Dear RIM: Please Fix the BlackBerry ID Registration Process (both on BlackBerry 7 Smartphones and the Web). It's horrible!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Aug 2011 02:05 pm EDT
BlackBerry ID Registration

I sincerely hope the person working for RIM who is in charge of the BlackBerry ID registration process reads this rant and does something about it as it has now FRUSTRATED THE HELL OUT OF ME on two back to back occassions wasting 45 minutes of my time and providing a really BAD first impression to two new BlackBerry Bold 9900 owners.

A change from BlackBerry 6 and older BlackBerry Smartphones, BlackBerry 7 phones require that owners login with their BlackBerry ID. For the Rogers Bold 9900 on the version software it ships with it, it doesn't prompt you on first device startup to login with your BlackBerry ID, but it does when you first try to do something like open BlackBerry Messenger or BlackBerry App World. In other words, you can't get too far on the new 9900 without a BBID. If you aleady have a BlackBerry ID, no problem! You can easily login and you're good to go. However, if you don't yet have a BlackBerry ID, you need to create one, and two for two attempts I've now experienced  the BBID creation process to be extremely, extremely frustrating and annoying...

Frustrating Story #1: I got a new BlackBerry Bold 9900 for my girlfriend (Miss CrackBerry). She's a long time BlackBerry user but with all her apps coming from the CrackBerry App Store previously, she's never signed up for a BlackBerry ID. Problem #1 during the registration process... she asks me what's the difference between a Screen Name and a Username. I say good question, and tell her the username is for logging in with her email address, but the Screen Name is public for when leaving reviews on apps (something the registration screen fails to mention, which it probably should so you don't put it in your real name). She says "That's Stupid. I don't want a public screen name. Why is BlackBerry forcing me to do that? I should be able to opt out. I don't want to leave any reviews." I tell her to get over it, and she continues with the process. She fills out the rest of the fields, including the password twice (double checking she did it the same twice) and submits the registration. The page refreshes, and says there was an error with the password, so she fills it in again, again double checking it's right, and submits. Same thing happens. We go through this about 12 times. We know the password is right, but it keeps giving the same freak'n error message. Miss CrackBerry tells me she hates her new BlackBerry Bold 9900 (she loves it again once she types on the keyboard).

At this point, I grab my laptop and google BlackBerry ID Registration and end up on this page on the BlackBerry website where I can actually do the registration on the web. I fill in the EXACT same information on the website as we were entering into the BBID registration app on the phone, but THIS TIME the website gives me an error message saying that the Screen Name was already taken. Ahh HAA! So the app was returning the wrong error message, and of course it was related to the screen name Miss CrackBerry didn't even want to get in the first place.  We completed the registration on the web choosing a unique Screen Name, and from there went back to the phone and she logged in with her newly made BlackBerry ID.  

Frustrating Story #2: One of our good friends, a mega BlackBerry addict, just came home from a trip to Italy and wanted the BlackBerry Bold 9900 immediately. And I mean immediately. Her flight came in late at night, so she bugged me to buy a 9900 off contract from Rogers during the day so she wouldn't have to wait for the store to open the next day to get it and she'd come over as soon as she unpacked and pay me for the phone and we'd get all her stuff transfered over from her Torch 9800 to her new 9900.

She didn't have a BlackBerry ID. Being wiser this time, I told her to go MAKE SURE she picked a really unique Screen Name as she went through the registration screen on her 9900. She double checked her password, and everything looked all good. She submits the info. The registration page refreshes. There's no error message here, but it just refreshes back onto the same registration screen, with the password fields now blank and needing to be filled in again (the rest of her signup info still showing filled in on the fields). She submits her info again, and again it just refreshes to the same registration page.

BBID Signup on the Web
Crappy captcha and no hint that the Username should be an email address... awesome!

