Desktop Manager: v5.0.1.16 Leaked; Sneak Peek Shows Off New Features - IP Modem and Email Settings!

Desktop Manager for BlackBerry with Tethered Modem Support
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Aug 2009 09:09 am EDT

Looks like we're kicking off the week with some BlackBerry Desktop Manager news. First, lets talk about the image above. What you're looking at is BlackBerry Desktop Manager version (not currently available) which shows off a new icon that adds an exciting feature to the desktop software - IP Modem (also in .16). The new feature allows you to easily setup your BlackBerry so you can tether it as a modem to your laptop. Be aware of your carrier's tethering charges. Also displayed is a new icon Email Settings that will allow you to create filters or change email forwarding right from your desktop. 

While Desktop Manager software is not available yet, over the weekend version leaked onto the interwebs for all to enjoy by our German friends at benezblog. This version may not be the latest and greatest out there, but does include the new IP Modem feature. You can follow the links below to download.

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Desktop Manager: v5.0.1.16 Leaked; Sneak Peek Shows Off New Features - IP Modem and Email Settings!


You will still have to pay for the tethering service through your service provider which is just dumb in my opinion. I pay for the data plan already!

First comment!

Just a heads up "IP Modem" feature is included in the leak version .16 (Media Sync) or better yet .15 (Media: Medial sync & Media Manager). What is not available in the "Email Settings" option. I think that is a part of .18 which is yet to be leaked.

I understand why we have to pay for tethering, which is why I'm not worried about it. If it were free, people would abuse it and use their BB to download massive files overnight.

How is that abusing it? As far as I'm concerned, I pay $30/month for internet and I should be able to use it however I'd like.

you're paying $30 to transfer and receive data over the BIS/BES secure servers. yes people will abuse the BB network and send HUGE files movies, music, etc... all things that are not business related in which will put a strain on the BB network. you can get a non-bb phone with net access and tether all you want.

No, you have that capability to do over the BlackBerry as well, or any other phone or device you may have.

Ok RIM you cant release any more windows versions until you show mac users some love first. LEAK BB DESKTOP MANAGER FOR MAC............

@theoneandonly268 That's exactly what I was thinking. If anything, this will confuse people into thinking that they can tether for free, and they will end up with huge bills.


I have downloaded the version and I have to say that the new IP Modem feature exists and is fully functionnal ; and by the way faster than ATT connection manager. And my Operator is Orange Business Service (France).

correct me if im wrong but isnt our data plan through RIM and not verizon (in my case)?

Y does verizon charge for something that we already pay for w/ rim.

What? Still nothing for Linux? I've never fired up any DM, so have no idea how useful the app is. Really, as big a company as RIM is, there is no reason for not making a DM for Linux.

I just downloaded (.16) it but when I click run on the file it brings up a DOS screen and then disappears. Any ideas.

on anything besides rapidshare? i cant get it download at all. i have pretty good luck with other sites, rapidshare hates me :(

Email Settings is not new. This has been available for quite some time now. I use it for my BES account all of the time.

Ok i just finished installed the .16 and i do not see the IP Modem (also in .16) anywhere in the DM. Can someone assist?

I spoke too soon. When I first installed the program the IP modem was there. NOW it is not there. When I go to the Help pages I can search and find the information on the IP Modem. Also the software version in .16 so how could the icon just disappear?

My question is, if I try to use the tehering application, just for a bit (maybe 5 minutes once in awhile), will they auto detect that somehow and bill me?

Can someone explain how they would know I was tethering and thus charge me up the ***

Yes Verizon will charge you. First off if you don't have the teather feature added to your acct. then DM wont even allow you to connect. You need a username and pw to long in so to answer your question if for some reason you were able to connect VZW would charge you. I need help with a link anyone please??

Has the problem when restarting your computer and getting the Windows Installer looking for Roxio Media Manager.msi been fixed?

Hitting cancel does nothing and in Add/Remove programs is Desktop Manager 5.0 and Blackberry Media Sync and to try to remove either one and you get that "Installation in progress" message.

Also trying to do the Windows Installer Cleanup doesn't work as you get the "Installation in progress" message as well.

I was just playing setting up this feature on DM with my Sprint/Tour . Even though I downgrade my data package last year and was told that Data modem is no longer a part of my data package. I went ahead and setup for trial. I must say good speed on my laptop. Just a heads up for anyone on Sprint #777 is no longer working as the Access Point.

First u will have to click on "add custom profile", type "sprint PCS". choose add profile. The obvious is ure online account login "username and password" is the same I used in the required field. Access Point is "". Choose "save"----"ok", click "connect" in connect to internet and ure trouble should be over.

Has anyone ever been billed for tethering using Tetherberry?
or is that method undetectable by the carrier?

GREAT idea i was wondering why you couldn't change mail settings from it. Its like they have read my mind. i think i need to stop sleeping with the tour under my pillow LOL

So with the new IP modem, we will not need a tethering plan. I have verizon and pay an additional $30/month for 5gb of usage. Will the IP modem thru blackberry eliminate this cost? Also, I was looking up tetherberry, if I purchase this program, will I still need to pay verizon the $30/month for tethering or does this eliminate that? Thanks

Installed and went to set up the IP modem function on my Verizon Storm... Desktop manager seems to work in all other functions, but I get this error when clicking on the IP modem icon.

"Unable to detect configured Blackberry IP modem device. Please verify your desktop installation is configured correctly and restart the desktop."

So far.. no luck.

I have same problem as rlhammon. installed v5.01.16 seemingly ok on my desktop (for my storm 9000) and get same message 'Unable to detect configured Blackberry IP modem device. Please verify your desktop installation is configured correctly and restart the desktop' -

Can anyone PLEASE help a poor old non-techie get going with this modem as sick of getting stuffed with Vodafone charges when I had both 8300 and a Vodafone connect for my laptop. Charged me over $2000 for 10 mins connect when I was on a trip. No help here in Greece where I live and technically well behind the times. Thanks for anyone who can sort me out.