BlackBerry Desktop Manager updated to version

By Adam Zeis on 9 Sep 2010 02:34 pm EDT
BlackBerry Desktop Manager

RIM quietly rolled out an update to BlackBerry Desktop Manager for PC today. The latest version available is now 6.0 B47. This is the first update since the original release, and as is the standard there is no change log available -- most likely just the usual bug fixes in this one. Sadly Mac users get no love yet again. If you're still rocking an older (pre DM6) verison of Desktop Manager you should definitely get on this one and see what the buzz is all about. Head over to the BlackBerry page to download. If you find anything new drop a comment and let us know.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager updated to version


notifed of the update. I was already running DM 6.0 but it showed the update was a 50mb file . I don't see any real changes....but the release notes said something about being able to transfer music via Wi-Fi.....

seems crackberry is just a little off on this one. apparently, rim developed and released something 25 august (.43) then quietly released .47. at&t made .43 available to consumers today and, as typical, crackberry has provided this little surprise. personally, am installing it as we speak. very interested to see what's there!

just completed installation of the newest dm upgrade ( it seems someone a crackberry got this wrong and has confused verstion with bundle! oh well!

I haven't used in some days my dm, so i read that there was an update, did it just yet and also shows .43, that's why i came to see if there were more people with the same...

I downloaded it this morning. It looks the same. However it took three hours to upgrade a customer's curve today.

When I sync I still get an Itellisync unknown error and will not sync my address books, memo pad, tasks, or calendar


I had this problem to when I first switched over to DM6
My error occurred when DM6 tries to do a discovery on my system...but I had my Outlook open during this discovery session...I tried it again with Outlook closed and everything worked fine

I had to go from 6.0 back to 5.1 because my calendar wasn't showing and wouldn't sync with Outlook. Does anyone know if the the new version fixed that bug?

Still not fixed. I tried to go back to 5 but got all kinds of errors. I guess I am stuck with 6 until the get it fixed or I get mad enough to go with a droid.

NO, it is NOT included in DM6. However, you can install DM6 (it will remove DM5), and then go back and install DM5.0.1 You'll still have all the goodies of DM6, and the redirector from DM5. I rely on redirector, since my work won't put my BB on the BES server, and it's very convenient to get my service call e-mails while I'm away from my desk.

Sweet, thanks for that bit of info! Installing 5 over 6 gives me Redirector while retaining all of 6!

Sweet, thanks for that bit of info! Installing 5 over 6 gives me Redirector while retaining all of 6!

I just downloaded it seems fine no errors, hey it says , on the read me file "even use your device as a modem to connect to the Internet from your computer" is this like tether? and you can send songs from my laptop at home to my device over wifi SWEET!! thats new isnt it??

Phone as modem has been around for a long while via DM. Keep in mind that it may not work if your provider blocked it, or you may get a massive bill for using it.

Why didn't they fix the fact that you don't have the option to suspend re-direction to the handheld when it is attached to DM?

The new update does not really address any of the issues users hhave been complaining since the 6.0 update came out. There is still no Redirector, Media Management is still deteriorated and encrypted media files are still not supported. I am standing by for a real fix that will address these issues...

Encrypted media files are supposed to be able to be viewed only on the device they were encrypted on unless you email them away to somebody, that's the only way they can be viewed. What would be the point of encrypting them if you could just transfer them to pc.

I downloaded it this morning when I was trying to upgrade my OS on my 8530, and all was well. Then, when it came time to actually do the upgrade, it took FOREVER to download the modules for my upgrade. I figured that it was just being slow, so I left my BB hooked up and left the house for a few hours, only to come back and see a message saying that it had connectivity issues, and to check my internet connection. My internet has been working great the entire time, before, during, and after. Not sure if it was just a fluke or an actual issue, but I will try again later...

I downloaded it today. Download went really fast. I then connected my 8530 and it showed me there was an OS update. I chose to download and install from within Desktop Manager and I'm now at 4 hours and the phone has not completed the update yet. Talk about slow!

Dsktp Mngr 6.0 is a mess. Media sync hasn't worked right since first installed. My IT guy and I have been working on this for months. All we get is duplicates and triplicates ofd pictures and songs. I'm going to install upgrade when I go to office later this morning. Hopefully this will correct some of the glitch's

I dl'd DM6 when it first came out unofficially. didnt work. back to DM5, then i got an update from BB saying it would update my DM to 6. I thought ok this one should work. and it did...for 30 seconds. after that or if you click anywhere on the screen (whichever comes first) the program goes into "blackberry desktop software is not available" and it shuts down. SO i went back yet again to DM5. Saw this update and thought maybe now? WRONG!! I even tried running it on compatibility mode, reinstalling over and over, running as admin, anything i could think of to make it work for more then a few seconds....or a click. this sucks big time. is the fact that im running vista the problem? (besides vista itself) the compatibility modes let you go as far back as Windows95! and as new as windows server 2003...does that mean it was set up for vista (or 7)?

Upgraded to new version and everything worked finr. Closed DM and did some work Then tried to restrat it to update some calender changes I made and it won't even open. Rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing. Maybe it wont work on XP. Any suggestions.

maybe crackberry can do a blog on all the issues that DM6 has. RIM isn't even doing their customers a service by communicating with us about why this crappy software isn't working. Maybe you guys could do a service to your readers and customers and explain to us what is going on. maybe RIM will tell you something. according to my poll, about 78% can't even get this software to work. I understand that you guys are Blackberry enthusiests, and I love my Blackberry too, but this software is absolutely HORRIBLE..

sh*t guys, i was asking for help with bad software not wanting to read broken-english, black-market, YOU-BUY-NOW, styled-soliciting...

I down loaded it last night. Still see the same bugs, when I do a back up the date never changes on the DM.It does show the right date for sync though.

Hi. I am having a problem with the Organizer settings in DM6. Everytime I launch it, it resets the Organizer sync preferences. Any ideas.


I'm getting a "msvbvm60.dll" Windows error when DM6 closes, and it doesn't keep my synch preferences. I spent 90 minutes on the phone with RIM and we tried all kinds of reg edit and file deletes, but no fix!

Any ideas?

loaded the new desktop manager v6 ... have not had a successful sync since ... sometimes receive error code 0x80040fb3 ... attempted recommended steps by other bloggers to 'clean up' problem items in Outlook ... battery pull, closed outlook, etc. ... attempted sync again, didn't get error - seemed successful but it still isnt actually syncing - new calendar items and contacts have not transferred to phone ...

Help :[

I have spent "hours" trying to resolve my sync and error problems w/ DM6. Most obvious is a "msvbvm60.dll" Windows error when DM6 closes. This says there is a failure of Microsoft's msvbvm60 program (can't recall exact name). I read today InstallShield took over responsibility for this in Windows XP and role in Microsoft Net Framwork 4.0 The RIM tech earlier had me download + reinstall Microsoft's last version of msvbvm60. Now I think the issue is in my older version of InstallShield - and Windows XP MicroNet Framework 4.0 update from August 2010.

Are any of you familiar with InstallShield and MicroNet Framework 4.0, and whether I need to buy InstallShield 2011 to get DM6 to run on my Windows XP system?