I grab my laptop, and head back to the BlackBerrry ID registration page to complete the process on the web again. This time I notice that the website registration page doesn't even give you a hint that the Username field should contain your email address. Of course we knew that was the case thanks to the hint in the app, but a first time visitor really wouldn't have a clue here. We fill in all the information exactly as it was in the app, but this time we get an error message saying we filled in the captcha wrong. I'm sorry, but I'm a wizard at reading captchas, and I know I got it right. I try again. Same thing - invalid captcha. And again, I **KNOW** I typed it in right. On the fifth try, apparently I get the captcha right (which I know I got right the four times before), but this time we get the message that the Screen Name already exists.  WTF?! The Screen Name she was using was pretty unique.

A couple minutes later, it hits me that with a Screen Name that unique, maybe somehow we had already successfully created the BlackBerry ID account considering we're now getting a message indicating it's taken. We pick up the Bold 9900 again, and back out of the Registration part of the BlackBerry ID app (the page that just kept refreshing everytime we tried to register) to go to the first screen of the BBID app where you can login with your existing BBID. She puts in the username and password she was first trying to create when on the device, and sure enough, she logs in OK! WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON HERE?!  Turns out that she created her BlackBerry ID successfully the first try, but instead of the app saying something like BlackBerry ID Successfully Created and taking you back to first screen to login, it just did nothing and refreshed the same registration page with the registration info still filled in. So here we area continually trying to register the BBID, when it happened to work and the app just didn't tell us. Seriously, it's less a BBID and more a S - T - U - P - I D!

CONCLUSION:  Seriously, I can't make stories like this up. And the fact that twice in a row I experienced these kinds of issues has me thinking I can't be alone here. The process was SOOO frustrating for these new BlackBerry Bold 9900 owners, and frankly, I was embarassed.  I can only imagine how frustrating a new owner would feel when they run into these kinds of issues and can't even get through the setup process on a new phone. I'm guessing everybody at RIM already has had a BlackBerry ID forever, so the Registration process gets little attention. But man oh man, what a mistake. 

FIX THIS NOW RIM. Registration needs to be PAINLESS.  You need all the HAPPY BlackBerry Owners you can get. You shouldn't be turning them off before they even get a chance to use their new phone. If you've ever experienced issues with trying to setup a BlackBerry ID, be sure to vent in the comments.

/ End Rant

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Dear RIM: Please Fix the BlackBerry ID Registration Process (both on BlackBerry 7 Smartphones and the Web). It's horrible!


Hey this is not RIM's fault I believe, at least for me it was because AT&T had screwed up on my data plans which meant sometimes when I was on a wifi it was not really sending the data to RIM so it kept saying invalid ID once they set it up so I was actually on the web when I was on wifi it worked like a charm.

Again I don NOT this this has to do with RIM. Could be wrong but just saying that was the case for me.

The screen name/user name implementation is retarded. There, I said it. Username (as in EVERYWHERE) should be what you use to login and leave comments (which is the current screen name). Email should just be email.

What happens if my username is my yahoo account and Yahoo! closes for good?

Quite stupid RIM...

I disagree. I think all usernames should be email addresses (that you can change) and that is what you use to log in. Screen name should be separate (call it "display name" if it makes you feel better).

Nope. It has to do with security. There are some big wigs that use these devices. And you don't want anyone hacking into one of their accounts.

Dear RIM

When I was signing up for an ID to review the BlackBerry Torch 9850, I ran into similar troubles on the BlackBerry website. What should have taken 30 seconds ended up taking 10 minutes as I ran into trouble with determining where to type the email address and fighting a Captcha with an identity crisis. Considering that you *must* have a BlackBerry ID to use one of RIM's latest and greatest, it's extremely off-putting that a person's new BlackBerry experience begins with this kerfuffle.

I experienced the same problem when upgrading someone to a 9900. Worse first impression ever.

They knew they were typing it right then handed it to me. I knew I was typing it right as well. We ended up creating 4 accounts...

Maybe that's the solution to force RIM to remove this.... We should all go and create useless dummy accounts to clog their db. When they complain, we just let them know it was a pain to create accounts due to issues.

That would be entirely useless. It would take multiple trillions of accounts to "clog their db". Probably more than that.

