Dear Typo, if you're going to link to my review of your keyboard, please link to the original and not an edited version

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Mar 2014 03:17 pm EDT

Oh Typo, how you push my buttons. When it comes to the Typo Keyboard for iPhone, I've actually been 100% impartial in the matter. I've praised the Typo keyboard — a thing many BlackBerry users think is wrong of me to do — for being a good product, if what you're looking for is a BlackBerry-like typing experience on an iPhone. I've also expressed my mind repeatedly on how much I think the Typo keyboard looks like it was built by BlackBerry, I'm sure much to Typo's chagrin.

My modus operandi here is straight forward - let the lawyers sort it out. If BlackBerry wins (which as of today it's looking like that will happen), then see ya Typo, it was fun while it lasted. And if Typo wins, well, you know me — if I like it I like it — period. And in the case of Typo, I do like the product. Heck, I'd be happy to sell them in our iMore store or do some affiliate stuff with them. Clearly there is at least *some* demand for the product, and I like to help give mobile phone users what they want.

What doesn't make me happy though is when somebody takes my content, edits it to their benefit and re-uploads for use in marketing. That's absolutely not cool (and not legal), but that's what Typo just did with their recent mailer that went out, which you can see below.

It was VERY nice of Typo to put me as the first quote in their mailer, even in front of the venerable Walt Mossberg. What I don't approve is the link in their mailer which says Watch review HERE. Instead of linking back to CrackBerry's Typo blog posts or directly to our video on our YouTube channel, it links back to Typo's YouTube channel, where you can watch me review and say good things about the Typo keyboard.

However, Typo chose to edit down their version of this video, taking out two minutes of content. Their new version is quite compelling for Typo. A little less so than the original I put together which offered more balance and contained my man on the street interview where I asked passersby at CES what they thought about the look of the Typo keyboard. Not cool.

One of my old business mentors used to joke and say "If you're not getting letters from lawyers, you're not doing everything you can to grow your business." So while I can and will report the copyright violation on the edited and re-uploaded youtube video if it's not removed shortly, I thought first I would ask nicely here and give the heads up so they're not surprised when the request comes through.


​Typo's Mailer That Went out to Subscribers

Typo Mailer

Typo's Edited Version of My Review Video

CrackBerry's Original Version


Mailer image courtesy of Typo

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Dear Typo, if you're going to link to my review of your keyboard, please link to the original and not an edited version



Well, don't say I didn't warn you Kevin.
Without knowing exactly which part of your review they extracted, bet it was the part when you said " go to the site and say Crackberry Kevin sent ya" or there abouts.

Hey I've even seen it in Blackberry World app store where they used one of the team members comment as some sort of official review and enforcement of the product.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if the Typo people gambled that BB wouldn't be in a position to respond because it would be in a death spiral. We all know that the BB haters out there have been predicting BB would soon be broken up into pieces and sold. BB is still alive, much to their chagrin/disappointment. Chen still has a lot to accomplish - BB is not out of the woods yet - but he has breathed new life into the company. BB's challenge is to get BES12 and handsets running 10.2.1 into the hands of more people, especially people who make technology acquisition decisions on behalf of companies and organizations. Those people need to see that BB is offering compelling, secure products with great features, and BB 10 keeps getting better.

If the Typo clowns "ripped off" BlackBerry..... why wouldn't they "rip off" Kevin....

Nice group of new friends you have there, Kevin.... lay down with the dogs - you gonna get some fleas...

Maybe you can get Seacrest's autograph to make this all better...

Regret, you should not have said anything.
But, you did.
So be it.

I read the NY Times review. It was not at glorious as your review, and, not included in the Typo promo.

i had forgotten about the thing until it was dragged up here again.....

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Ah, and the shady business tactics of typo continues...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

So strained. I pretty much lost my voice altogether. When I had my lunch interview w/ John Chen, I could barely speak (Marcus was there to back me up though thankfully).

