Desktop Manager 4.7 Now Available!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Nov 2008 09:24 am EST
Desktop Manager 4.7 Now Available!

With the BlackBerry Storm now available for purchase in the UK and its release coming to Verizon in T-Minus in four more sleeps, it only make sense that RIM release Desktop Manager 4.7, which is if course, compatible with the Storm's version 4.7 operating system.

If you're anxiously waiting for Friday to come so you can pick up your new Storm, why not kill a few minutes and get a head start by upgrading to 4.7 now?!!

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.7 >>

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Desktop Manager 4.7 Now Available!


Could it be that so many Crackberry Addicts are trying to download this file. I went through the process several times and got a Proxy Error message. Then I finally got thru and it stopped downloading after 15 MB. This is crazy. you think we are sleeping? My next four sleeps wont happen until after Friday. Oh Wait, I need time to play with the Storm...make that next Friday.

Yes it would be nice for a mac application. A friend of mine has to come over to my place to use the application loader all the time.

I downloaded the new DM 4.7 upgrade and installed it on my computer. I connected my bold to it, I have the ATT Bold with .168 operating system, and a message appeared that it was checking for device system updates. It said there were a whole list of updates. Is it trying to give me a whole new operating system or is it just updating portions of the one i have?????I cancelled it because i wasn't sure what i should do.

Well I finally decided to let the device update run and it checked my device and said that no updates were needed. That answers my question.

Tried downloading it earlier but the website kept timing out. Now when I hit the download button it says the file is temporarily unavailable and to try again later. Grrr.

Sorry, the file is temporarily unavailable, please try again later or contact the webmaster

anyone have it yet??? any mirror sites up yet... i know impatient!

if i backed up my 8830WE on the previous Desktop software will i be able to restore it on the storm? will it work?

It will work without any problems. You'll just have to install the software for the Storm on your computer. You could leave the 8830WE software on it so you can wipe and reload once your up and running with the Storm.

It'll work, I just had to downgrade myself to the 8330 from the 8830. Everything transferred without issues.

It's working fine for me. I'm grabbing the with and without Media Sync right now. Though it's saying like 4hrs for both but that's probably my connection from work too.

I got it first thing in the morning today and, it works fine..
I tried the tethering and works ok too. Standard modem didn't disappear and everything seems the same to me.
I had a problem downloading it though...270 MB and it just stopped claiming it was complete. So I redownloaded it again and it was successful on my second attempt.

Been trying to download this new version and almost given up. Why are BB's servers so damn slow? I have a fastish laptop and haven't yet managed to get through to the download file message yet!

for some reason it wouldnt let me download the file using mozilla. after a few tries in internet explorer i got past the proxy error and now it is letting me download the file. still going slow. 80kb/s but its not stopping at 10mb anymore

How are you guys getting the file? Every time I select any variation of the 4.7 Desktop Software, I get the "Sorry, the file is temporarily unavailable, please try again later or contact the webmaster." message.

I just went to the site and it looks like it has been removed. Could not download it. Anybody else happened the same?

Yea I’m getting this too "Sorry, the file is temporarily unavailable, please try again later or contact the webmaster."

I'm getting the same message.

It must be very significant that RIM pulled the update, although the drop-down menus still show a 4.7 being available.

I'm hoping with this update, additional "official" updates will be available.

We're Sorry...

* Sorry, the file is temporarily unavailable, please try again later or contact the webmaster.


I've managed to download the full download of 4.7 (english only, no media manager). So has 4.7 been officially pulled? Is posting this on rapidshare allowed?

LOL!! It's all you addicts trying to download it, RIM's servers are overloaded at this point, much similar to a DDOS attack. lmao!!

File is temporarily down for me too. For those of you who have gotten it, what has changed? Is this simply an aesthetic thing or what?

I went to the Verizon store today and was getting a new cover for my curve and asked the guy if they had got any storms in yet and he said they had gotten a test unit to mess around with but he couldn't let me see the thing till Friday! I was close to just running to the back stealing the thing and running. But then i thought is it better to have one for an hour or so till the cops track me using the gps or just wait till Friday. I decided to wait but at least i know that the store at least has a test unit so it makes me happy to know that were so close to the release.

I had no problem downloading it, it took me 5 to 10 mins for the file to be complete... I guess it's mu internet speed, or like that guy said, must be all you CrackBerry Addicta trying to download it at the same time time lol, that was a joke... Cause I consider myself a CrackBerry Addict... I got a freash copy of the new Desktop Manager goin' to install it on my laptop so that I could compare the both 4.6 and 4.7...

i was able to download it successfully this morning but it took forever, assuming because of all those trying to at the same time. havent noticed any difference at the moment.

Dont see any reason to up my Desktop Manager, I'm still on OS 4.2 on my Curve, come on when is 4.5 coming out for AT&T? I dont get it

I also got tired of waiting for AT&T to release OS 4.5 for my pearl 8110, so I installed the file that was provided by another carrier. This process is very simple and 4.5 is running flawlessly on my 8110.

Email me at and I can send you instructions on how to do the upgrade.