HA! I thought maybe the same thing, hence why I noted in the post the OS version and that it was Rogers... hopefully the app gets fixed asap.  Though the website registration process is still half assed as well.

I actually found one more problem with BlackBerry ID

If you swap out the SIM, you are required to login BB ID again. Now say you unlocked your phone and plug in a SIM that does not have data plan.

Apparently when you try to login, even with correct ID and password, it's say your password is wrong (and I triple check). You can either Login, or Logout but if you click Logout, it'd give you a screen saying "we will wipe all your data etc". I found this out once I got back home and got near a WiFi, that's when it authenticate me (but keep in mind, before you login, you can't even see WiFI or connect to one).

The problem was.. it was not connected and couldn't verify. However, they gave me the password error screen and counts it towards 1 password try out of 10 before device wipe.

Not a huge problem but this also means... before you SIM swap, make sure you're connected to a WiFI else... you won't be able to use ur other SIM.

I already had one, but my girlfriend didn't mention any problems creating hers from the 9900 app as a first time BlackBerry user. I'll double-check and if she had any problems I'll come back and edit.

The thing is that this whole BlackBerry ID process is a relatively new concept for RIM. Meaning, they had an opportunity to design the process from scratch and not have to work around an existing legacy process that's been around for a decade (like their OS). But nope, they failed again. The entire management of the company simply doesn't get it. They're DOOMED if they can't get something as simple as this nailed the first time. I've heard the same issues with developers trying to download tools or submit their apps for approval.

Oh well. I have a new 9900, and it's great, but I can't help but think the company STILL DOESN'T SEE THE LIGHT.... Sad.

That's not true though, it's working with the legacy of devices being tied to the unique identifier system with the PIN. Don't get all silly capitalizing letters.

With you on this one Kevin, I've had a few experiences like this with people on their first BlackBerry device. Embarrassing definitely is the right word.

I've experienced the same issue. Personally it's only really a minor inconvenience, however I can understand how it may sour the first impression for a new user. My GF is picking up the new Bold some time next week, so we'll make sure to keep this in mind

A buddy of mine, who I finally coaxed into switching from iPhone to BlackBerry (primarily to get in on our friends' BBM group chats....PingChat gave us way too many problems) had this EXACT same problem when we were going through the setup process on his 9900. Granted, it didn't take 45 minutes but it definitely wasn't painless and needs to be addressed!





Yes it's the keyboard issue, THANKS!!! for trying to fix it.


(also happens on safari)

Yep. I BBid really is a bummer. I had to have to do a lot of things coz there's a bug when you do the device switch. This would be a real turnoff to a first time BB user or to those non techies.

I used to switch handsets without any nervousness...I got the 9930 and wanted to be on this phone IMMEDIATELY and then hit with this...omg...what do I do WHAT DO I DO about to cry...and what do I need this for? I feel like I have a million poasswords and screen names already!

My grandpa, my wife, my sister, a friend, and myself will be picking up Torch 2 and Bold Touch devices at the end of the month. My sister is on a verge of defecting to get an iPhone. I'm trying hard to persuade her that the new BlackBerry devices are awesome so RIM please fix this problem a.s.a.p. Non-crackberry users don't have the patience as we do. First impression is very important.

*shrug* let your sister have her iphone. If she likes it, then she likes it. If not, then she can go back for a blackberry.

A friend purchased a 9900 off contract from Rogers and could not log-in to app world. He got an error that said "there are too many pins associated with this account".

He's submitted this issue to RIM support but has yet to even get an acknowledgement email.

Terrible customer support.

Try Twitter. @BlackBerryHelp usually replies withing 24 hours. Make sure you're following them so they can use Direct Messages (else, they will ask you to follow them and you'll wait another 24 hours).

Hmm I already have a BB ID on my Curve 8900 (OS 5.0). I've never had any problems with it. However, RIM should definitely improve this process for the OS 7.

It's surely frustrating when a website doesn't work the way it should huh Kevin? When are you going to add a comments anchor to the href of your comment navigation links?

