Deezer streaming music services launch in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, PlayBook app already available

Deezer for PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 25 Apr 2012 11:50 am EDT

If you're not already tuned into Slacker Radio on your BlackBerry PlayBook or any of the other streaming music services out there, then you may be pleased to know Deezer is now available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Deezer app has been available in BlackBerry App World for a while now but judging from some of the reviews, some folks never knew that it was restricted by location. Now with Canada, Australia and New Zealand regions available -- more users can make use of the app and its features:

  • Discovery Mode (Free) - The Discovery Mode on PC/Mac and mobile devices will allow you to listen to radio channels and smart radio (unlimited listening) and to music on demand (access to 15 million tracks) in 30-sec clips
  • Free Trial - If you want to try out, you can get a 15-day free trial. You'll have the ability to unsubscribe during the 15 days, no commitment, no payment due
  • A huge on-demand library - In partnership with 2.000 music labels including Universal, Warner, Sony and EMI, DEEZER offers to music fans the most complete catalogue: 15 million tracks available on-demand and thousands of artists' discographies, biographies and reviews. Users are also invited to upload their own tracks onto DEEZER to create their first playlists.
  • Premium ($4.99 /month) - Unlimited streaming on any PC/Mac
  • Premium+ (9.99/month) - Also available on mobile phones, all smart phones, tablets, IP TVs & IP Sound Systems including Sonos and Logitech Squeezebox, making it more ubiquitous than any other digital music platforms. You can even play your music offline; on a plane, on top of a mountain, anywhere, you won't need 3G, Wi-Fi or the web to access it.
Deezer looks to require a Facebook account in order to use it, however if you sign up using their site -- you will get a password and the Facebook information entry will not be required for the app itself. You can grab the app from BlackBerry App World right now. Need some more information? Check out the Deezer website for the full details about the service.

Download Deezer from BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

Deezer streaming music services launch in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, PlayBook app already available


Thanks CB, Wonder when this will be available in the US? I see what if feels like when other countries can't get apps that are US / Canada only! Wish BBMM was somehow integrated on the playbook.

Hey Bla1ze, you forgot to add that it posts the songs you listened to on your Facebook by default which made it a deal breaker for me. So be careful what y'all listen to lol.

And also $9.99 is kind of expensive. I think I'll pass and stick with Slacker which I pay $3.99 for.

You can disable it, plus -- you don't NEED to sign in with Facebook so only if you sign in with Facebook will it do that.

It seems that 9.99 a month is the going rate for a premium music streaming service. One feature I like to see in a mobile app is the ability to scan through to a certain time in a song with a slider, Rdio and Grooveshark are the only ones *in canada* that I can find that will do that. It looks like a pretty good service though and I'm currently looking to subscribe to one. Not sure which one yet.

No need for facebook for deezer....I have no facebook account but a Deezer account...
Great app, I have it on my BB9900, on my Playbook, on my computer