What sucked most was I pretty much had no voice the rest of January and a couple weeks into February. That's why we didn't do a podcast for so long during that stretch - couldn't talk!

There's some truth in that. Try extracting anything positive out of BGR.
There is no such thing as fighting a clean fight in a mud slinging contest.

Posted via CB10

Well thank you sir, you certainly are a polite young fellow,
Would you care for a cucumber sandwich and a pot of tea?

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

That's a little more British than Canadian lol. I'll take a beaver tail though!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Kevin it was not until your second review we really saw the real review of Typo but I have to admit your 1st review was a positive one ! I heard people on CNBC say " even BlackBerry users love the iPhone Typo !!"

Haha. Comment of the day perhaps?

But seriously Typo just keeps making all the good decisions don't they?! (sense the sarcasm?)

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

"... the world's best physical keyboard for iPhone 5/5s in the world...."

There you go... they definitely need a proof-reader. Maybe they got so carried away typing on that thing they forgot to proof-read.

Well, BB's awesome world prediction and auto-correct doesn't come with typo.... oh, did I just...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Not surprising since this is no different from what did to make their product in the first place. Take a BlackBerry keyboard and change it a bit to their liking.

Posted via CB10

Come on folks. What do you expect them to do. This is done all the time in the media. This is no exception.

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

Editing comments, yes. But posting a link to a product review, presenting it as such, and then scalping out all the negative stuff is fraud.

Posted via CB10

Took the words right out my mouth. The quote in my mind is moderately acceptable. But the video is way over the line.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

They left in all of the negative stuff. The ONLY thing they took out was the commentary on similarity to BlackBerry's keyboard. Which isn't a negative on the design of the keyboard really, it's a legal issue.

Posted via CB10

There is fair use, and I STRONGLY support it, because our rights of free speech depend on it.

And there are infringing uses, just like this, when something gets re-edited and passed off as the original....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It's not fair use unless they link back to the original unedited version. They presented the edited version as the original and Kevin as the creator (or Marcus on behalf of Mobile Nations) has every right to request (demand!) It's removal. It would only have been acceptable to do this if they got permission first. ...which clearly they didn't.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Exactly what I said, or tried to say.

There are infringing uses, like this. They did not link back, but passed it off as the original, which is not right.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It is decidedly not fair use when they take it, edit it, then post it as his review of their product on their feed with no indication that it is edited from his original work.

There is a reason when someone takes a piece of written work, like a review, and print it someplace else they put "reprinted with permission from...." because, they get permission!

It is not free speech to take something someone else did with their words and likeness, edit it, then put it up as an endorsement of your product.One might make an argument that the quote is fair use being just a portion of the review, but i dont think anyone can make an educated argument that presenting something to the public as the original review but giving no indication that it is an edited portion only of his review is fair use of that review. It even gives an impression Kevin published it on their you tube channel.

Amusingly IIRC in the reviews of the thing he stated how it seemed more flimsy then he expected, and all the ones Kevin has are broken. "I wore out the Typo keyboard for iPhone in less than 72 hours" Great product.

Hope I phone loose. I blackberry and will be always until blackberry is gone from market. Never iPhone, Samsung or Nokia

Posted via CB10

Even to my last dying breath, I will be clutching onto my BlackBerry, which I will want it to be cremated with me.

I will forever survive, in Blackberry cloud computing, checking out what you scallywags have written and saved. I will be like the lawnmower man, but without the lawnmower, instead with my afterlife Z10, which will never need to be charged again.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

So you'll back it up on BB Protect (should be out by then on BB10 or 20)

No final wipe?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Kevin CB nation asked you nicely not to be the nice man with typo
Now eat it,
Enjoy it we know that's what you like doing.

Posted via CB10

Your comments makes no sense to me. Feels like it's meant to be offensive, but not quite succeeding? 

Anyways, I haven't been rocking the typo for a long time now. Broke all mine.

I think he's trying (quite poorly) to insult you...

It's actually interesting to hear that they've all broken... they should put that in their review.