Hmm... not even sure what you're talking about here. Isn't there one already? If I click the the Comments link at the top of a post it takes me down to the comments section. What are you talking about? Probably easy to add into the template.

The main link to comments on an article, or from the home page works fine (#comments at the end of the url). The problem is when there are so many comments that you see the links to navigate the multiple comment pages like on your recent win-bb article (<< first, < prev, 1,2,3, next >, last >>). The link to go to page 2 for example will have ...article-url?page=1 when it should end in ?page=1#comments.

It should be a REALLY easy fix. The div it's in has class="pager" the span is class="pager-list" right above the Post New Comment header (an h2)

Since we're on this... is it possible to see a list of what comments you've left? I can't seem to find it if it's there somewhere. I can't see it in my profile anywhere.

Not sure this is totally true. They may have fixed this, but early on I was unable to use the same BBID on two playbooks. Contacted RIM and they said you can't do it. I said oh I thought the whole point of the BBID was to have it for multiple devices (clearly at that point I was more informed than the RIM person).

Anyway I always planned to give the PB to my gf so I just created one for her. SHe doesn't like to deal with stuff like BBID. She does love the PB BTW.

I think it's fixed. After swapping my first PB out because I cracked the screen, I used the same BBID to sign up. Same with my 3rd PB (2nd PB had a non clicky volume key). And this is the same BBID i use on my 9800 too :)

It took me about 2 minutes too... on Telus. Not sure why it was such an issue for you, or why I didn't get confused with the email for a username. If I recall, it told me that I needed an email address when I tried the first time.

If you read the full post i say why it was an issue.  Impromper error messages not actually saying what the issue was, and then not proper refreshing of the app when actually successfully registering.

also, the APP on the phone does say that username = email address. it's on the full website version that it does not

I had to return my Sprint 9850 TWICE today! The store must have had a bad batch, had to get the final one from a different store, but that one is now fine. There were sudden "black screen" lock-ups on the others that required battery pulls. HOWEVER, my BB ID transferred in seconds. So it's like I'm lucky yet unlucky. Still happy, though...

I love this article. This type of crap happens all the time with BBID. My story goes back further but is even longer running and more frustrating.

I was always able to download free apps from App World with no ID at all. Upon an OS update I opened App World to discover the amazingly streamlined and user friendly (sarcasm) BBID screen. I go through the process and it works. I never get an error message and everything is seemingly good.


At this point my phone gives me a little red star in the top corner stating that 14 (all) of my apps need to be updated. I attempt to update which takes me to the super awesome and not at all frustrating (again sarcasm) sign in screen. I do it. It logs me in. It auto exits to the download screen and the app starts downloading. A few seconds in I get the following message "This app is not available for download from BB App World". I'm thinking, then why the hell do I even have app world and what apps are?

I attempt this for several other apps going through the same loggin and getting the same message. I Googled the issue for hours with many other people reporting a similar problem with varying or non working solutions. I was in the camp of people for which no solution worked.

I called my service prodiver (Rogers) with the issue who says "We don't deal with applications. You'll have to call RIM directly". I ask for the number and she says "I don't have it."

Thanks. That's helpful.

I basically gave up at this point. Rogers couldn't help me, RIM doesn't allow people to contact them and forums lacked answers.

I continued like this for months. All of my apps disabled and unable to obtain new ones. A few months down the road I call Rogers to upgrade my data plan and rep finishes with the standard "Is there anything else I can do for you today". I reply "Not unless Rogers is allowed to finally help customers with app world." to which he replies "We've always been able to help with app world. Who ever told you that was wrong or lying." Wow. Impressed (straight face). This person instructs me to do a complete wipe and install of the OS. I do it. Extremely long story short I lost most of my media for a solution that also didn't work.

It is at this point where I'm 99% of the way to putting my Bold 9000 in the blender and switching to Telus to get an iPhone. Like, I realize developers don't like making apps for RIM and the ones we have are laughable, but now I can't even check the crude weather and sports apps I do have?

