Deleted apps haunting you? Here's an easy solution!

Deleting apps
By Michelle Haag on 31 May 2013 10:58 am EDT

I was doing a bit of housekeeping on my BlackBerry Z10 last night. I had noticed that my device memory was getting full, and I had several apps that I'd downloaded and didn't need anymore so I figured removing them was a good way to regain some space. But when I checked my device memory after deleting them, I noticed that there was no change in available space, so I did a quick restart.

To my dismay, when everything came back up, those apps had returned and placed themselves right on my home screen. I tried deleting them again, and checked BlackBerry World, only to find that it was claiming they were still installed as well. Another reboot, and the apps were right back where I'd deleted them from.

This was getting annoying. Not knowing what else to do, aside from wiping my device which was the last thing I wanted to do, I turned to the CrackBerry forums for help. Lo and behold, after a quick search, I found the tip I was looking for. Long time CrackBerry member and forums ambassador elite1 had the following advice for another member having the same issue I was experiencing:

Hold down your top button for about 30 seconds. Keep pressing it down, ignoring onscreen countdown and restart option, BB splash screen, black screen, red LED, and BB splash screen again. I hold down that button until I see the blue startup icon.

I tried his suggestion and it worked like a charm, so if you're experiencing a similar problem go ahead and give that method a try before resorting to more drastic measures. Unfortunately, some apps that you delete will return in the form of OS updates, such as LinkdIn, and this method won't have any effect on that.

I must say, this is what makes the CrackBerry community the best place to be for BlackBerry users. Sure, the forums can get a bit crazy, but the amount of knowledge that all of our members have to share about anything and everything BlackBerry related is just amazing to me.

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Deleted apps haunting you? Here's an easy solution!


Starting to be like the old BlackBerry, where you have to restart after you delete an app :(

Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Actually maybe we can because I checked mine and there are no issues with legacy deletes, so this may be only for certain carriers.
Orrrrrr maybe it's for 10.1 because we still don't have that on AT&T Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I'm also a chronic app downloader/deleter and this only happened once, maybe twice, on my Z10. Not an issue at all.

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Read a little farther birdman, most people can delete from app world without reboot. Hardly an embarrassing bug. Slightly inconvenient to those affected, that's it.

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I have LOTS of apps & games. This has only happened to me once personally.

It's the exception, not the rule.

This is how you CB10, son!

For me it also works if I just delete the apps from My World instead of home screen.

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I only expiring this issue if I delete multiple apps. If I hit multiple trashcan buttons I get all the apps back. If I just delete one go back to normal delete the next I normally won't get the issue ...

I've had this problem but solved it by removing the deleted app from the "available" list in BBW as well. This seems to completely remove the app from system memory.

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I found out that as well u have to delete the app from the available area then it's completely gone
There is a little cloud icon with an X in it

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Yes, but that's just not necessary to remove the icon. Usually a simple Delete does it, otherwise a device reset will clear the icon from home screens.

This is how you CB10, son!

Nope still not possible.
Current best solution is packing up your unwanted stock apps into a folder or two.

This is how you CB10, son!

That's odd, because I removed Twitter and it's no longer in my list of apps. But I suppose once my carrier rolls out an update, it will re-install itself again.

Yes. Delete via app world. If u don't want it coming back when u do other stuff do a permanent delete via app world nit just un installing. Worked for me. And when I went to os 10.1 I didn't see twitter re appear. So that's what's worked for me :). Mind you I've since re installed it to run in background and five me notifications in the hub so i can then pop into blaq and tweet bomb the person who tweeted me. :).

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I was hoping this was going to fix the "phantom memory" problem on the Z10. My total app size should only be 3-4 gig but my memory is 12.4 GB with "Other Data" comprising 12 GB and I cant figure out what is taking up all this space? I thought it might be my email - but I changed all my email to 14 days from 30 and did not make a difference.

Have you tried putting your Z10 in USB storage mode and using your PC to go through the Z10 contents? It may help more easily account for the missing space being able to go through the phone like a drive on Windows explorer.

Apps download size and they amount of room it uses is different. They decompress after download and can store more data that you won't see

Yes on another thread I did see that, and I downloaded a couple very large games (Spiderman, Batman) still have a couple big ones one there like Modern Combat and that golf one - but still adding it all up with all the other apps - doesn't come close to 6GB.
Have not tried wiping yet - I guess that is my last option.

I've had this issue for a couple of months. I've searched exhaustively for a solution but haven't found one. This issue has plagued A LOT of Blackberry 10 devices. I'm still sitting at 14.6Gb of "other data". Even after a wipe and installing 10.1 the crap is still there.

For me the 'phantom' stuff seem to have been destroyed when I upgraded to 10.1 beta. There seems to a set of hidden cache files that can not be deleted with any current ordinary file managers. But, the OS upgrade seems to wipe and restore only what it needs in the process.

Hold it only until you see the BlackBerry logo or you'll just wait forever as holding the button at boot time reboots the device.

And I wonder on which OS this happens. Never had this problem. All apps are deleted just fine

If you paid attention to your memory, you see that there's no change in your free memory space... the apps disappear but the free memory space remain the same !

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getting from 4.7 Go to 6.1 Go of free space after this tips... thanx!

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anyone know what the difference is between Delete and Uninstall in Blackberry World?

if i log press on an app in My Apps, i get a popup that says:

"if you want the option to reinstall this app later, tap Uninstall. If you want to delete it permanently, tap Delete."

does that mean Delete removes it from the list in App World?

is there any difference between Deleting or Uninstalling this way vs. simply long press on the icon and top the trash can?

It is my understanding that if you delete an app from BBW, it will no longer be shown in any of your app lists in BBW. Don't quote me but I believe you would loose any paid apps that you may "delete" vs uninstalling them which will move them to the uninstalled list.

