Debug & Iterate team-up podcast: The future of human interface

Debug & Iterate team-up podcast: The future of human interface
By Rene Ritchie on 26 Feb 2013 04:26 pm EST
Not all of our podcasts here at Mobile Nations fit into the core sites like CrackBerry. Some of them approach cross-platform, even cross-technology subjects. Stuff that goes beyond any one device. This is one of those. If you're a fan of futurism and gadgetry in general, give it a listen. If not, skip it and get on with the CrackBerry birthday celebrations! Marc Edwards of Bjango, Guy English of Kicking Bear, Loren Brichter of Atebits, Sebastiaan de With of DoubleTwist, and Rene Ritchie of Mobile Nations talk human interfaces of the future, including Siri, Google Now, Kinect, Leap, MYO, Project Glass, iWatch, Oculus Rift, and more!

Show notes



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Good stuff, even for a "Crackberryer". Rene does love the sound of his own voice but he does a hell of a job on iMore. (i keeed, i keeed).


Listening to it right now, they mentioned that QNX is in cars, hopefully that's not what they think merits a "show note"

I've tried listening to things things before, but they usually end up just being about Apple, which i couldn't care less about.


finished it, QNX was a drop in the ocean, nothing else really BlackBerry related except a bit about a watch that may or may not have been made for seeing BlackBerry notifications. Talked a lot about Apple stuff(seems like almost everyone on the podcast used iPhones + iPads). They do talk about futuristic things though which was somewhat interesting.


You should replace the iWatch with the Citizen Proximity Watch, since it actually exists.


I listen to podcasts regardless. :D
Technology is awesome. What do you expect? I'm a geek too!! :D