Delta offers up free in-flight WiFi for BlackBerry users on domestic flights

By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2013 12:08 pm EDT

Delta is putting a bit of a push behind BlackBerry 10 (and assumedly their newly released Fly Delta BB10 app) as they are offering up free WiFi for BlackBerry users during domestic flights. Popping in the latest BlackBerry slogan, Delta simply states "Keep Moving With Complimentary WiFi" on their seat back monitors. We also spotted a note on the Keep Moving Tour page that states BlackBerry users just need to fire up their browser when in flight to receive the free WiFi service. Pretty cool if you're a frequent traveler and BlackBerry user. 

Also, if you haven't already be sure to check out the Fly Delta app for BlackBerry 10.

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That so sick! way to rep Delta!

Detective M Downs

Sweet! I'm flying Delta NYC --> ATL on Tues.


if i knew this before i could have booked my flight to Seattle with Delta haha :D oh well


FYI for everyone with a Z10, you need to ensure "Desktop Mode" is turned OFF when trying to access the gogo login site. It doesn't recognize it as a BlackBerry unless you're using the mobile version of the site. Otherwise, it's great!

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Detective M Downs

...And, BlackBerry Keep Moving Tour will be in select US airports.

The Me

That's insane! I just want to fly to use this...


exactly the type of support we need right now !!


This is huge! Now THAT'S smart marketing dollars, in my opinion. No matter how hard you try, you can't NOT look at the seat monitor a few times during a flight. And to have all the BB users with their Z10's out surfing the web while all the other passengers look on? Brilliant.


I wonder if this applies to the PB as well?


btw yesterday for the first time, i saw Blackberry Z10 commercial on TV here in new jersey ;) i was so proud. I think we also should have a Huge banner in the middle of Times Square NYC :D Just Saying


This delta thing is awesome for us and exposure. And Btw I'm in NJ too and I saw one during the voice on nbc and multiple during the ncaa tournament. Though it's the same commercial, it's still out there

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WHOA!!!! OMG... Dude thats huge for Big D to be stepping up to the plate.



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BlackBerry finally makes an innovative move with their marketing efforts. Kudos.


I will fly DELTA now. Whereas before, I tried to avoid it.
If they support BB, I'll support that.
(fly 3 out of 4 weekends, unfortunately.)

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Great co-marketing, Delta fliers see the z10 on their screen and being used around them while BBRY enthusiast fly Delta for wifi!


Glad I checked the CB 10 app before I boarded in 30 minutes! Awesome.

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Sounds like you're gonna have a fun flight on the way to your destination ;)

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Delta loves Blackberry!! There is also big Blackberry Z10 advertising on the back of Delta's Sky magazine which are located in your seatback pocket in every Delta plane in the world this month. And now this free wifi really tops it off. Exactly what we needed, especially since I'm flying soon.

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This is such a great marketing idea!!!! I love it!


Oh sure just after I fly delta this pops up


That's what I'm talking about. That is awesome

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I'm guessing thanks should go to BlackBerry and Mr Frank Boulben, no? Likely funded in conjunction with the ad buy in the mag. Awesome either way!

Louis Belshaw

Wow that's amazing! supporting blackberry!

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RP Singh

That's awesome, though I am darn curious how / if they limit the Wifi just to berries and not the knock offs.

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Now all we need is for Delta to paint a few planes that say "BlackBerry 10." I think it costs about half a million to paint a plane, though. Maybe just paint one BB plane and fly it around... I wonder if someone already has "BBRY-10" for a plane registration?


Come on! Air Canada should have the same offering.


Awesome and innovative promo. Way to go BBRY

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That is the kind of support we need

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I always liked flying Delta. I will continue being their customer with perks like this.

R Field

Awesome idea way to go Delta for running that promotion. Loving the innovative ad campaigns.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


I'm flying Delta from SFO->JFK tonight to attend the CrackBerry/BlackBerry launch party on Thursday evening. What a nice bonus!

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Great. Please let us know your experience if it is available on your flight.

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Ah Delta - home of "Strap into your seat and be forced fed advertising while waiting for departure -whether you like it or not".

Thanks, no. I'll continue to avoid them. I hope BlackBerry isn't paying for those forced adverts.

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This is a very smart marketing strategy for both Delta and Blackberry . I don't fly to the US much, only about once a year, but I will be flying Delta now. BlackBerry needs to develop partnerships with more companies like this. BlackBerry does have millions of very loyal users. I hope they take full advantage of our buying power.

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This is really good. Hopefully, even for a moment, it would make people wish they had a z10 just so they can browse the net. It's a small thing, but a step in the right direction into turning around the company's image to the public.

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This is great if for all BB users that have PB and "Legacy" phones. This is also good for all Delta flights that have the monitors in seats. Not the older planes that still have central ceiling mounted monitors. Good move however and if this is followed up with TV advetising from Delta would be even better. For us BB users this would now eliminate the need to purchase access on any leg that has WiFi.


now if delta's wifi was worth using, all would be good. i'm a diamond medallion with delta and the wifi is about as useless as their bb10 app but i applaud them for the effort.


I've never had any issues using Gogo on Delta. I guess certain routes see heavier use than others. Delta is in the early stages of upgrading to the next generation of Gogo which will be faster. Eventually Delta will even have satellite-based WiFi on international flights.


Go delta!!!! Awesome

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This is great news. I'm traveling to Las Vegas on the 21st for a conference and it's pretty long flight so now I will be able to stay connected.