Why not do a follow up review with that as the headline centre-piece: " I have no use for Typo because ALL mine broke in the first month of use! " You'd love to use it, but you can't cause its a piece know. You have clout.

This post Powered by BlackBerry

He's trying to say "It's your own fault, CB Nation didn't want you to to handle them nicely, now bear the consequences." That's what I get out of it.

Totally support you having your own opinion, even if half of CB Nation doesn't agree. The idea of clip-on keyboards for touchscreen phones is great, but the design rip-off, low quality and the re-edited "review" video is not.

Maybe quite a few on CB might have actually supported the Typo keyboard, if it didn't look almost exactly like a Q10's. A keyboard more iPhone style might have actually caused a few users to have a look at BlackBerry again, but if they can have a "real BB" keyboard on the iPhone, they won't.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I didn't have a chance to review their edited version but I'm guessing they left out the part where you were not sold on the durability of the product to take a constant pounding like BBRY products are.

Btw- Kevin offering to sell them on iMore (if not deemed illegally infringing on BBRY's patents) is another comment that can be taken out of context to aid in their marketing. Given their proven low ethical standards I think we need to be more mindful of saying/writing anything that may be harmful to BBRY if taken out of context again. I assume BBRY will get all the lawsuit money so there may not be anything left over from a bankrupt Typo for you ;)

+1 good point.

Don't give them anything that could hurt BB.

It seems the chances of a successful Typo keyboard would only detract from BB; I don't see users liking the keyboard and then switching platforms and anyway, it seems BB has made the determination that the effect would be negative or they wouldn't be suing.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

It's not. And he will he just wanted to call them out on it first and give them a chance to do it voluntarily first.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I thought at first they just had played the first portion in whole, but then they stole the summary too. I guess this means we can take individual words and phrases from people in the news and make them say what we want??

And why are you being 'nice'? Here's a joke about Canadians I tell to non-Canadians to can you tell if you're in an elevator in Canada? Step on people's toes and they'll all say 'sorry'.

Posted via CB10

Yeah you know what? It wouldn't matter if they can make a product that is useful and we'll designed but all they have done so far is steal and manipulate. Screw them. They don't deserve it if that's all they can bring to the table. No innovation at all.

I guess it's a dog eat dog world out there. SMH.
Wait, it's not possible that nobody responded to this thread 17 minutes after it was posted.

I have an instinct that the timing of the mailer from Typo and news of BlackBerry gaining traction in court is forcing Typo to dump the inventory as fast as they can - I mean read the urgency in their message: "same day shipping, hurry".

Scumbag typo copy and doing all the they can to falsify BlackBerry in the process. I hope they get what's coming to them in this lawsuit and get burned badly.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30 on

I remember when Kevin was walking thru the CES show asking everyone what phone do you think this is? and everybody was saying BlackBerry!!!! That must of pissed off Typo.... to be watch that video that there products is looking a lot like blackberry. Maybe that's why they edit the video....? But if everyone is saying the same thing.... that it looks like a blackberry keyboard I believe The judge is going to say the same thing to. But we will see......?

Posted via CB10

Yah, the right thing to do would be to remove the video entirely. But they chose the shady thing to do, and remove the parts they don't want. The problem is they kept some parts, and those parts are not theirs to keep.

That part of the review should be sent to the BlackBerry lawyers to show the court that average joe thought it was a BlackBerry product!


The whole article should be sent, including the edited video and the orginal. The judge already knows what's going on, we can tell by what he said.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Typo, go back to the drawing room!! Or i'll tweet till you break :)... you have our support throughout Kevin!

Posted via CB10

Kev, offer your services to Typo as an expert witness. Then, when they put you on the stand, turn hostile and drown them. Refuse to budge, let the court officers...usher you out screaming and yelling your love and support for BlackBerry.

Hey Kevin... why can't you guys sue them for quoting you wrongfully...
Let their lawyers work extra time... kill the typo... they are purely copy cats and nothing else...

