BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C shown off at BlackBerry Jam Europe

Dev Alpha C announced at BlackBerry Jam Europe
By DJ Reyes on 5 Feb 2013 06:18 am EST

The Dev Alpha C has just been shown during the General Session at BlackBerry Jam Europe. Many developers got themselves a Dev Alpha A or B in order to aid in their development to build for the BlackBerry 10 platform. However, it was to build for the BlackBerry Z10 model. With the BlackBerry Q10 coming later this year, developers will want to start building for that model so in comes the Dev Alpha C. 

Registration to get a Dev Alpha C has been open for a while but nobody knew what it would look like, until today. To qualify, you must have an app already in BlackBerry World. If not, you have the next two weeks to submit your app in to BlackBerry World to show your interest in availing a Dev Alpha C device.

Remember what you're looking at above is only a Dev Alpha device, it's not the sexiest looking device but it's there for developers to make sure their apps will function smoothly on the BlackBerry Q10 device when released.

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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C shown off at BlackBerry Jam Europe


What frustrates me is that there are legions of people who think that the dev alphas are going to be commercially available. "Ohhh its so ugly, BlackBerrys suck!"...... eeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh

I'm curious to why they call it the "Z10 Dev Alpha C" and not just "Dev Alpha C"

- Anyone with a conspiracy want to chime in?

Why is it so ugly? We all know what the Q10 will look like. Is it to discourage developers from keeping it? LOL!

I would rather have this Dev Alpha C then the actual Q10. The Q10 is the same as the 9900 just with a little bit of a bigger screen and no track pad. I think the Dev Alpha C would be a sick phone to have.

Don't mean to state the obvious here, but the Dev Alpha C will have the exact screen as the Q10, as the whole purpose of it is for developers to tailor their apps to the screen size and resolution. As you can see, it also has no trackpad, as the whole idea is for developers to optimize their apps for the input methods of the Q10 (touchscreen, physical keyboard, no trackpad, no navigation buttons).

I personally think it's a killer, the had the idea of P9981. BUT, other than the competitively mean user interface, it's no different from the Q10

Just had it my hands 15 minutes ago.
Pretty solid piece of hardware; reminds me a mockup I made lol
Very cool sensation with the soft but resistive keys. Auto completion comes as expected in a more usual bototm screen poping words.
Hey, won't tell you much, I know there are editors here that will do that much better than I could :)

And, even considering its a PROROTYPE, let me tell you it'll be my device of choice in no time ...

Isn't this kind of late in the game? I mean, isn't it coming out in like 2 months??? Hopefully this doesn't mean that the Q10 will have no apps available for it at launch. Also, does this mean that all of the apps for the Z10 wouldn't run on the Q10 because of the difference in screen aspect ratio? Or will they just run with the black bars like movies on a normal television?

it's so disappointing to see the Q10 when people out there made awesome mock ups of how they'd like their next qwerty to look(tk victory/justice) like and they let the loyal followers down. Why reinvent the wheel when the answer is right in front of you.

I know the folks at Blackberry are followers of Crackberry because it is the number 1 site for Blackberry enthusiasts. Now I wonder if they'll read this because I seriously think the Q10 should've been the Dev Alpha C. The Dev Alpha C should've been the Q10. And I know I'm not alone in my thinking.

Seeing the q10 and the z10 next to each other just shows how small the Q10 screen is. So disappointing. The screen should have been taller.

you mean to have the same screen size with z10 in addition to the keyboard? That would surpass iphone 9 becoming the tallest phone ever

Can someone explain to me why I want one of these dev alpha c units so badly!?!?? The limited edition nature of them appeals to everything hipster-geek about me.

I don't think this part is right, unless they've changed something:

"If not, you have the next two weeks to submit your app in to BlackBerry World to show your interest in availing a Dev Alpha C device."

From the official Terms and Conditions:

"To be eligible for this Program, all Apps must be submitted for approval on or before January 21, 2013 (“Submission Deadline”)."

I personally think that this phone is wawwww , very slick , I own a Z10 and I will get this one too , can't wait for this device to be available ,