Delete removes it forever from your available apps. Uni stall allows you to reinstall it again. If u paid for it and deleted it. Yep you will pay again for it. Uni stall is better option in my opinion. But there is more. Dig on blackberry website for op world. There's a better explanation there in how it works.

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I haven't had this problem since I upgraded to my Z10. This is good to know in case it ever happens. Thank you.

Furthermore, I agree with your comment on the CB community. Thanks everyone!

Finally I can get rid of these apps for good. I got so frustrated with them that I just put them in a folder to ignore them when I restart my z10. Thanks for the help

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Really? I think the Accuweather app is awesome. Are you confusing it with the standard weather app that comes preloaded?

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I think Accuweather is one of the better weather apps. Sure it doesn't have the best looking ui but it is very informative and has a lot of great features that almost all other weather apps charge for.

Another way to permanently delete unneeded apps is to remove them via the BlackBerry World. Just go to "My World", hold your finger pressed on any app and choose delete.

Grand! This maneuver gained almost 2G of Device storage for me. I didn't see a blue LED though. I waited more than 30 seconds. No matter, I did gain nearly 2G. Thanks, lots of great stuff to be learned from Crackberry!

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I had the same annoying problem a reboot fixed it. Shame BB10 is now 10.1 and still has these annoying issues. Its ok for BB fans but for a person coming for Android or IOS?

Michelle, can I please have that wallpapers. I find it extremely nice, understated, minimal. Thank you!

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I always go to BlackBerry World and just long press then choose uninstall, I've never had the above issue doing it this way.

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Good to know work around. Still a pretty serious bug that should have been caught in pv testing. Not sure how this gets missed.

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you don't actually have to hold it that long. As soon as you see the red light come on it is going into restart mode. Holding power button longer wont change anything.

I wonder if anybody has officially report this bug to BBRY because this is a serious bug. Has BBRY acknowledge it? Anybody knows? Thanks.

This has been discussed ad nauseum in the forums. There's currently no fix and no acknowledgement from BlackBerry that I'm aware of atm. I was hoping 10.1 would address the issue but not so much.

You can also go into
blackberry world,
go into my world,
my apps & games,
go from updates at the top to downloaded,
click and hold on the apps you want to uninstall,
click uninstall
works for me.

I did this for fun to see the effect.
My battery was showing red (almost discharged) before the restart.
After restart 100% battery.
I had problem with the life of my battery for a couple days. I hope this will solved my problem, I do a very normal use of the phone without active frame open and by noon the battery was dead.

Does any one have a clue of what happen?

I'm having the same problem. Seems to be a nasty battery drain going on. Phone is at 40 degrees and only running battery guru and Crackberry. This only happened right after doing this trick.

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Thanks for the like, 30 of you that pointed out you can just remove apps via BlackBerry World. lol :P  I never said this is the ONLY way, just a tip I came across to solve the issue I had encountered, and a reminder of how awesome our community is. :D

Since the reboot my phone is extra hot... anybody have a hypothesis ad to what is going on?

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I did the removal of apps on BlackBerry World and I still have a huge phantom memory issue. (also did what was suggested in this thread)
Have about 3GB of apps and my "other" data is still 12.2 gb

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Do anyone have issus with unknown picture in picture library..try to delete but seems bug..cannot delete..or is it becos of sideloading apps

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While suggestions tend to be helpful, I'm still finding a lot of people are remaking the same suggestions previous comments have suggested. Please try to read the comments (I know it's hard and takes time) before making a comment.

The fanthom memory issue goes deeper than a "simply do this or that". None of the suggestions I've come across anywhere has fixed the issue.

I had the same issue and I found another way that works for myself. I would launch BlackBerry World, then click My Apps then I find the app I downloaded. Then I pressed and hold the app I want to delete and click delete in blackberry world, then I was prompt for 3 options, Delete, Uninstall, works for me

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Delete your apps on BlackBerry World not on Home screen, no reboot required. Deleting an app on home screen makes the app uninstalled and not totally deleting it. This explain the difference of uninstalling and deleting on BlackBerry World.

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there is a much easier way. in bb world, under "my apps and games" then "available" hold down your finger on the app you want to delete then the pop up side bar comes on and touch the delete button and they will never bother you again.

I've tried most of the suggestions but each time I check it via about-hardware, I noticed that the amount of memory remains unstable. I did the reboot which is holding the power button for 30 seconds. Aftr that I got a reading that the available memory is 1.2G which was prior to the reboot, 900mb available space. But when I checked again in the hardware it kept decreasing. So I went to the BlackBerry appworld and deleted the apps I downloaded which I dont use anymore, then did a reboot. Went again to 1.2g and as I checked again after sometime it decreased to 1.1g. This time its 1,022 mb. Why is this? I am talking by the way about the 2GB ram memory. The 16GB installed in the device is stable at 11GB. Can anyone shed light on this? Bbm me please at 24ED37A4. Thanks. Love the cb forums.

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This "solution" fixed the laggyness (read choppy animations) on my Z10 which hasn't been so smooth since updating to 10.1. Now it's a lot smoother in system as apps.

Another solution that worked for me was to un install the un wanted apps using BlackBerry World on-line.

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Actually, last few days Facebook wasn't working properly. Nothing would load! This fixed it! +1

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Michelle please I need some advice with this same issue.

I was having some issues with Foursquare and decided to delete the App from the Home screen then went to BBWorld only to find that the App is still in the Dowloaded area and now don't let me open, unistall or delete!! I even did a complete Wipe with the same results!!

Please HELP!!

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The more that press the upper buttom the same resulting I get.... it just restarts normally and nothing happens... I'm really upset about it since my memory is almost getting full (15gb of 16)
If only somebody could upload any sample video for us (the unlucky) to see...