BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated to v1.0.1

Desktop Manager for Mac Updated
By Adam Zeis on 19 Oct 2009 04:45 pm EDT

It looks like the less than a month old Desktop Manager for Mac has already received an update. Reports are flying in that the software has been updated to v1.0.1 Build 2. What does that mean? Well we're not totally sure as there is no updated changelog posted yet for 1.0.1 at But we do know the first build had a few bugs left in it. If you find something different be sure to leave a comment and let us know. 

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated to v1.0.1


I don't have much time to play around with it, but I don't see any changes. Must just be to fix some of the bugs.

hopefully it will allow me to sync all of my contacts now, i kept getting errors and only 5 of my contacts would sync

I was just cursing at my computer today about how the first official version doesnt work at all with my 8900. hopefully this one does...

ok so the main improvement is they've integrated the Storm2 and the Bold2
I atached my onyx and it recognized it as the new bold. hope this helps

I think the major part of the update is just the fact that they added support for new phones. A Storm2 picture is now listed in the resources folder along with the new Curve.

A bug where certain all day events would be synced as being over 2 days (i.e., a person's birthday is turned into a 2 day event starting @ 11 PM the day before to 11 PM the day of) still remains.

I find it hilarious that because I'm on my third Storm, I can't properly use DM to put music on my phone. Why can RIM not make things that work? Are they just looting the profits? Can we get a little capital investment? What is there, like one programmer up there in Canada working on code 4 hours a day, between hockey and poutine?

Why would I use the software released by RIM to sync data, including music files, with my RIM smartphone? Yeah, that sounds really stupid. What the fuck are you even talking about, you moron? They release a program for Mac users, and that program does not work. Have we moved beyond your arena of comprehension here?

So I did my update as I due normally every few days. The last one I had done before yesterday, was Oct. 10th. I downloaded some new apps, so I thought an update might be necessary. After my update was completed, all of my setting and themes were back to factory settings. Even all of my personalized ringtones. Rrrr! I was mad. No problem, I thought. Although a bit more work, I will just restore it back to the last update, Oct 10th. Yes, I might have to download some apps again but not a huge deal.

That didn't work. I ended up having to reinstall my last update from my Acer that I keep as a second backup for my berry.

My advice, until all bugs are worked out with Mac, backup elsewhere for a while.

So frustrating,

I do haven an intel Mac. I just have to Tiger OS running on it. Not everybody has a need or reason to upgrade their OS each time a new one comes out. It's like Microsoft coming out with a much needed software program for only Windows 7 users, thus leaving Windows XP and Vista users in the dark. It just doesn't make sense.

Apple didn't make it, so it'd be more like RIM making a Windows 7 only version of DM. Either way though it's not worth it in a numbers game to make it compatible with Tiger since Mac's have grown mostly since Leopards incarnation. Plus Its 30 dollars, the regular upgrade works for upgrading from tiger. It's not a ridiculous amount to ask, unlike 100 plus for a base version of windows.

RIM or Apple it doesn't matter. There is still no compatible version for Tiger OS. And the $30 to upgrade to Snow Leopard is for Leopard users. If I want to officially upgrade to Snow Leopard, I would need to buy the $170 package, which is NOT worth it. And yes, I know you can upgrade with the $30 CD, but that isn't the official way and I'm not trying to look for problems in the future.

They still havnt fix the problem yet. It still doesnt read my memory card when I connect it to my 9530 to MacBook.

I'd love to know how it can work great for 2 or 3 weeks then all of a sudden it duplicates my whole calendar. Makes no sense whatsoever. If I wanted something that just overwrites my device instead of syncing, I would have stuck with "Missing Sync" or PocketMac.

Why doesnt DM sync my photos with iphoto or even give me an option to offload them via DM?

Also, why when I add playlists to my Tour via DM, does it copy the music but not the playlist? it just saves it as a pile of unorganized music...

Perhaps once RIM has worked out all these bugs people are having then they will add new features and maybe support for Tiger?

Yesterday the techie convinced me to switch from Pocketmac to using BBDM.

Today I discovered that all the 20+ categories that I use in my address book for business purposes, are not saved in the new BBDM. Hence, I only have 1 big general useless data base now.

How could they release a database that doesn't provide a basic service?