DevCon 2008: General Session Keynote Live Blog!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2008 11:01 am EDT

Event Time: 8:15am to 11:00am PST
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BlackBerry Developer Conference General Session Live Blog!

I'm blogging to you live on location at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in Santa Clara, California, at the Tuesday morning General Session which will feature RIM's co-CEO Mike Lazaridis among other awesome keynote speakers. For more info on who's talking, and about what, Click Here. It's a developer conference, so I don't think we'll be hearing any big device announcements, but I do think we'll be in for some BIG surprises nonetheless!

Keep in mind this is live blog, not a live chat. Your comments will only be published into the main blog feed when approved by a producer (big thanks to Dieter for helping out on that front!). Enjoy the show!

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DevCon 2008: General Session Keynote Live Blog!


I jotted down notes while listening. There is so much here that is awesome information!

Thanks Kevin and Dieter for your efforts in providing VERY detailed up to date info through out the conference! WE APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

Where can I find more on their new developer support for things as push api, and more importantly sqlite? Will they make an official announcement? tia

I also forgot to ask about their announcement on gears support. Where can I find more info on this? tia