Fancy a giggle? Make your friends ugly with Defacer for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Jun 2013 04:29 pm EDT

Another fun 'Built for BlackBerry' application caught my eye recently - Defacer. With my sense of humor - warping and distorting peoples photographs is my kind of thing and luckily that's just what Defacer does and you can grab this one for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10.

Once you launch Defacer you will automatically be taken into your files and folders in your SD Card. From here you can choose the photo that you wish to use (or as in my case dive into the device storage) and you are then presented with thirteen different options for face alteration. Choose the one you want and then use the sliding bar on-screen to fix the image just how you want it.

Once you have the image 'defaced' you can instantly save it using the tab at the base of the screen or alternatively there is a share option which will allow you to use any accounts you have set up in your BlackBerry Hub. Finally - press the three grey dots and you have a few more options including 'Set As' where you can not only do the normal stuff such as set as wallpaper but you can 'set as contact' which I like.

If you fancy a giggle Defacer is well worth the £0.75/$0.99 price tag.

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Fancy a giggle? Make your friends ugly with Defacer for BlackBerry 10


When a very similar app was on the Sony Ericsson cyber shot it was cool. The same app on BlackBerry 10 five years later is...

Posted via CB10

I for one am happy to see any app that there's not already 20 more of in the app store. I mean, how many more apps can we have that makes our photos look old so we can pretend we're fancy photographers snapping pics with their phones. This developer that decided to give BlackBerry people something fun to play with earned my 99 cents and I'm going to have some great contact photos.

Posted via CB10

And.... If it WASN'T in BlackBerry World then you'd say:

"Wow. BlackBerry doesn't even have 5 year old apps I had on my old Sony phone."

There is no pleasing you people is there?

Posted via CB10

Lame? One of the biggest complaints of owning a BlackBerry phone has always been the lack of cool apps (or just apps in general, but definitely cool ones). Now we have cool apps and they're lame? Time to give one's head a shake, I think.

I was going to say the same thing,you beat me to it !!! +! funny how good looking we are...I checked out the app and it looks like a real hoot!! love it !!!

Yeah, this will improve my friends faces. I'm the best looking of all my friends. Trust me, that's not saying all

Jamaican me crazy bout my z10. Respect