They want to make money off blackberry's iconic keyboard design... and it looks same as the Q10.... no typo anymore!

Posted via CB10

The problem wasn't the quite. Companies quite only favorable parts of reviews of their products all the time. What they did was take an edited review and present it as complete. That's frauds.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

The impartiality approach was flawed from the start because it gave legitimacy to a blatant ripoff. It gave Typo free publicity, and it gave them quotes, and now video material to use in their marketing efforts.

All Crackberry should have done is give regular updates on the court case. The video of people mistaking Typo for a BlackBerry was good, too. In other words, maybe a BlackBerry fan site should act like they want BlackBerry to WIN. Why a fan should ever be impartial is beyond me.

Now, BlackBerry are putting their money where their mouth is and defending their IP.

Is Kevin going to go after Typo to protect his IP, especially since it's now being used to damage the very brand and community that Kevin found prosperity from in the first place?

Posted via CB10

Disagree. Impartiality was the only way to go. Typo was going to get a lot of awareness in mainstream pubs regardless of whether we talked about it a lot or just covered the case (with Ryan Seacrest involved and it looking like a BB, how could it not).

I think us covering it as we did created more opportunities for the community of BlackBerry users to voice their say on every post we wrote. And it definitely doesn't damage this brand or community. 

Typo is arguably stealing sales from BlackBerry. A person making the "iPhone or Blackberry Q10" decision goes to the Typo site and sees Kevin from a BlackBerry fan site - nay, THE BlackBerry fan site - saying "I can honestly say it works really, really well", and there's even a video with you giving it a seemingly glowing review. What's a person to think? An authority on BlackBerry such as yourself making it out to be a good product - I'd almost say the edited video works as an endorsement, particularly the "Tell them Kevin sent you" part. Given the struggles BlackBerry has had in the past couple years, this is just another thing tipping sales decisions in the wrong direction. That's damaging.

Finally, I fail to see how creating opportunities for the BlackBerry community to voice opinions was beneficial...BlackBerry had a plan of action for dealing with this, the BlackBerry community really wouldn't impact the purchasing decision of iPhone customers either way - each article pretty much just created opportunities for lots of Ryan Seacrest and Typo abuse in the comments - I didn't see a lot beyond that. The videos and reviews clearly gave positive material to be quoted by Typo marketing - again, not helpful.

Very well said...

And Kevin being Canadian such as myself was to nice this time about their product (a product that is a rip off and basically sealing from BlackBerry etc) and perhaps needed to hammer home the fact that their product is made cheaply and breaks very easily and nowhere near as good as the real deal... BlackBerry built for people that need the real deal and not toys. Get the job done right the first time buy BlackBerry... :o)

Have a good one.

Actually Kevin I don't think you have a case you accepted one of their Typo's, that they had given to you because they assumed you would give it a review and I think Adam also got one.Anyway I hope you learned a lesson.Either you like it or you don't .

You do know that Crackberry gets review units and sample product all the time. They are in no way obligated to give products positive reviews in exchange.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Your right crack berry gets review units when this should have been given to I more to review not a front page article post on crackberry. With an encouragement to head to their website.

Posted via CB10

Maybe you can talk to someone in Blackberry, (wink wink ) and merge this infringement into their lawsuit, for $1. lol

Sneaky sob's they probably thought they would not get caught.

Be prepared to called as a material witness.

Your evidence could swing things for BlackBerry. You could ask for the review to be withdrawn due to inaccuracies.

If BlackBerry wins due to your input then BlackBerry owes Crackberry big time.

Like I have said that the argument for Typo
is weak.

BlackBerry has never tried to monopolise the keyboard market . Nokia, Samsung and Motorola have all made keyboard devices.

BlackBerry is the best keyboard manufacturer around due to their diligence in ergonomic keyboard research.

BlackBerry doesn't have a problem with fulfils a service. What BlackBerry does have a problem with copying a patented design.

It's called Intellectual Property. People!!!

