From the Forums: Is the Dev Alpha C a BlackBerry Q10 in disguise?

It's been a hot topic in the forums - Add your thoughts on the matter

By Bla1ze on 3 Apr 2013 09:10 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C now being handed out to developers there has been a bit of speculation surrounding the device in the CrackBerry forums, especially when the battery cover is removed. As you can see from the image above posted by mdarr, the device looks just like a BlackBerry Q10 in disguise.

Of course, this isn't the first time we saw this happen. As we noted long ago, the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B units were pretty much what ended up in the hands of BlackBerry Z10 owners aside from a few internal changes.

So we have to ask. Is the Dev Alpha C a BlackBerry Q10 in disguise? Maybe some other unmentioned device? Drop your comments below or head on into the CrackBerry forums for some more discussion.

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From the Forums: Is the Dev Alpha C a BlackBerry Q10 in disguise?


I love the element of mystery that Blackberry has added into the dev alphas.. =]

nice pic Bla1ze

I am so TOTALLY with you in that sentiment: I want the best of BOTH worlds ... but I'm afraid the chance of that wish coming true is between "slim" and "none."

I'd love a portrait slider BlackBerry, but I wasn't a fan of the Torches. I loved the design of Palm's Pres, in particular the Pre 3. I really wish more manufacturers made phones in the form factor.

Why would you have a dev device for a production phone....???

The people who have a dev alpha c tell us about the experience... what's the resolution on the screen?? (dead give away) what about the battery size and life??? ( another give away)

Good to see!!!

All of that info is known anyway.

720x720. 1800mAh Battery in the dev device, 2100 mAh on the final version.

The battery life is good. After 48 hours since I last charged it, with light use on Wi-Fi, I still have 30% power. When my Dev Alpha A was new, it only lasted maybe 3-4 hours on standby without being plugged in.

Must share some components to keep costs down and therefore profits up. Car designers go same and then refine the final product, sometimes even while still on the assembly lines.

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See... I understand that both Dev Alpha's (A,B) were released due to the Z10 no being announced yet, so "no one" knew "officially" what it looked like.

I don't understand the Dev Alpha C...

If IT IS the Q10, what's the point of changing the shape of the Dev Alpha C? Everyone knows what it looks like already since it's been announced.

I think (just an idea) that it may also be so that people don't start getting a hold of the devices and reviewing them as finished hardware.

This avoids any bad reviews on not final OS, which may be buggy or missing functionality. I can just picture TechCrunch or BGR doing a terrible review about the Q10 and having that pass around media outlets with most people not knowing any better.

It's definitely the Q10. Maybe they just made these devices so devs wouldn't have to cough up money or wait for the Q10 to be publicly released & they could have their apps/games optimized.

Hope this drops in Canada soon. First I need to see how the android ports run. I'm curious what will happen with the screen resolution. I need somebody to test Instagram, flipboard, pinterest etc. Then if they work ill probably be switching from my z10. If it's got the rubber back and the device just feels right when I hold it.

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Yep I think so. I noticed it the day it was revealed. I wouldn't be surprised. Dev Alpha As were left over mini PlayBook smartphones that were produced but never sold. Since then I think devs are getting masked production devices.

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I have a feeling that the dev alphas are all the less expensive versions of BlackBerry 10 phones to come down the road (curve equivalent). It would make sense for BlackBerry to make devs create their apps to run really well on lower spec devices so, that when these devices do come out over the next months, they run optimally, thus consumers won't be disappointed with how apps run in their new cheaper BB 10 devices.

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What I'm wondering is if the 2100 mah battery will fit the Z10. They appear more or less the same size I'm just wondering if the contacts line up in the same place the Z10s do. The extra bit of juice might help some Z10 users

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nope, actuallly if u check the contacts on the Z10 are a bit towards the center.. i actually thought about the same thing but BBRY didnt want us buying Q10 batteries for our Z10s lol.. They should make 2100mh batteries for us too :(

BB made great improvements in the battery and i do notice, but if they can further improve it or update the OS to take a bigger battery that would be awesome

It's just a Q10. They didn't want to spend all the extra money on the glass weave battery door or metal frame on the phone for a developer device. Smart move to save some cash.

