Details on BlackBerry Internet Service 4.0 leaked

By Adam Zeis on 25 Feb 2011 11:52 am EST

BlackBerry Internet Service BIS 4.0 detailsBlackBerry Internet Service BIS 4.0 details

The next progression in BIS-land is 4.0 and it looks like we have some good updates to look forward to. N4BB snagged a doc that shows off the upcoming features of the latest BIS. As usual it's not a ton of little upgrades, but rather a few mid-sized ones. Updates look to include:

  • Integration with BlackBerry ID (BBID)
  • Improved BIS End User Communications
  • Automatic Login improvements
  • Support for new service tiers
  • Google Calendar Improvements

No official date for release just yet but it doesn't seem like it would be too far off. Typically the rollout seems to happen over a few weeks to various carriers and we get no real word of a launch. Overall some pretty good stuff in this update. Hit the source link for more info.

Source: N4BB

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Details on BlackBerry Internet Service 4.0 leaked


Stop this waste of time we see line breaks we look past this every post u got a comment all I see is free shipping and move along advertise in an apropriate way.

RIM rolls the update themselves through their BIS servers to the carrier portals - the address you type in when you login to the BIS on a PC.

In my case, it's:

Which brings up the BIS login page complete with AT&T logo in the upper left side (BlackBerry's logo in the upper right). My carrier used to be Cingular before AT&T bought them out 4 or 5 years ago, but they kept some of the Cingular name tie-ins.

For the update, there's nothing for the carrier to do - it's automatic. And which of the actual changes/additions you see will depend on your phone's OS version.

Interesting how we all key in on different things:
For me, any improvement to the google calendar situation would be fantastic. As it stands, I am pleased with the way blackberry's system interacts with all-things-google, so I'm happy that they continue to pay attention to the google-life.

I think the only changes that would affect me are the Google updates. I would like to see a fix so that all day events (like birthdays) do not get changed to "busy" on the BlackBerry.

I key in on the fact that, at least with this info, there is absolutely nothing for me here.

We don't all live life on Google. How about something more for us regular POP3 email users? The last great thing for us was the ability to show HTML email. That was several versions back.

How about raising the limit on email truncation?

How about providing ActiveSync out-of-the-box, like all the other smart phones do (and have partially helped cause the loss of BB in the small business Exchange email world). I'd like better integration with my office email/calendar/contacts than just what OWA gives me since the bosses dropped BES 2 years ago like a hot potato once they could tie in their iPhones without the extra cost (which could be huge for a small office/firm). And don't say "there is BESX", because I know that, but at this point the bosses won't hear of anything related to Blackberry - free or otherwise. And I'm in no position to convince them differently.

What about being able to flag mail and move it to folders like any other decent exchange client? I left BB as I got pissed off missing mail that I couldn't flag, and I mean a flag that would show up on my Mac/Windows accounts. I use Google, Ovi mail and Mobielme, and I can only sync google and only with the actual Googlemail account, not the unifies inbox. That's crap from a modern smartphone. Really crap. Palm does it for any imap service, and has done since the start.

Hmm... the Gmail integration from the last update never has seem to work, but I'm still looking forward to Calendar sync updates. Actually the ability to color code the calendar on my BB like it is on Google would be nice. Lumping everything together and always calling everything "FacebooK" doesn't really work for me.

If only gmail would sync... deleting from my phone works on Google via a PC, but the other way around never works.

Have you tried removing your Gmail account from BIS and re-adding it? I've seen that fix the 2-way sync issue in the past.

Well, been using Android for a while and google sync is now really is a part of me and are hoping it will be better soon for the BB's