Message to Typo.:

CHANGE your Frigging DESIGN!!!!

Posted via CB10

Typo had something very good but did not execute it in the legal terms well. They should of gave blackberry a call and try to work with them instead of going behind there back and kick them when they were down.... Now if they loose this case blackberry can easily scoop this idea up and laugh all there way to the bank. LMFAO .....

Posted via CB10

I'm sure you can get yourself some lawyers in the U.S. that will represent you for free in a lawsuit against Typo. I say do it. Just the pain and suffering alone will net you millions

Posted via CB10

Typo needs to learn that people are you can't run around ripping off everyone. Not Kevin, not BlackBerry, no one.

Posted via CB10

I believe you should take action. It also shows how desperate some business people are. I hope you learn something from this episode.

Posted via CB10

The only thing they removed from your review was non review content. I watched them both and they only snipped out your commentary on the legal /rip off question which really isn't part of the product review.

For the record I think it looks like they blatantly copied the BlackBerry keyboard but your commentary on that question isn't a useful part of a product review.

Posted via CB10

Go get them, boss! They are sneaky, underhanded, opportunisitic, get the drift!

I read Kevin's posts not because he's a Blackberry fan, but because he gives an honest opinion on the good and the bad. If he wasn't 'nice' about the typo and reverse it completely into something about BlackBerry, it would tarnish his image as a reviewer and his credibility would go out the Window, so I say he's making all the right moves.

Posted via CB10

Shame all the blackberry haters out there don't reciprocate. They constantly slag BlackBerry off and most have never even seen BB10.

Posted via CB10

Big one... big big mistake...

And Kudos for quoting their content correctly at the end... and in italics... LMAO

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Yep, I thought, "Is this supposed to make any sense, or this a statement by a complete noob?" If so, it's totally laughable of Typo to even include it. Couldn't find anything better?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Wow, not only can TYPO not come up with their own design, but they can't even get their own reviews. How sad! Seems like some real honest, intelligent people over there. SMH

I watched both videos, it seems you could categorize the original videos into two separate subjects.. one is about how does the typo work and does it work well... and the other is about typo copying BlackBerry...

I am a big BlackBerry fan but I don't see why they need to take the video down... doesn't really feel like a copyright violation to me

Posted via CB10

It's a copyright violation for 2 reasons
1. They copied his review without his permission
2. They modified his original and presented it as complete

Pretty straightforward to most of us: -)

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Yes you are right but when I first read the article I assume that they edited the video in a sense when it comes to the typo review they cut any negative comments relating to its usage...

But they only cut how it's comparable to a BlackBerry keyboard, well a copycat of the BlackBerry keyboard

Posted via CB10

If they had done it smarter, they could have got away with it, not using the CB intro, but making a Typo one, and then let some Typo commentator say: "This is what K.M. has to say about our keyboard... "

Make it clear that it's only bits and partial recodings, and let the Typo commentator jump in every now an then. That way they could have got away with it, and it would have been covered by fair use, as far as I am aware. They chose the lazy route, and just removed unfavourable parts.

The whole thing is in between two brackets by CB, and intro and an outro, which clearly marks it as original work, but it's not.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

When you put it that way, Kevin should definitely file for them to put the video down

Posted via CB10

May be you want to get onto the talent stage and get the story straight? See what kind of mark Ryan will give you. (opps,forgot it is for our south friends only).

Posted via CB10

Keep up the good work Kevin, fair and balanced is the way to go. I love BB but I don't bury my head in the sand. I think BB is better because i have looked at the others, not because its the only think I will look at.

Typo knows they are going to lose this case so they sent out incentive to buy. They need to make as much money on it as possible so that they don't come out too far in the hole.

Not saying I approve just pointing it out

Posted via CB10

Bwhahahahhahaha. Can't believe they would go that far. However, Kevin is in some war mode. First, don't mess with his family when it comes to faulty electronics. And now do steal his videos. Both cases are legit for concern.

