Would you do a BlackBerry Bikini photo shoot for a free BB10 phone? Deborah did :)

The next winning entry in CrackBerry's What Would You Do for a BlackBerry 10 Phone? Contest is so hot, you'd better double check who's around before you watch it (it may be considered NSFW, depending where you work).

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jan 2013 01:27 pm EST

To win a free BlackBerry 10 phone from CrackBerry.com, Deborah St. Pierre told us she would "do a BlackBerry-inspired bikini photoshoot". That immediately caught our attention. Longtime readers of CrackBerry will of course remember this Bikini + BlackBerry post that went into the CracKBerry history books as an all-time favorite. And even longer-time readers of CrackBerry will remember the epic-ness of our last What Would You Do contest, where we saw scantily clad pudding wrestling action take place in Times Square. Always wanting to up the CrackBerry ante, we declared Deborah a winner based on her entry submission and followed up with her to see how she wanted to execute on it.

Debbie let us know she's a BIG FAN of both BlackBerry and CrackBerry. And when we found out she lived in Miami, we put her in touch with our good friends at Capture Fashion to work with her to pull together the photo shoot. Check out the video above and the spread of photos below.

With BlackBerry 10 just around the corner, we didn't want to put any old BlackBerry Smartphones into the photos, so instead Deborah opted for BlackBerry, the fruit. But Deborah promised if everybody keeps the comments civil and positive and she gets lots of likes on the Youtube video, that she'll follow up with another BlackBerry photo shoot -- next time with her BlackBerry Z10 in hand. 


If you want to tell Deborah St. Pierre how much you loved the photo shoot, beyond dropping a comment here you can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks again go to our friends at Capture Fashion for helping Deborah pull off the shoot - they're big fans of CrackBerry and Mobile Nations too and did all of the photography, shooting and editing for free. They hope you enjoy it!

Reader comments

Would you do a BlackBerry Bikini photo shoot for a free BB10 phone? Deborah did :)



Yeah... Replace Deborah with Ashley... At least we know Ashley knows her info better than Deborah... And doing her day job while in a bikini? Give Ashley a shot and a z10.

The more time I've had to think about this, the more disappointed I am in CrackBerry and its staff. This was really, really bad.

She's NOT a BB fan (or user). She did nothing at all out of her normal day to win, with you guys even HELPING her, and this was so she could actually get more exposure. She cares not one iota about BB.

I can't even imagine how many other people, true BB fans, did something that required effort and creativity, and lost their shot so this person could try to get more gigs.


1/29/13 - Never Forget

I don't think the crackberry teams knows the extent of what was going on.

I don't believe kevin would have chosen her if he knew she was promoting the bathing suit brand, the bathing suit store,using a totally separate shoot campaign (her posing for the sale of this suit), and she wasn't even a blackberry user.

We got duped, and its too late now.

I am not blaming the Crackberry team ATALL for this. We all got tricked, and it should be a lesson learned.

At the very LEAST, they helped her with arranging the shoot. That, in itself, is disgraceful.

The rest is the rest.

I agree, though even if I knew all this and was the one picking winners.. my mind would of been somewhere else

I say well done!! If she and her team can get some (over) exposure and the other party doesn't see that...oh well.

I'm still not convinced thats what happened though...the boys are young..cut em some slack!

K...after further review, your right! She is a promotional princess, self absorbed with celebrity and not being a true BB fan.

Shame foul princess shame

This is very discouraging. I enter many contests trying to win a device, an accessory, anything. Hell. I entered the media gateway video contest which guaranteed everyone wins yet haven't won anything

This girl was doing nothing but her day job. She had no BB swag, no stickers or tattoo, simply held a blackberry for a couple minutes. Her instagram is full of photo shoots, and she says she'll do another with her device if she gets enough likes, as if it's hard for her to do/hard to come by for her.

Shouldn't matter how hot she is.

Congrats to Deb' and her photo shoot crew !!

p.s. wish i could ah thought up something, but even still being a low income household would not have been able to afford the carrier fees (haven't heard yet if unlockable (??) to use thru say a pay-as-ya-go card ... which ya wouldn't use the unit to its full potential anyways), so would have been a paper wt. for awhile, or turn it into $$ to buy 100-200 reach toothbrushes for the CalgaryDrop-InnCentre next time they were on sale at LD for $1ea ....

Why doesn't her swimsuit say " BB10" ?
No worries .... she looks great .... and she had positive things to say about RIM.
Send the request upstairs ... and give her the phone. If there is anything else that she wants, give her that as well.

Forget the wife. This swimsuit beauty is all that matters. She can get whatever she wants in life. She is almost as good as BB10.

This sound like a free publicity stunt! Actually, better than a free publicity stunt!! Because she just won a BB10 phone..
Com'on, we need to reward true BB Fan!