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Brian Scheirer

Flying to NYC (for business and CB event) tomorrow on Delta... Awesome!


That's awesome!!!

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How long is this lasting? I'm going to Vegas in June and that would be awesome.

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According to the BlackBerry Facebook page, the end of June.



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Will definitely fly Delta from now on.

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Wow! That is awesome! Very nice way to advertise as well.

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Jon Tessler

I work for DGS(a Delta Subsidiary) and with about 300 or so planes in their fleet(not counting regional partners) The ad on the back of Delta's Sky Magazine is a huge investment. Most planes that Delta flies have over 150 seats on them, and the regional carriers all are at least 50 to 90 seats apiece. so we are talking a lot of magazines being put out. each month where I work we get a pallet full, so you have to figure bigger hub airports get 10 to 15 thousand, and they get put on planes and in delta sky miles clubs as well.

so this is a HUGE marketing push by BBRY


That really is awesome. I don't fly but a couple of times a year, but whomever came up with this idea deserves a bonus.


Wow everybody is happy.... I Love it ;-)


This definitely has Mr. Boulben's fingerprints all over it. This is awesome advertising at its finest! Can you imagine how many execs fly daily, weekly, monthly? And now frequent flyers will see that their BB10 smartphones will give them free data in the air? This is going to be legend-(wait for it)-DARY for BBRY!

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This may be the start of a new trend among airlines. I hope United sees this since there is an United App available in BB world.


Very cool, I am sitting in the terminal now, about to board a delta flight


Post from your flight if you can. That would be great.

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you know what? I think I will. :)


Just booked a trip to FL in a few weeks on JetBlue. Oh well....


Awesome Delta we love you...

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Traveling now with Delta and free for the month of April only on flights that offer it. Maybe the leg between Cincy and Orlando will offer it

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I knew I liked Delta for some reason. This is just icing on the cake :)


Did someones know the reason it is presently offered only to BlackBerry users ?
- Is it related to Delta push on Blackberry / marketing ?
- Or related to trusted devices security ?


Probably a way of saying thanks for sticking with us, and in some cases, thanks for switching to us.


High in the sky now on Delta 2103 to Orlando. Hello to all you Crackberry folks down there. Thanks to BlackBerry and Delta for putting this promo on

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Thanks. Hope you had a good flight.

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Thats pretty awesome to be honest! Every airline will have this soon i bet


sweet! and just in time for my multi city tour next week with Delta!!


This is a great idea.

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Gonna have to start looking for Delta flights on my next trip! This is sweet! Full props to Delta Airlines!

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Dang.. mite have to fly Delta next trip. Nice little bonus!

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Air Canada Please. Good on Delta and BlackBerry.

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I haven't flown Delta, but they just gave me one major reason to use them next time I fly down south.

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What a surprise when I picked up a copy of the in-flight magazine and spotted the z10 ad on the back cover with the free wifi offer. Instructions were vague but connection could have not been easier. Neither of my flights on Delta today have the in-seat monitors shown in the photo for this article. Great perk from BB!


Nice! Delta is my go to airline...I new I liked then doe a reason...

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This would be even better if it also worked with the PB since the PB is supposed to be business tool on the if you don't move to the new BB10 your left behind?


On a Delta red eye flight right now from SFO to JFK for the CB meet up. The free wifi for BlackBerry users is real, and they also played the Keep Moving ad on all the monitors with loudspeaker sound during takeoff. Using my Z10 and 9810 for free is very cool indeed! Wonder how long this promotion will last...

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That's wicked that this is already live! When did US airlines start offering Wifi in general? I don't think the Canadian airlines have it available, but this would be a nice way to start!

I'm curious to know how they do it, technically. I assume satellite data, but that's gotta be a pretty small albeit pretty pricey data pipe!

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US airlines starting adding it back in 2009. The reason why you haven't seen it in Canada is that nobody has set up the infrastructure for it and Gogo (the dominant provider of inflight WiFi) only got the greenlight to start expanding the network into Canada last Summer and plan on having their Canadian network fully operational by the end of this. Air Canada has it, but it is currently only offered on select flights that travel over the US. I'm guessing that once Gogo's Canadian network is in place, WestJet will likely start offering it as well, as the installation only takes a few hours and is typically done during the overnight hours (Row44, a competing product that is satellite-based instead of cell-based, takes much longer to install because you have to install a satellite dish on top of the aircraft.).

The pricing isn't that bad. Originally, the pricing tier was based on the length of the flight and they have switched to a 24 hour pass good on any airline with Gogo and the price is $14, which is a bit steep if you're only flying a short flight. They offer monthly passes that are either good on all of the airlines with Gogo ($49.95) or good on one airline ($39.99).


Now when will they offer this on Virgin? They have the best image out there and BlackBerry would benefit from associating with them. Either way this is a great idea to reach the serious business traveler.

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Way to go Delta. I'm up in Canada and never travel to The States so I don't use them but it's still great to see a large company like that support BBRY.

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And they say you can't use phones or eletronics on the plane. Bullshit. Now it's been busted. :) BECAUSE YOU CAN!!


You've always been allowed to use APPROVED electronic devices once the a/c reaches a certain altitude. The FAA is looking at loosening the restrictions.


This is awesome...thumb up to delta



That is hella awesome!

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So Happy to hear this! Can't wait to try it out on my flight Sunday!