Posted via CB10

The review was an honest evaluation of how close the performance is to superb BlackBerry keyboard emulation. For that they must pay or go away.

Posted via CB10

Typo does not make a good product. That's obvious just by looking at images of the piece of garbage they're trying to make. They suck and they just proved it again. LOL, what a serious hunch of clowns.

Posted via CB10

I do wonder if Kevin is gay or simply afraid to fight. Or really gay.

Swap my Q10 to ur Z30 I'll add cash, just PM! TQ! :)

Inappropriate comment.

Doesn't matter if one is pro- or anti gay marriage, this has nothing to do with Kevin's stance vs Typo, or the whole BB keyboard issue.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Why be nice Kevin?! Did they show you the same common courtesy when they used you as a star testimonial and placed you out of context........NOPE!

I say GFY them and hit them with the full extent of the law you have at your means.

Posted via CB10

Typo is at the point now where they need to edit review videos to make people think that the product is so perfect and even BlackBerry users like.
They need to stop, or be stopped, It's quite sad what they are getting away with and will probably continue to get away with because no one is really doing anything to stop them, they are probably paying people to say good things about the product, but couldn't pay a mobile phone and gadget site enough to do a completely positive review of their product, looks like Ryan seacrast needs to invest some more millions.
I really hope this product dies fast.

Posted via CB10

The product (Typo) seems useful... the company leaves more than a little to be desired.

I think that, as came up before, if BlackBerry wins the lawsuit, they should buy Typo.

I think Kevin lost his "Crackberry Kevin" props ages ago with his iOS using.
He's just plain old Kevin of many devices now.

Posted via CB10

Mobile phone Kevin or Mobile diplomat Kevin.

Both lack the conviction of CrackBerry Kevin.


Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

A more well-informed Kevin I am now.. the key difference is if you only know what thing and you love it, then you're a Fan Boy.  If you know all the things well, and choose one thing that you like and want to see succeed (despite its faults), you're a Champion.

With where BlackBerry is at right now, there's much more value to BlackBerry for me to be a BlackBerry Champion than a BlackBerry Fan Boy. 

Some of the comments to this post are pretty good. Enjoyable read.

You endorsed it and posted a link saying Kevin sent you so no I don't feel bad about it at all.
You opened that door

Posted via CB10

So was Ryan Seacrest and the inventor sitting around watching two different reviews and wish they didn't have to post two? So they decided to take what was said and make one for all to see? Sounds like they would do something like that, kinda like when Ryan went over with his BLACKBERRY and itoy and set them on the table and decided to join them into one thing. See that courts? Two to one. We are not idiots here, we know the other phone that Ryan had was a blackberry. They copied, game over.

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

Sorry to say this Michael but that will teach you to stay faithful to BlackBerry and don't give props to other products!!

At least until the courts settled everything (lol)

You brought this to yourself...

I'm MongezaurioBerry

So they rip off BlackBerry because the keyboard experience is great, but don't want to say it's like a BlackBerry because that would kill sales. Ouch!

Posted via CB10

@Kevin Michaluk. Did a single person you had guess say anything other than a BlackBerry. Just curious.

My BlackBerry Z30 beat up your iPhone.

Put up a large banner on the home page of crackberry letting people know who came here because of the typo advertisement, that their product is actually garbage and they are liars.

If the product can't speak for itself then they never had much hope to begin with. It's clearly in violation and the owners are delusional. There is no response possible to this other than for them to attempt to bury it in confusion. Bad company.

Also it wasn't "nice" of them to give Kevin a unit. It was marketing. If they can win over the leader of they can say "see look it's awesome!"

No biggie but I'm just wondering what kind of phone do BlackBerry lawyers use and what type of phone do typo lawyers use? Do anyone in here knows?

SKN. 869. Z10

I'd go for a case right now.
I won't ask for money but the inclusion of all the reserves you did make, especially regarding build quality and your "e" defect. Ahead of the proper links, of course.

