Dear CrackBerry: Should I Buy a BlackBerry Storm Now or Wait For Storm Two?

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Sep 2009 12:16 pm EDT

It's a tricky question to answer. Get a BlackBerry Storm 9530 today, or wait a little longer and get a Storm 9550? Temptation is a difficult thing. All I can say is watch the video below...

and hopefully you'll figure out what's best for you! :-)

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Dear CrackBerry: Should I Buy a BlackBerry Storm Now or Wait For Storm Two?


If those kids had decided to buy the current storm model, they would have had something to take their mind off marshmallow #1 while waiting for marshmallow #2.

The moral of the story: buy a gadget today and you can have twice as many marshmallows!

The girl that doesn't even wait for the woman to leave the room before she chows down is the funniest.

I bought a used Storm 9530 on eBay and have been happily using it ever since. In the meantime, my New-Every-Two is sitting unused patiently waiting for Big Red to release the Storm 9550. I'll be the first in line!

Hahahahahaha...that was great Kevin, thanks for the laugh! I'll be waiting for the Storm II thou, hopefully I won't have to wait that long

Pre-ordered Storm2 and Bold2 today. Hanging on to my 8100 that is almost dying on me every day.
Thank you RIM for bringing back the child in all of us ;-)

is, if my Storm was a marshmellow, then this might work. Since the only thing you can't do is eat the Storm, well, I will wait for #2.

Kevin that was a great video. Pefect in this situation.

I am definitely waiting for the S2. Already have an S1 :P

Please do NOT put both your old storm and you new storm in your mouth when you buy it. Crackberry does not condone or agree with the acts of children portrayed here and will not cover any medical bills.

I wanted the marshmallow now... so got the Storm 1, had it for a week. had issues so returned it back and cancelled my renewal so waiting for S2 with the new every 2 year option.

only if the storm2 was comming out 3 months ago i would had waited but now it been 3 months i had my current storm and i finally gota say i starting to like it after all the patchs and fix it finally starting to run better

Don't buy either of them...Instead get a Bold 9000/9700 on AT&T and I'll even be nice enough to pay your first month's bill:)

This totally made my day!! Awesome video!! Loved it. Patience is the key to almost every situation when in this predicament. :D

Wait till the rumored release month of October, so considering it could release Oct 31st, thats about 45ish days of waiting, so I say wait.

Is CB trying to tell me that there might be a announcement right around the corner?

Or was it posted simply because its a funny video?

Why wait, get the superior iphone now. Blackberry is outdated already. everyone is push mailing with other phones now. blackberry doesn't matter anymore. Its now in the League of a palm treo

I have a storm on leaked software and bbm 5.0 and i have 3 eligible

Video is "Laugh Out Loud" funny

This primitive experiment testing children's ability to be patient and defer immediate gratification in the face of a candy reward has been conducted AD NAUSEUM! Had these researches read the literature, they would have intelligently aborted this experiment.

By the way, the little girl who began eating the marshmellow before the adult left the room may not have had the cognitive capacity to understand the adult's instructions. FAIL.

Again, a waste of time and resources. The results of this experiment are not reasonably applicable to adults, who have far greater cognitive capacity to appreciate rewards in light of all the intervening variables (e.g. the expense of obtaining the reward, the nature of the reward (cell phone v. food item), long-term expenses associated with using the reward, etc.)

The red head girl at the end had me dying LMFAO too funny....she aint even wait for the lady to stop talkin or leave the room...she was not listening...she just wanted to grub

clever and a good touch of humor to the site... as simple the test may have been i think most of us were sort of on the edge of our seats. hehe.

but truth is, when given marshmallow #1, kids could eat it and return it back within 30 days no?

Pffft....crafty Crackberry! I knew they were in cahoots with "Big Marshmallow." Screw the Storm 1, Storm 2, OR Onyx...

....I want a bag of Jet-Puffed Marshmallows by Kraft. :p Y'all will thank me for eating your marshmallows'll keep you from gumming up the keys or touch screen!

Pretty funny Clip... and a great comparison to what potential STORM owners might go through... if they need a STORM right now... but take it from someone who already has a STORM.... wait!!

if you bought a bb storm now you'd be a absolute retard and if u waited and got the storm 2 you'd still be a retard cause its the worst smartphone ever

and don't like marshmellows, but if there was a test like that to not eat the marshmellow and get a free phone, I'd rack up several of them without a sweat!

Now if that was something I like, I might be tempted. Oh and I wouldn't touch the storm either if I meant I could have several more. ;)

I would wait until RIM can pull its head of its butt and give us a real iPhone killer, not some low on memory POS like the current Storm. Very aggravating that I can only load 5 software programs before it hiccups and crys uncle over its pitiful RAM specifications. Every day I want to beat myself over buying this piece of garbage from RIM. I am still fuming over the Verizon debacle (There's nothing wrong with the Storm!). So by the time the Storm II ever, that is if it ever arrives, the iPhone will be replacing Netbooks and RIM will be on some bizarre path building us another piece of junk slow as a slug wonder. Last I heard RIM was working on a scratch and sniff screen.

u see the look at the kid who got two marshmellows!! u can imagine the feeling!! i want to have that feeling.. so better wait up than sorry!!! cute video by the way!! lmao!!

I just purchased the Storm, I was using a curve. I couldnt be happier!! The web experience is awesome, the phone is great!! What I am trying to say is.....I ate the marshmellow =]

That was one of the best CB posts I've seen.. but I'm a sucker for kid stuff.

I have the Storm 9530 and love it, but I can REALLY see waiting for the 9550. Though if it's about cost, great time to get 'em cheap.

Great way of using the video for our temptation for the storm2. I unfortunately failed at it and had to get the storm. Great thing about is I am more familiar with it now then waiting to see what all the hoopla was about

I don't own a storm, but associates that do love it.
They don't customize it. use it straight out of the box without issue.
That being said....

Any storm 1 users want to make a smore and post a video?
I mean come on, melt that sucker if you are ditching it for the storm 2. get some crackers and some chocolate and make a storm smore!

i say buy it now,storm1...its only cheap..
then you can buy storm2 .....
when you get storm 2 have storm1 unlocked and then sell for a profit