Delta airlines app for BlackBerry now available

By Adam Zeis on 17 Dec 2010 11:14 am EST

Delta for BlackBerryDelta for BlackBerry

Here's a very cool app that I wish more airlines get in on. The new Detla app for BlackBerry is great if you're a frequent Delta traveler and has some great features to help out in your travels. Everyone knows traveling on any airline can be a huge pain. From checking in to getting through security and all that entails, its just a long process that most wish we didn't have to endure. With the Delta app, you can now checkin for flights, download mobile boarding passes, get push alerts for flight and gate changes, search your SkyMiles balance and even save a photo and note of your parking spot -- all through your BlackBerry. Overall a very feature-rich app for the frequent traveler. It's totally free and available for most devices from BlackBerry App World via the link below.

More information/download of the Delta app for BlackBerry

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Delta airlines app for BlackBerry now available


Would have been nice yesterday when I had Delta cancel my flights 2 times and spent all day flying across the country.

I was so excited to see this in App World yesterday. I've used the mobile boarding pass before, but it'll be so much nicer to have it in the app instead of in a SMS message. The parking finder looks really cool - besides the photo and note, it'll also let you save a GPS location of your parking spot.

By the way, Southwest Airlines also released a BlackBerry app in App World earlier this week.

Mobile boarding pass? What does the TSA id checker scribble on if you dont have a paper boarding pass to get through security?

At the airports I've flown out of that support mobile boarding passes, they have a scanner at the TSA ID check station just like they do at the gate, and you scan your phone screen while the agent checks your ID.

Great idea, great app, terrible airline :( Hopefully more airlines (Like Lufthansa and Jet Blue) will offer these apps soon!