I don't get why some are so angry about the review you made. More, I believe that the more those who never had anything but all touch try a real keyboard, the more they may become BlackBerry customers.

This particular part of the story is pathetic and won't serve them on the long haul, as you clearly stated is was so close to the BlackBerry design. At the end of the day ...

Posted via CB10

Kev. I was glad that you did an impartial and objective look at typo. It's unfortunate that a company decided to take your review out of context to their own advantage (like how most politics are..).

One cannot give up their journalistic integrity just because someone might take things out of context in an unethical manner.

Kudos for doing your job.

Posted via CB10

Journalistic integrity doesn't force you to review a product.

One could've simply displayed that it is an infringement, and refused to purchase it.

Does Crackberry endorse pirated apps, or writes reviews and how to steal apps!

I believe that with every side load instruction, Crackberry was very clear that apks and bars used were free!

I remember the playbook days with the whole excell sheet compilation of working bars, how any paid app was removed.

Buying and reviewing typo meant that you accept it as a legal product.

Posted via CB10

In the USA misinformation is part of doing business, so there you have it. And the worst part of it is that for them is OK to do it, you see it in the news, advertising, politics, etc.

Life is simple, we are the ones that complicate it !!! Z10STL100-3/ on AT&T

(cont) I just went on your edited video
These guys are masochists. You clearly show the kb side by side with a BlackBerry device and they did use it as a commercial argument.
I do believe you're BlackBerry attorney's champion, Kevin.
They've just shoot themselves in the foot.
I hope BlackBerry captured this ...

Posted via CB10

Kevin, I don't think Typo removing their "link" to "your" review is adequate. I suggest they need to send out an apology to the same distribution list as their original mailer, along with a link to your full original review. They are behaving shamelessly and unapologetic.

Posted via CB10

This is how it would turn out if Kevin was the lawyer for Blackberry

Kevin: So you copied Blackberry's keyboard

Typo: We did no such thing

Kevin: Wanna go there hmmm, okay

I picture Kevin jumping over the table and knocking Seacrest out :)

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Don't they have lawyers and people to advise them not to do stuff like this? God I'm glad I didn't invent this. It was flop from the start.

Posted Via my second Z10

Serves you right Kevin. You were asking for it. We still love you but I hope you've learned a lesson.

Poetry in Motion

All those comment on the keyboard saying the good old days, typing twice more than on a iphone touch screen is great advertising for Blackberry and why are these newspapers so negative about the blackberry brand but so positive for this copy typo crap. It make you thinking that apple rulez somehow and maybe it's clear to think apple is a big fan of the typo? It's strange the typo keyboard looks like the Q10 and I think it's on purpose.

Well Kevin your endorsement of the product really put a dent, a pretty big dent in blackberry!!

Crackberry's founder "endorsing" this product helps pushing it to bbos users jumping ship!

A simple recant on Crackberry isn't enough, I believe that you should be more aggressive in fixing this situation, also, being the representative of a large sum of people who use and support blackberry, it is advisable that you use your "copy right" infringement I dunno what claim to assist with blackberries law suit, this would help paint TYPO as the "pirates" they are.

just let your lawyers draft smthg and give it as a heads up to BlackBerry, maybe your blunder gets to ultimately help squash this insane gimmick!

And dear BlackBerry, Typo is an innovation that you shouldve already designed, patented and outsources to case manufacturers and made money out of accessories for your z devices not iphones! "Read my Q mode concept"

Good luck and hope u squash them fast!

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Wow, that is just sad what they did, just sad. Ryan Seacrest associates with these kinds of business people.

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I agree! Does ANYONE believe they could put a keyboard out to the public without stealing the BlackBerry design!?!? It's widely known (even to iPhone users), that the BlackBerry keyboard is the best and unsurpassed. If TYPO came out with anything different or less, there would be NO demand for it whatsoever! Others have tried and failed miserably. Also by Kevin saying how it is basically a BlackBerry keyboard, that was the endorsement of the year for them to have their devices and still have the BlackBerry experience. I liken it to BB10 running Android apps.

