Amiga's Desert Strike comes to BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook

By James Richardson on 13 Mar 2013 08:33 am EDT

We posted just the other day that Amiga were rolling out some old school games for BlackBerry 10 which was great news. However, I picked up my PlayBook last night and saw that the games were also available on the tablet. I remember Desert Strike from the good old days so I had to grab it.

If you are looking for the best graphics on a game then you have come to the wrong place - but that's the whole point of these Amiga games. They are reproducing great content from some years ago and I suppose for many folk, including myself, it's a bit of a trip down memory lane.

If you are not familiar with Desert Strike (or you are not as old as me!) it is essentially a helicopter shoot-em-up style game. You fly your chopper around the map shooting the bag buys and their missile turrets, but you also need to pick up stranded troops using your ladder that will descend from the helicopter when you hover over them.

You have three different weapons you can toggle between so the standard cannon is great for wiping out foot soldiers but you may be wise to switch to rockets for larger targets. Although I played it on the PlayBook I suspect it may be more popular on the BlackBerry Z10 so you can grab the link below.

Overall the game is worth the £2.00$2.99 I paid if you fancy reliving your youth and blowing up some bad dudes. Give it a go - you will enjoy.

More information/Download Desert Strike for BlackBerry 10



Wow...this brings back memories!

And 1st!!

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wooaaah!!! great memories!!!.. it was sonic the hedgehog and desert strike... gaming was never the same after that!


...couldn't agree more, but add Jungle Strike, and those old 90's NHL games too


Awesome, any word on Pitfall Harry coming to the Playbook.


Nice!! Going to download it right now... cnt wait to shoot the bad buys lol

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They've actually been there for a week or so now. There's a long thread on 'classic amiga games' on the forum. Chaos Engine and Speedball 1 and 2 are also available amongst others.


My friends and I put in lots of hours playing the "Strike" games. Jungle Strike was another one.


Oh man, this game was amazing back in the day! It looks like the controls are hard on the touch screen though. The way the controls work (up goes forward, not up) are probably really hard without being able to actually feel the d-pad under your thumb.


OMFG talk about a blast from the past, buying now!

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I actually remember this game! Good one! Plus, it's buy once and play on both PlayBook and Z10!


How about some Atari ST games?


I had that game since i started 2 use the Super Nintendo Emulator on my PB! And also on my Amiga and Super Nintendo back in the days! Fabolous game!

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Leonard Thomas

How did you get the Emulator on your PB? Are there any other system emulators you can use?


I'd love to see them release Cannon Fodder


I think I've died and gone to heaven!!! Man I love this game!!!


This was the first game i downloaded onto my PB once i installed the SNES Emulator on it. I have a bunch of old school games downloaded now. I'm still going to purchase this thou. With the emulator games you cant save where your at in the game.