Default Ex and Plus - Two great new themes from AG Designs & Graphics - 100 copies to be won!

By Michael Hepples on 30 Jun 2010 10:40 am EDT

We have seen plenty of OS 6-like themes lately, as more and more devs jump on the clean look and smooth appeal of what we have seen in the blogs. This hit my inbox this morning, and I have to say, it's a solid looking theme.  Two versions are available, completely identical except for the fact that one version has the OS6 precision icons and one has a full set of custom icons. The resemblance to most of the OS6 clones stops there though as the developer has taken the function in a completely different direction from what we have seen. Scrolling right slides more icons into view and scrolling down reveals a hidden dock. Clickable banner items have been added, with shortcuts to the standard Manage Connections, Messages, Clock and Calendar all able to be accessed. For touchscreen devices there have been 4 hidden docks incorporated, launched via various "buttons" located on the homescreen. To see the theme in action, you can check out the YouTube video created by the developer at the link below. Available in the CrackBerry App Store for all devices running OS 4.6 and up. PLUS is $1.99 with the "default" icons and EX is $2.99 and includes the custom set.

Contest: We have 100 copies of Default EX and PLUS to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PDT. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

Reader comments

Default Ex and Plus - Two great new themes from AG Designs & Graphics - 100 copies to be won!



I've been slowing getting my feet wet lately with Theme Building and I'll tell you what! I wish I had the knowledge to design hidden docks like the ones in this theme! Making a theme with a hidden dock is one thing but designing and theme and tweaking the SVG to make the docks do what they do in this theme is way beyond my knowledge at this point.

Definitely sign me up for a copy of this theme! I would be honored to have it running on my BlackBerry :D

As a proclaimed theme nutcase (for real) I'd loooooove to win this! :) thanks for another great contest CB

I just Love AG Designs themes have already purchase Reflect7 Carbon from CB, would like to have one of these as well for 8530


it really nice see a theme like this looks awesome, i cant imagine when os 6 arrive to our devices

I can't wait to add at least one of these to my theme collection. I'll be happier than anything if I get one!

really a damn nice theme.. clean and can show my wallpaper... i like it so much.. please pick me ... thank

It's always nice to re-theme your phone.
I like browsing through pages in search of a blizzing new theme :D

Maybe I might add this one to my collection free of charge :D

Love the CrackBerry site - I have found some helpful tips and some unique ringtones - I have yet to step to the plate and change out my theme. I know this seems unheard of for someone that likes to have a personalized phone but I just haven't stepped up - maybe this theme will be the one

Wining Or Losing... The idea of the contest it AMAZING!! :P
i never got the chance to own a paid theme :P
hopefully this will be the first ... ot maybe not :P

Even though the custom icon set is exactly the same as one of their other themes (!Reflect:Carbon) it's still an upgrade.

On my tour it works great except it runs very slow, transitions from one app to another take several seconds and moving from the BB screen to the home screen or doing any file management tasks take a long time as well. Probably works better on newer devices. YMMV

Here's my attempt. Oh how I would love to have such an amazing theme for my blackberry devise! I've never won anything in my life(not true), but this theme would make up for all the loses I've had to endure. For real though(in young person slang), hook me up, give me a consideration and so on and so forth. Good day to all, and Have a happy 4th!

I have been loving Natemz's Blackberry Pro Version 5.1 for a long time, but the Default Ex looks like an exciting theme to try out. The sliding dock looks cool. I don't particularly care for generic icons ih my themes, but the Default Ex looks like it has a good icon set. I wonder whether it has hot keys for apps like Quicklaunch. But count me in to try it out. Thanks.

I have OS6 by WJD and really love the new icon set. I've always been into Precision and the BB6 icons seem to be a great evolutionary step forward.
And hotkeys rock!