Despicable Me: Minion Rush lands on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 16 Oct 2013 03:17 pm EDT

I've been waiting for this bad boy to hit BlackBerry 10 for a while now, so needless to say I won't have a very productive afternoon. Despicable Me: Minion Rush is now available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and it's totally free. 

If you haven't seen it before, it's essentially a running game where you run, jump, dodge obstacles and defeat villains on your way to victory. You can customize your cute little Minion with costumes and weapons as well to make him your own.

Features include:

  • Rediscover the heart & humor of Despicable Me
  • Run through fun, iconic locations: Gru's Lab and Gru's Residential Area
  • Perform despicable acts through hundreds of missions
  • Customize your Minion with unique costumes, weapons, and power-ups
  • Play the game from multiple dynamic camera angles

If you have a Z10, Q10, Q5 or Z30 you have no excuse not to download this one ASAP - so get to it!!

More information/Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush

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Reader comments

Despicable Me: Minion Rush lands on BlackBerry 10


Installed and played it, not bad.

But I was looking at my battery App and since I installed this game my battery is going down faster than before I installed this game and that's with the game not even on.

I'm deleting it now...
Just thought I would let you guys know.

Take care.

"Game not even on"

Closed app etc.

Just thought I would let you guys know, nice game but I'm not interested in it if it's sucking juice even after the game was closed two hours earlier...

Battery life is important to me.
Take care.

Yesssss go berry go been waiting on this wife will be happy today

Posted by z10 boss

What happened the last time you trusted them? So far I've had a pleasant experience with their apps.

Posted via CB10

Glad to see so many apps coming to the BB10 platform. Certainly a lot faster than we saw on the PlayBook. Yes it's mostly games, but if the crowd shows up I'm sure the big boys will decide to develop their "tools" too.

Posted via CB10

Love having a 6GB plan - phone tried to get me to connect to WiFi - bypassed and now downloading over LTE :D


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

Sweet. It's a fun game. Played it sideloaded and it was nice but not as enjoyable as native. This is a nice time waster on breaks or when commuting.

"A disproportionate amount of these missions are connected with the game's social features, such as recruiting your friends, beating their scores, issuing challenges, and so on. You can skip any mission using tokens, but it will use anywhere from six to ten days' worth of them to do so. This basically means that unless you're willing to spend real money on tokens, you're going to have to harass your friends if you want to raise your multiplier much past the first couple of levels."

Haven't come across this YET. I've been enjoying the missions, and haven't even found an option to beg your friends for money.

Posted via CB10

I don't play that social networking crap or make in-app purchases, so if that becomes an issue for me, I guess I'll delete the game and be out the zero dollars it cost me.

This is great - and Free. Get on WiFi and download this good looking 137mb game. :)
Complete afternoon shot.

Nah modern combat and batman are big games at over 1 gb this is nothing.

CB10 - Z10 -

Great game! Just removed the sideloaded one and downloaded it straight from app world! Happy to see this here can't wait for many more! Lots of apps have been coming to the platform recently it's awesome!

Posted via CB10 (My amazing Q10)

Is it me or are a lot of good things happening lately in the apps store?

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Mostly for games. Still lacking official/3rd party apps for a couple of top apps from ios/google play.

I keep hearing about how barren BlackBerry App World is and yet, my Z10 is nearly full.

What would I do with a more robust app store? I'd need more than 16GB for sure.

Posted via CB10

Wow, they made it free... I'm truly impressed. I actually feel honored... I side loaded this app but I didn't have any audio so I deleted it. now that it's native, I cannot wait to play. Thank you CB for posting this and Thank you Devs for supporting BlackBerry!!!!

Posted via CB10

Awesome, a little jerky in spots .. but definitely playable. Hopefully it gets patched soon or maybe it runs more fluid in 10.2. Definitely better than my kid's ipod touch v5 which has slow constant framerates throughout the game. In many areas this game runs way smoother on my z10 than on her ipod.

Update: Just installed it on my kid's q5 and it's running buttery smooth with zero lag. I also installed the 10.2 leak her device which I can only surmised that even with the slower processor the updated Android runtime player is really well optimized to the fast running framerates.

I hate that I don't have 10.2 on my z10.. Work won't let me install it :(

Arggh, Rogers release 10.2 already!

Posted via CB10

It's great to see all these popular titles coming to a platform that many write off as dead; thanks to the developers that continue to show support!

Posted via my Z10

Will try it out. Always love seeing big game and app titles arrive on BlackBerry 10.

CB10 - Z10 -

It's not really free, you have to eventually buy tokens to continue playing but thank you gameloft for bringing top games to bb10

Posted via CB10

Been playing this for past couple of months on my Android devices. Was happy to see this for BB10, but installed and disappointed...
- no beach area from the recent Android update
- Android version currently has a Halloween themed residential area
- they jacked up the price on some costumes (Mom was available for 150,000 bananas, ie. no coins needed, and Firefighter was 550 coins or so but 1,200 for BB10)
- it looks like they only included BBM integration, but that means you won't be able to play with most of your friends on other platforms (which uses FB integration)

Edit: Because of lack of FB integration, you're also excluded from the weekly challenges where you can earn bonus bananas...

It runs better and faster on my Z10 than on my new nexus 7. The Z10 rocks! Thanks to Gameloft for bringing it over...just keep it coming.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately it is an old version and we can't access the beach :-( Anyway, works much better than the slide loaded app :-)

Posted via CB10

Like Windows Phone, given enough time virtually all the good apps will be available on BB10. This is one I was going to sideload but I don't need to anymore. Before you know it we'll be getting things in real time like other platforms.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know if there's a way to make the stupid BB10 Games app from launching every time I start the game? For that matter, does anyone know how I can delete the BB10 Games app itself?

Ice actually been anxiously anticipating this app since I read about it coming! I know a lot of people are slowly losing faith(if they haven't already gone) but I KNOWWW that with games like this that will fill the void for things like Temple Run and Subway Surf until those games drop! I played this a few times on my gfs phone and almost instantly got hooked! I'm still hopeful to see games like Simpsons Tapped Out, Song Pop, Candy Crush and Temple Run to drop! Those are the only games we're missing but I ain't even mad with the selection we already have! Thank you SO much BlackBerry for bringing this app to BB10! It is so addicting and so very fun to play! #KeepMoving #TeamBlackBerry #BB10Swag #BlackBerryGang #Z10

Posted via CB10

Loving the game runs smooth and not noticed any power drain even after 2 hours of playing :)

Via my spangly Z30 BBM#27

¿¿pǝuǝddɐɥ ɥʇʍ ˙uʍop ǝpısdn sı ǝuoɥd ʎɯ uo buıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ 'ʇı buıןןɐʇsuı ɹǝʇɟɐ

I only found it because of CB. Not highlighted by BB world. Should be on first page

Posted via CB10

That picture of you Adam Z. will now forever be a CrackBerry classic!


You know the Name - You know the Numbers - You know the Style

BlackBerry please bring subway to bb10 love thd z10 great job guys we still love u in Dominican Republic!

Posted via CB10

I've probably put in about 50 hours into this addictive game ... but I can't add "friends" to compete against. Almost as though you can't on the BB10 platform. Any one know the solution to this?

is there a way to connect to facebook? i couldn't find any connections except bbm so far..thanks in advance.