of seeing Flash player for the Blackberry Bold? or any of the newer Blackberry devices, more so why has it been available.

I like visiting alot of Overseas Media sites and usually their overseas services are only good if you have flash player-

Thank You


great review of Devconn it sound like everyone learned alot. Iwould like to learn more about Will.Iam's project I truly believe if RIM continues to develop a great product and keep that business appeal to it at the same time that consumer appeal to it they will blow the i-phone away keep u the great work developers and Rim lets see some great apps I can't wait. I am a young business guy and i have so many ideas in my head about the BB and the consumer market and how Rim can expose that side and other co.'s can make a profit. They did a good job with conn and you can only except major innovations in the near future. Really enjoyed the review and the pics the food looked so tasty{i'm at work starving}