One day I was on the net and Googled it again while bored and found someone with a similar issue that said they changed their BBID password to incorporate a capital and a number. I figured it sounded ridicoulous but gave it a shot and WHHAALAAA. It worked. I was back in business - 5 months and dozens of hours of work and frustration later.

Now, wouldn't a simplified BBID process be worth looking into RIM? Because this issue goes beyond a few wasted minutes and some eye rolling. I can safely say this issue has at some point caused a Blackberry lover and advocate to switch to the dark side. I'd love to hear a response from RIM on why a minor, pointless piece of software a high school drop out could write in their sleep has to be so damn difficult and off-putting for the end user.

How about if you've lost your password? I've tried repeated to access the password recovery routine in App World only to be told that it won't connect. My wife set her password way back when with an email password which we've since changed a dozen times, no way can we remember it. How do I get past this roadblock to set her a new one? On a 9530 by the way, so it will be an issue when and if the 9850 arrives at VZW.

Lol I read this article and started laughing.

"Why is BlackBerry forcing me to do that? I should be able to opt out. I don't want to leave any reviews." I tell her to get over it, and she continues with the process.

your such a romantic kevin.

Our admin is really feeling the pain on this one. She manages all the Blackberry accounts for our business unit (so rougly 350 BB's). She was so frustrated this morning trying to activate a Vzw 9900 (just so happens to be for our VP of IT operations) on the BES and there was no Enterprise Acvtiation icon that she is so used to seeing.
I told her to drop by and i would look at and that is when i realised we had to sign in with the VP's BBID. Once we signed in with the username and password the Enterprise Activation option magically appeared. The catch on this is she has always switched and activated phones for the people she supports.

I would agree it should be a little more clear on what each field is requiring of you to type. After a few try's i was able to get it to work.

Reading over your frustration 1 and 2, isn't this just painfully obvious and linked to about 90% of the problems at RIM....

RIM is loaded with talented U of Waterloo grads but is painfully lacking in talented B-School grads. RIM needs to up their managerial talent drastically and these mistake would be avoided.

Honestly it doesn't sound nie, but I can see some fat pizza eating techno nerd saying "if you don't know the username should be an email you shouldn't live on this planet."

Similar too who care if our phones are slower we can get 2 days of battery life!!

Should all this be done before or after I transfer all my stuff from my old phone to my new one? I have a BBID already. but should I transfer my BBM contacts to the new one before I activate the phone on my network or open BBM for the first time, or how should I handle this then?

This sounds like ala Apple iTunes account feature RIM think would be nice to use/enforce going forward in BB7. Retarded.

Kevin, I am having similar issues with Blackberry Management Center.

I thought I was going mad last night, sheesh. It was similar to your second scenario.

I wonder if these guys test these things before launching though.

If you are not using IE then I would suggest trying that. I tried the BB Management process on the 15th and probably created 2 Admin ID's but the website wouldn't let me log in. I started from scratch today using IE and I didn't even receive creation errors.

Kevin why are you going @ us and telling how bad the experience is. As you can see we all agree. Why don't you complain to RIM directly. Tell them I'll shut down the site if you don't fix it.

I had an almost identical issue when registering for BlackBerry Beta Zone. Kept telling me the email is already in use, when it was not. Got so bad that I ended up having to select an email address I almost never touch as my user ID. So now all my Beta Zone key codes go to an email I do not have associated to my BB. Not a big deal but there is something not right with the RIM user ID process.

I experienced the samething with people from my company. Now when people ask me for help I just create their ID for them and send them the logon details.

i did the same thing then i found out the problem was my password... i put in 7 characters but it actually required 8-12... dumb developers...

I really don't like the fact that it makes you have a BBID to use the device. Sure, it's all fine and dandy for personal devices. Not for companies. I have to set up everyones phones. I don't know everyone's BBID or if the even have one. Sure, I can make new ones for everyone. Then what do I do if they say they already have one and demand to use that? If it's anything like the PlayBook, I would have to wipe the phone and start over. It's just a hassle. There should be an admin mode or something so we can set the things up, then give it to the user and they can do the BBID stuff themselves.

