De_Nex7 – an amazing new android style theme by drkapprenticeDESIGNS

De_Nex7 for Bold 9900
By Alicia Erlich on 23 Apr 2012 10:50 am EDT

First drkapprenticeDESIGNS wowed us with Mini_Banner. Then they released Mini Banner_Live with the help of @_Lucky45 which exploded in popularity in the forums. This time, they've outdone themselves with De_Nex7. You will be blown away by the level of customization and attention to detail for select OS6/OS7 devices considering the lack of TB7. While we patiently wait for its release, I must say that drkapprenticeDESIGNS shows that you don't always have to wait to get what you want. Be sure to click on the jump for more! 

De_Nex7 has it all: a huge flip clock, weather/OCD slot (by placing an icon in slot #13), Android 4.0 icons, a Google icon for Universal Search, and the glowing red banner for incoming messages. Visually, this theme is brilliant and offers bright colors and a sharp display. It's smooth with no lag whatsoever and no noticeable battery or memory drain issues. As a matter of fact, my battery lasts slightly longer throughout the day when activated.

Also, by positioning your cursor on the clock banner, the large droid clock's font color and style can be changed by pressing ALT-W for White font/Black flip or ALT-B for Black font/White flip (this feature is not available on Torch 9850/60 devices) or hidden by pressing the ESCAPE key. Bold 99xx owners will discover that they may also switch to a 24-clock in setup and adjust the number position in the flip cards by pressing ALT-E for 24-hour and ALT-S for 12-hour.

De_Nex7 offers customization that I didn't think was possible on an OS7 device and, because of this, has earned a permanent spot on my rotation. This is a fantastic theme and a must have for anyone with a compatible device. drkapprenticeDESIGNS accomplished this remarkable feat using only the workaround on TB6 and it's worth it.

De_Nex7 is currently available for the following devices running OS6 and higher (including OS7/7.1): 9650, 9700/80, 9810/9850/60, and 99xx. Don't panic, the Torch 9800 and Bold 9790 are coming soon. De_Nex7 can be yours for just $2.99 at the links below. 

More information / screenshots and to purchase De_Nex7 for Bold 9650/9700/9780
More information / screenshots and to purchase De_Nex7 for Torch 9810
More information / screenshots and to purchase De_Nex7 for Torch 9850/9860
More information / screenshots and to purchase De_Nex7 for Bold 99xx 

Reader comments

De_Nex7 – an amazing new android style theme by drkapprenticeDESIGNS


Sheesh, that's nice!
I was never a fan of themes, but this might change my mind. It looks like it has widgets with the weather and clock up there. Very cool!

who would want another OS theme on their phone....jeeze if u like that android so much then get an android.... IOS and Android themes for BB are sooo freakking stupid

i dont like ios or android however
having no theme builder to work with
this developer has done brilliant with
this theme have you tried it??

A simply amazing theme !! Nice work've done what Rim couldn't even do....given the OS7 devices themes !!!

While drkapprentice has been a great contributer for OS7 themes, this developer is not the only one to contribute to the excellent themes available for OS7. There are many great themes available in the Themes section in the forums from great developers like molson0 and curve 1967, just to name a few!

I'm not a fan of Android or iphone icons on a BlackBerry device. What's wrong with BlackBerry icons? If I wanted to look at Android icon, I would buy an Android device.

I am not feeling this two row visibility of my apps.
Wayyyyy too much wasted space for a clock and weather, no idea why they wouldn't allow you to expand fully expand the applications view.

Alicia - you realize of course, that TB7 is never coming out? Right, this has been widely rumored/reported for several months.

Not a big fan of having two clocks on my homescreen, I'm really OCD when it comes to stuff like this! But a really cool theme nonetheless.

wow its just an amazing theme. I would love to download it on my 9900 but i don't have a credit card to purchase it. Can anyone here on help me buying this theme and i would send the cash by money order. 3 Dollars.

Mypin 27FC4049

hope to hear from anyone soon
have a good day.

That would be a much wiser payment method to use. Or just get a prepaid credit card, load it up and buy the theme. ;)

This is a great theme on my 9850! IMO, the big clock is just bada$$. Of course, I like all of drkapprenticeDESIGNS stuff.

If you like the way it looks in the video, you will like it even more on your phone. What are you waiting for, go get it already!

It works for me. Paying from a bank account takes 5-15 days if you don't have a credit card and you won't have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands! ;)

I ran accross this Theme on another site and being adicted to themes I had to have it. For almost a year I have bemoaned the fact that I lost my 9800 and had to replace it with a 9810. No TB7, so I have been going through withdrawel. I really hate haveing the same theme as everyone else. Thank you For this fine work.

Smh. The whole point of Android is being customizable. Cluttered and busy is what the user chooses to have, not Android itself.

congratulation DC!! I've been purchase this theme since the 1st day and I've been waiting it seen it was posted as 'coming soon theme'. It worth of money!