Kevin--Stay strong. I hope you really mean that "can and will" statement!

Regardless how well or how bad this device works. The very fact they flat out "COPIED" BlackBerry's legendary & Iconic QWERTY keyboard, that alone should get this thing dumped into the garbage. They owe BlackBerry $$$$$ for damages. And they better pay up.

My modus operandi here is straight forward - let the lawyers sort it out.

Just like that.

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Who's surprised by any of this? Really, what do you expect from a company that rips off BlackBerry's iconic keyboard as their own.

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I appreciate everything you do and have done in support of our beloved BlackBerry's Kevin. Including the informative reviews and comparisons of any new device/gadget/gizmo that hits the market. What leaves a bad taste in my mouth is the "tell them Kevin sent you" part. Please review how your typo keyboards are all broken now...because that's what us "fanboyz" want to read about from our fearless Crackdaddy. ; )...

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the best thing we can all do here is stop mentioning typo altogether. The more press they get the better and more likely people will be to go and check it out. Typo will fail on their own. Blackberry will either sue them into oblivion or they will just fail as the product appears to be poorly made anyway. So lets just all cool our heals a bit and let this all pass. Typo will go away and we dont have to do much of anything for that to happen.

"The best thing we can all do here is stop mentioning typo altogether."
I bet if someone Googled TYPO today, this blog post would come up even before their own.
Lets put it behind us, and not mention them at all.
Let the courts pick their pockets.

Ha Ha! Typo you are a douchebag. First you rip off BlackBerry's keyboard, now you rip off then edit Kevin's review of your ripped off version of said keyboard.

The only thing edited was the part about how it's a clear ripoff. Sounds like a glowing review for 2 minutes, nice work Kevin.. lol

Hmmm. What I thought was missing was all of the random people that looked at the device with the top half covered and thought it was definitely a BlackBerry.

I've played on iPhones lately and even with a BlackBerry like keyboard they are still annoying. Just buy a BlackBerry iFolk.

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Dear Kevin,

What did we learn hear, us nice Canadian boys don't know how to play with evil American business!

A wise man once told me "(as Canadians) we don't know how to do business like they do".

And you know what, he has been proven right to me many times, here is another example!

I'm very pissed off that they took your honesty and twisted to a manipulation tacit !

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So if someone says anything positive about anything other than a BlackBerry device or affiliated product, they are some sort of traitor bringing BlackBerry down??? This would be laughable, if people didn't actually believe this nonsense. I like and continue to use BlackBerry products, but c'mon! There are certainly other great mobile products other than what BlackBerry puts out. To have blind devotion to anything while having contempt and complete disregard for the competition is just plain silly and does not prove someone to be a "better fan".

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I have a friend just like Kevin. Has a small business and keeps his interests above everyone/everything else; even while saying he is doing something different. Kevin is trying to make money in sales, sales in this case means hits on a website and advertising dollars. Just look at the Crackberry pages over the last few weeks. Rows and rows of adds now separate every article from the comments section, don't remember that a year ago. Not saying it is wrong, but hey, trips to Spain, Seoul and Vegas are not cheap. And more hits means more money, how they appear does not matter.

Anyway when the focus becomes more and more egotistical, sight of the bigger picture is lost. And then every once in a while it comes back to bite you in the butt. Sorry Kevin, my mom used this old saying a lot: Reap what you sow.

"Not saying it is wrong, but hey, trips to Spain, Seoul and Vegas are not cheap."
All it takes is one business luncheon or event and it's written off.
You can't find a better deal than that!

Well, it's one thing to "ask" and get a "Yes" or "No",...but it's another thing to "take" and blatantly step on my big toe,....'cause now, you're 'bout to get your @ss busted! Get 'em Kev! Oorah!!

What happens is that Kevin's original review shows how much of a copycat this Typo product is. When you have the Q10 side by side the competition smartphone with the copycat keyboard you can see why BlackBerry is suing them.

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