Agreed the Q10 looks too close to the 9900....less the soft keys and track pad. Especially since BlackBerry transitioning from the RIM era. I love the sharper edges with the square shape on the Dev C. Can't wait to Q2 2014 for "R10". Can't tell if the product is a Q10 on steroids or BlackBerry 10 tablet with a keyboard.

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I really hope other fans stop this nonsense of "Transitioning from the rim era" in their speech/posts.

1. RIM purchased QNX, not the BlackBerry company.

2. BB10 os based off of QNX Kernel which has been in development for 2yrs before launching, 1.5yrs before being open to developers.

3. BB10 is NOT an heir by means of any work Heins has done contrary to what crack Berry would have you believe.

You're using technology honed by QNX that began being ported and refined by RIM. Get used to those facts please.

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Whatever, this Q10 or Alpha C will suck! I was expecting something revolutionary like the Viktory and you are giving us the garbage with a small scree BB!

the size is an improvement to the 9900, some executives did not want a big phone but I think a 3.70 inch screen would of made a world of difference with the large battery the Q10 would appeal to the non-enterprise with the larger screen.

Did anyone in the us besides the eligible members get dev alpha c yet ?
I am still waiting on mine in California

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I don't think anyone outside of Canada has received them yet, although they may be starting to get them in Europe.

Hi there
does anyone know what the hdmi output will be like? Z10 and PB basically mirror the device's screen but the Q10 has a totally different screen aspect ratio?? Will you be able to control it from the device and still get a full hd picture on your tv?
Can anybody with a dev c device check this ? Greatly appreciated

Tested it. It appears as a square on the TV. The HDMI output is 16:9. So there are two thick bands on the two sides of the screen.

OMG that's crazy. Makes hdmi output on the Q10 useless :(( did you try some apps, photos, video or even games?
Do you know whether this is a hardware limitation or can it be fixed in a future software update?
Thanks a mill for your help!

I haven't tried any other things. I was just mirroring the home screen and the settings page. Will try photos and video and post my findings.

Thanks polytope, I opened a thread in the Q10 forum "Q10 HDMI output gives a square" as I couldn't find anything on this forum about it. You can post there, too.
Thanks for testing, this is very interesting!

that is just mirroring mode - of course it looks just like the on-device screen.
you would need to get into something like the video player or another app that EXPLICITLY supports multiple displays in order to get different aspect ratios on HDMI. (try any app that supports "presentation mode" for example)

I don't like the keyboard on the Dev Alpha C at all. The Z10 virtual keyboard is so much better, especially with the word flicking stuff.

@mavricxx You realize that the TK Victory is a CONCEPT? And that unless BBRY takes up the designer of that concept and his ideas, that something like that is not happening for a while. The Q10 is actually a stunningly gorgeous phone, aesthetically and specs wise too. The QWERTY has indeed made a big comeback with BBRY and it'll only get better as the years go by and BB10 evolves!

It resembles a q10, but the hardware is cheaper in the dev alpha c. The screen on the DAC is not very good. The processor and RAM is probably the same on both devices.

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Remember now, they promised me a steel frame. This one is too light weight and crappy (read: economical) materials.

So, dimensions may be correct (well, the internal curved case molded into the boxy plastic), but the final materials better be good.

And a brighter screen would be nice as well. 20% brighter would be nice.

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Meh, it's a developer's device. Not a consumer's one. The front face looks like one of those old newflyer buses. :D

I love that, but my brother denies it. :P

The Q10 seems like an ok phone.
I will never give up on BB because of the QWERTY keyboard.
I have yet to find a Touch Screen that is not frustrating to type on.
I did try a Windows phone that was not bad.
It would be nice to have an Android Phone with a QWERTY keyboard.