BB Desktop Software 4.6 Now Available from

BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.6
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Aug 2008 08:01 am EDT

Somehow we forgot to make mention of this on the blogs when it popped up earlier this week (I'll blame Rogers Bold excitement!), but BlackBerry Desktop Manager software version 4.6 is now available for download straight from Grab your copy today! >>

thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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BB Desktop Software 4.6 Now Available from


Is there really any difference for us less fortunate who aren't getting the Bold?

Ps....I am waiting the the Blackberry 9220 Bo-velin that Stop-N-Go leaked info on.

When I installed 4.5, my computer (win XP) crashed pretty hard. I "fixed" it and it happened again. I resorted to installing 1st version (4.1???) so far without problems.

Anytone have that problem?

is this going to work with all phones? i don't want to fry my crackberry. i have a verizon wireless curve. does anyone know if its ok to update?

I just downloaded 4.6 and I sync my address book, calender. Everything wet fine the problem occurred when I downloaded the media sync. It does not recognize my pin. I rebooted my computer and also did a hard rest on BB. Nothing worked. When I plug my BB (8310) into my usb it shows up that it is charging and then it goes away after two seconds. Any advice or remedies?

I had DM 4.5 which seemed to work fine when my 8820 was running OS 4.5. When I had to backdown my OS to because the current European versions of OS 4.5 dont support UMA phone calling, DM 4.5 started to give me problems.

Now when I upgraded my DM to 4.6 Roxio wont even open up and Media Sync recgonizes the 8820 but wont open up the options boxes for me to choose what I want it to sync. Looks to me like this is built only for BBs that are on OS 4.5 or higher. Guess us that are on the lower OS's will have to wait until we get the official upgrades from our carriers.

When I first installed 4.6 Roxio would not work. So I totally uninstalled all Blackberry software and reloaded it from DM 4.3 (T-Mobile), then to 4.5 and now 4.6. Roxio works fine now... but Media Sync will not recgonize my BB. I have a feeling that you have to be on OS 4.5 or higher for Media Sync to work. Because the current versions of OS 4.5 for the 8820 are from Europe they don't support T-Mobiles HotSpot@Home UMA for phone calls. So when you are using UMA for phone calls, and are on any of the current European versions of OS 4.5 one of the side effects is that your phone calls will simply cut off and the BB will go dead. Not good! So I had to back down to, which is where I think the issue is with Media Sync. The good news is that everything else, including Roxio, work fine on DM 4.6.. so I will have to wait until T-Mobile comes out with their official version of OS 4.5 for the 8820. Oh well!

I installed 4.6 on three different PCs running XP. All three took around 5 minutes to boot after the install. Several tries, same thing. I dumped 4.6 and reinstalled 4.3. Problems gone!

The media sync works fine. You just have to wait for some minutes for it to figure things out. I was about to give up on it and all of a sudden after close to 5 minutes it came to life. an activity indicator would have been cool.
In any event, I had just done a NEW vista install and decided to go with 4.6, it seems to take a long time to install. in the end it works fine allowing for syncing and media syncing with no far.
A faq with the new software features would sure be nice. I don't get why companies release software without release notes.

been using 4.6 DM for about a month now with absolutely no probs. I think you need to be on 4.5OS for it to be problem free? (maybe) I am currently running OS on my ATT 8100 Pearl and like I probs with DM4.6.

use the media manager? I was not able to download one thing at a time, it kept wanting to download everything......any ideas?

BB 8830, v.
Downloaded DM 4.6
Roxio would not work in whatever earlier version of DM I was using, but now it does. Everything works fine, and I like the new look of 4.6.

I downloaded DM 4.6 and now I can't backup my data. Should I redownload DM 4.6? I have a Sprint BB 8830 WE on v4.2.2.196. Thanks.

having tried ALL earlier versions of DM on my Vista laptop with no luck, 4.6 finally works for me!!! I have successfully synced my outlook data and did a full backup without problems, so far. The only thing I haven't tried yet is the Roxio Media Manager, only because I refused to use itunes. I guess I'll finally have to give in and install ITunes to try Roxio. But it sure feels good to finally be able to use DM on my Vista PC.
oh, BTW, I'm running OS 4.5 on my 8310.

I just installed the new v 4.6 DM on my PC and when I attempt to update from 4.5.51, it does nothing. I deleted the vendor file from the directory just in case and tried again to no avail. Any tricks to get this thing to install on my 8830 and is it even worth it? Also, I have a Pearl that I'd like to update; is this an OS that works on the Pearl?

4.6 seems much slower to sync it is causing problems in our organization with Pearls and Curves.

Is this because most of these have older OS and you need 4.5 OS for it to work correctly with it.

Works fine, just way slower, 6000 appointments some of these people have it is just way to slow.