Geeezzz.. who picked this winner!!

To each their own.

Looking sweet from the neck down but that is a man baby. Like man hands that is a man face.

I guess I like chicks who don't look like dudes.

I will keep my BB10 thank you, if it was my bb10 to give away. Cheers.

what do you expect from self absorbed ho ? she will do anything for money, I bet she can do a promo for my member If someone pay her the price

Yeah I think the bar is pretty low after this one and the princess - kudos to those who took the time to enter. Z10 is gonne ROCK!

It's nice to see some female winners.

Though how about a little equal opportunity. Were there no hot guys willing to walk around in a speedo for a BB10?

Kevin said: "The BlackBerry Princess and Bikini Photoshoot fill sexy fun side" of the contest. Good thing women aren't interested in the new OS!

Garrett McNamara surfed a 99 foot wave yesterday in lisboa, portugal and it's being considered as the largest wave ever surfed in the world...not that is deserving of a free BB10 phone.

Hey everyone...did you hear? Her entry was revoked after being committed to an insane asylum after going crazy trying to put a puzzle together. All she kept repeating was "no matter how hard I tried putting the pieces together it just wouldn't look like the tiger on the box"


She is single Kevin !
Ask her to come pick it up ..... supply her the air fare.
Lets party !
I'm first !!!

Let me get this straight... She's getting a free 10 phone for doing a photo shoot that will make her money AND she doesn't have to pay for the high dollar photographers that took the pictures/video?! I bet this bîT©h doesn't even keep the phone! It's just another one for Ebay...

Come to think of it... This would have been a really funny winner if it had been an old lady or a fat guy instead of a crappy model.

Give her the black version and tell her that it is a BLACKberry (she should know this since "all she has ever owned are blackberries" then let's see how long she keeps it. (her Iphone is white). lol

Gotta say this one is quite disappointing. Nothing "crazy" was done here. Just an average looking chick wearing a bikini. Should've went to a fat guy in a banana hammock walking down Toronto streets in -20 Celsius weather. Just sayin...

First the stupid princess and now this? Are you serious kevin??!?? Are you serious CRACKBERRY??? WOWOWOWOW. I have nothing more to say... wowwww... Words can't even express how disgusted and dissapointed I am......

I for one do not have a problem with her winning. The contest was open to anyone who replied with what would they do for a blackberry 10 phone. Well, she replied and was chosen. She didn't lie about what she would do and she did do it. Whether she was paid, will make money, didn't have to pay, or whatever for the photo shoot really doesn't matter.
This is huge promotion for RIM as well as for her. She also said she may do another shoot with the new Z10 as well which would still be even more promotion. Look at all the comments on this subject! It seems to have worked! It's gotten everyone talking!

You should read Kevin's post on the on the forums...he admitted that she is the 11th winner. They allowed an additional (bonus) and even helped her by putting her in contact people for the photo shoot.

She's the "bonus" entry now. If there wasn't so many pissed off people they wouldn't have said anything.

This is total crap, why would you give a fairly good looking girl that is a model a phone for doing her job?
Why would you even entertain the idea of giving a girl a free phone for doing a bikini shoot, really come on guys that just hurting & totally pathetic looking on your part. I like you guys and what yourdoing here but you lost some point with me

Next contestant
Let's not declare the winner just yet. How about someone submitting an amusing video or some humour, there are plenty of enough places for swimsuits etc. Personally this photo shoot did not do it for me

Yeah bit of rip, she does this for a livin, give her a Z10 and lose the respect of readers. She has done nothing more than show a bit of flesh which is her job.

me in a bakini would have been worth it, but a model. Big thumbs down. Poor competition with a seriously suspicious winner

"Its very clear that she used this as a two birds one stone opportunity from the start.

you think the bathing suit she has on is a coincidence?

I know the brand of bathing suit that she wore as she has it hash tagged it all over her instagram for the $$$$ get gets. The manufacturer is in the comments of her instagram picture of it. She tweeted the pic to ishine365.com in hopes of getting more work, they are they ones that are paying her for this shoot. Also tweeted "ishine365 is where its at!" clearly she got the suit from them and money from them.

Its for sale on their website for the new 2013 collection:


How was this all easily accessible with a few minutes and a few clicks if it was not a marketing attempt??"
Posted by frkm0005

"I am not convinced she is a crazy blackberry believer either.
In fact, I am not even convinced she is a blackberry user.

She said she has only ever owned blackberry phones. Yet her instagram clearly shows her using an iphone IN HAND and screen shots from her iphone!!!!!



I can already hear the claims.... "I was holding it for a friend, I swear!""

Posted by thatplaybookguy

She doesnt deserve that phones at all...

I just found this page and have now read all the comments. I think I'll pass on the video.

BB, please give me some free goodies for all the work I've been doing in my first 100 posts.