Kevin, is the registration process different on the PlayBook? You need a BBID for that and I've yet to hear of any issues with BBID. I already had a BBID so I'm curious what the registration process is like.

you KNOW it's bad if Kev is on a rant about it. RIM should never ever let anything be so bad that Kev has to rage about it....

RIM why you make me sad?

This BBID IS frustrating and I can see where Kevin is coming from with this one, because I experienced the same thing when I first created by BBID when I got my 9780. I have 2 profiles on AppWorld now because the first one got messed up somehow but won't let me login anymore, even though the password/username is correct.

Here's something else though:
- On the new OS 7 devices, there's no way to LOGOFF or SIGN OUT from this BBID/AppWorld. It took a while but then realized that the AppWorld/BBID feature is "always on" since the time you put your SIM into the phone.

Why is there no option to log out (sign out)?? What if, after I successfully create my BBID, I wish to turn the feature off? No way to do it!!

Other members in the forum got stuck with this BBID sign-in, got something wrong, pressed cancel, and lo' and behold, the phone gets wiped.

OK, I understand security, etc.. but WTF?

RIM has great products but it needs to think in terms of layman in its product interface design if it wants to penetrate the consumer - makes things easy for people who are not IT or smartphone reminded me my friends got so much hard time setting up the Playbook because he didn't realize he needed internet connection to go pass the set up screen..and he needed to swipe that thing (can't the set up just say swipe left to continue instead of a animmation with a ball that moves..I knew of people who were confused what to do seeing that animation..if it could just say swipe left, problem solved)

My husband switched over from iphone to Bold 9930 this week and he had some trouble with the sign-up process too he also got a pkaybook and had some failed bridge attempts...I'm a blackberry die hard and i was embarrassed this was his first impression of Blackberry.

This is an outstanding article, and one of the most important to be written in a while. Let me add another, somewhat unrelated observation: I have informally asked approximately 100 people I know who switched from BlackBerry to iPhone (and a small number to Android) as for the reason they did it. Approximately 35% of them said that the reason they did it was that the trackball failed, and that they were more than 1 year into a 2 year contract, so there was no warranty replacement, but rather they were faced with spending almost $500 for a new device. At that point, they just said "This is sick. I don't want to hear the word BlackBerry again. They screwed me. I'm getting an iPhone today." This wasn't a problem on the old 8300 Curve and 8800 models, but it became a total problem on the 8900 and 9630 models (perhaps also the 9000?) where the trackballs were no longer user-replaceable. This is how BlackBerry lost 35% to iPhone, folks. A simple warranty issue of not honoring a product for the 2-year life of a contract, but just for the 1st year. RIM would have a $10 billion higher market cap if they had just spent $10 million on fixing this issue with the kind of grace we expect when we go have something fixed in the Apple store's Genius Bar.

THIS (just kidding) Article hits the nail on the head. When the 9700 first came out I was sooo excited to buy another amazing BB. When I tried to load apps and such I had nothing but headaches. With no customer service, and no where to go, I sold the phone (at a really horrible discount) to a friend, and switched to iPhone. I always hated it, But RIM has to improve its track record for customer service, or all the awesome devices in the world won't fix the problem.

pearl, 9700, iphone, 9900 (in the mail)

I just dealt with this yesterday! Absolutely infuriating! Was visiting my technology-challenged parents in Seattle and trying to download the Zillow app to my Mom's (realtor) Tour 9630. She has never downloaded an app on the thing so had to create a BBID. On-screen process completely did not work (random errors about not being able to complete) so I headed to the web. The stupid thing made me re-enter the information about 6 times before it took and the first login screen on the phone was confusing (you have to click "menu" and then choose "save"? Why not just a "Finish" or "Submit"? Totally lame and frustrating experience my Mom would have never figured out on her own.

I agree. I help people set up their blackberry all the time and i have seen these issues myself. I was setting up a demo phone in my store and the unique code issue happened to me. They need to fire whoever designed this and get it fixed asap. This causes much more frustration for sales reps than needed, when it should be quite simple.

Really strange Kevin, I had no issues at all, I was prompted with my blackberry ID sign up at first boot and no issues ever since. Also I did have to do one exchange for a new 9900 due to a faulty unit not charging and going dead. I picked up my new 9900 and the BB ID popped up again at first boot, recognized I had a new device associated with the ID and seamlessly changed it over for me. I'm with BELL in Vancouver. I thought it worked just that it didn't for others.

Yup, had a similar challenge setting up a customers new 9900 in my store in Scotland. Eventually had to log into a blackberry official store set up site to set up a bbid!!!!!. Not a good customer experience

Its really necessary that RIM try to fix this problem, the last week i tried to register like 5 firends or more, and anyone could do it from the bb, i have to register them by the blackberry page, and it take a little bit longer.

OS7 Blackbery Protect - Cause of SIM & Blackberry ID problems

Blackberry protect, part of OS7 is basically malware that, while attempting to mimic the services of Where's my Phone, actually locks the user out of many functions.

Examples of Malware Actions of Blackberry Protect

1. Cannot access WiFi from the OS7 handset without a SIM inserted and the handset connected to a wireless provider 2G (Edge), 3G or 4G data network.

2. Inability to access or setup key areas of the phone without cleaning the Blackberry Protect "security check", that will not work through WiFi and MUST have a network data signal.

3. The well reported and customer hostile action of wiping the handset, when the SIM is replaced.

The solution to these problems is the eradication of Blackberry protect from the OS7 handset. This may be accomplished in several ways:

1. Deleting the files directly from the handset

a. Connect the handset to a PC and fire up BBSAK version 1.8.5 (or newer) or Blackberry Master Control program

b. Delete ALL the following cod files from the handset. The files need to be removed one at a time, as the handset will reboot several times during this process.


2. Wiping the handset and reloading the OS

a. Make a complete backup of your data!!!

b. Download the version of OS7 that you want to load (the delete the vendor.xml file as described well elsewhere.)

c. Go into the Program Files > Common Files > Research in Motion > Shared > OS you've downloaded and installed on the PC name > net_rim_bb_dryad.alx

DELETE THE FILE net_rim_bb_dryad.alx

d. If you are paranoid and want to be totally sure that Blackberry Protect is GONE, to to the Java folder

Program Files > Common Files > Research in Motion > Shared > OS you've downloaded and installed on the PC name > Java

and also delete ALL of the following files


e. Brick the phone and reload the new OS using Crack Mem v 3.4 (or newer)


ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I recently had an update go through on my company required blackberry bold 9900 and afterwards I'm prompted to login to my blackberry ID. Easy right? No. It would not accept my password OR my recovery answer. Which are both ridiculously simple AND written down in my planner... Sure enough there's no email to my address associated with the account because it says my recovery answer is wrong (lies). After being locked out for a week, no success with reboots, called RIM and carrier and only suggestion going forward is to create a new ID. In order to do this, I need to create a new email accont and then re-add all apps/bbm contacts etc. What a total and complete waste of time- whyTF is there no recovery email?!!?!?!?!?!!!! I used to be pro BB for business use etc, yay Canadian company etc. But I have lost any love I used to have and it is now replaced with frustration and distain. Hopefully the company will either start making functional applications or close shop. If I didn't HAVE to use one for work - I would be completely disconnected from BB and will urge others. Stupid customer support = failure.
Sincerely exasperated,

My issue is with the signup process too. It constantly comes back with Username already taken. I even tried isThisUsernameTakenToo it was. I thought maybe another person got frustrated as myself and did the same so I tired isThisUsernameTakenTooYupGr and it came back with the same error. WTF! What makes it even more frustrating (I'm using nice words btw) is that I have to reenter the the password fields again, the answer to the secret question, and captcha. No wonder bberry is circling the drain.