Dear CrackBerry: Is it a mistake to buy a new BlackBerry now?

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Sep 2013 09:30 am EDT

Good question, right? Given all the uncertainty around BlackBerry "the company" these days, including the fact there is now an offer on the table to take BlackBerry private, you can't help but wonder if it still makes sense to run out and buy a new BlackBerry even if you want one. 

I received the email below from Nwadike who lives in Jamaica seeking advice on whether he should buy a new BlackBerry. I think his questions and thoughts are representative of many potential BlackBerry owners out there:

Hi Kevin, I'm hoping that you can give me some advice.

I'm getting a new phone and want to get a Blackberry because I currently own a Bold 9700. I was thinking about getting a Bold 9900 because it falls within my price range. However, with all the turmoil I'm hearing about the Blackberry company, do you think it's wise for me to invest in a phone that people are saying is a dying breed?

I don't care much for apps and use my phone strictly for communication and connectivity purposes. The only apps I'll be using daily will most likely just be facebook, twitter, any other app that deals with security or navigational purposes, bbm and the browser for when I'm in the quick need for information. I'm also not a huge fan of touch screens as the primary tool for typing.

With that said my only fear is this; if I buy a Blackberry now in this "troubled" market for the company, will my phone stop being supported? That is, would apps and other services currently utilized by the smart phone stop functioning in about a year's time?

Additional information is that I'm currently in the country of Jamaica and will be here for a year. Their service plans are different from those of other international carriers from what I read.

I love blackberry, I want a blackberry. Please let me know if buying a blackberry now is not a mistake. Thanks

To be honest, I wasn't immediately certain what the clear cut answer was here - given last week's news of layoffs and refocusing on the prosumer, it's hard right now to know what BlackBerry will look like down the road. So I forwarded Nwadike's email onto a friend from BlackBerry to get their take on it to see how it compared to mine.

Here's the message for Nwadike based on his email:

Your questions are reasonable given the media coverage swirling around BlackBerry recently, but it’s important to take a step back to understand what we really know.

We know that BlackBerry is exploring “strategic alternatives” and that the stated purpose of this process is to maximize the value of BlackBerry technology. BlackBerry has clearly stated it is seeking to scale BlackBerry 10, to continue to drive innovation in the platform and to deliver products and services that meet customer needs.

The more recent news about layoffs needs to be put into context also, which means remembering that CEO Thorsten Heins has repeatedly discussed the three-phased transformation of BlackBerry and the need to make difficult decisions about streamlining the company as part of that transformation.

He stated last week that such changes are designed to give BlackBerry more focus on delivering mobile computing technology to enterprise and “prosumer” customers – those who value technology purpose-built for enhancing productivity – and which based on the way you described yourself would include you.

There’s no way to predict, of course, where this will end up, but if you cut through the media swirl and examine what BlackBerry has publicly stated about its objectives, that ought to give you more confidence.

This response echos my sentiment as well. Since Nwadike is looking at BlackBerry 7 device specifically, it's less about OS improvements and more about service reliability - and I believe BlackBerry will definitely keep their cloud services (BIS/BES/etc) up and running for the long haul. And on the carrier support side of things, in terms of supporting BIS plans, I think BlackBerry's enterprise presence ensures this will continue for years to come as well - even as legacy support.

Given Nwadike's needs and price focus, going for the Bold 9900 is still a great choice in my opinion - not a mistake for him at all. The only other option I'd throw in is to potentially be on the lookout for low-cost Z10s. Given that BlackBerry did a writedown on them recently, you could see the Z10 become a very affordable option, and even though Nwadike prefers physical keyboards, typing on the Z10 is pretty dang amazing. Plus this would get you onto the BlackBerry 10 over BB7, which future proofs the device since no special BIS plan is required. Something to think about!

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Dear CrackBerry: Is it a mistake to buy a new BlackBerry now?




Apple is already patenting a swipe type experience. Android is improving security. Samsung will copy the innovative camera. I've made the comment before that BBRY competitors will copy BBRY innovations faster than BBRY can execute. It's over.

Had a couple responses from my z10 Kijiji ad. Time to give Android another shot... would be embarrassed to spend any more of my money on BBRY world after this latest predictable fiasco.

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Yup. Story is on TechCrunch.

It's not difficult for RIM's competitors to borrow their R&D funded innovations when they announce early and fail to execute.

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I won't. Like hundred of millions of other smartphone users.

Enjoy your S4BB apps and whatever else is 'coming soon' from RIM hehe.

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Hate to break it to you but the door is a revolving door to accommodate all the people leaving in droves. Sad but true :(

I purchased my Z10 in APRIL for almost 650 + tax. It is now available at at 450 new unlocked. at a local TMO store that does not even carry it. Walmart doesn't carry it, best buy here does not carry it. att stores don't even have them on display, order only.

I don't think there is a door left to hit anyone, that door was probably sold off for parts long time ago.

BB is like a wounded dog, it can't even execute an "app" release that has been scheduled as coming soon for 5 months. And when they did, they didn't even bother to update the iOS app theme to reflect ios7?

Are you still taking them seriously? Not sure about you, my fan boy attitude left a long time ago when it hit my wallet.

Yup seems Q10 enjoys good health at the reselling time, opposite to the Z10 its almost impossible to get rid of, even at half its original price (650 bucks on February) damn it.
Looks like people "smells" the trick...

Agreed. My fanboy spirit left around May when I really thought to myself, "Why is BBRY worth being a fan of...?" I couldn't answer that question and I'm finding it even more difficult as this year passes by.

The interest you have gotten from kijjiji should show you people are very interested in BlackBerry (if you are a true BlackBerry Z10 user)

I posted my Q10 on craigslist for $550 and in in the past 12 hours I have 5 interested parties @$400.

Only reason I'm selling the Q10 is cause I have a Z10 as well and I need some cash freed up to buy the Z30.

I still feel that BlackBerry makes superior product to ANYTHING on the market except the Moto X. Everything else is gimmicks and toys.

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


Forget craigslist, I listed a spare Q10 I won in the keys to the city thing on amazon for $510 and it sold the next day...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I'll take my chances. There is a $billion dollars of unsold z10 inventory headed to a fire sale near you.

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true ...exactly how i feel , i dont care about the media , i have used an s4 and an iphone 5 , come on , its just the apps they need to fix , but everything else on blackberry 10 is better, why cant people see this !

You think we're the only relationships they've screwed up?. The last month has demonstrated how this company likely engages it's other stakeholders: app developers; US carriers; media etc. It's not a conspiracy that these groups do not support RIM... they've done dirty before, it's obviously part of their business practices and has hobbled how well they can execute. And it is turning more people off each and every day.

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lol, Android Security lol, nice one...
Both Apple and Samsung have infringed on BBRY patents. The length is far beyond the length of your arms combined. And I am sure BBRY is building a case to go after them.

I'm sure RIMs lawyers are going to be a little busy with the whole 'fire sale to an ex-BOD member' to chase down any patents.

Besides... the RIM patent library will be the second thing sold by Fairfax.

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My next BlackBerry will be an Ultraphone - much faster than the Z30 and Samsung GS4. A full quad phone!
In the meanwhile, my Z will be fine :)

Quad-Core is overkill at the moment, BB10 is efficient enough to not require it. Android on the other hands is badly designed and requires such horsepower just to operate properly.

But My friend, people who really by phone they go by configuration, they dont understand whether their dual core is capable of handling OS or not.. 90 % of people are not technical or not understand techie things. eg nokia has launched 20 MP camera and Sony has announed 41 MP camera with their Phone, you tell me is it really necessary to have those MP on your phone, I think it is hardly matters but people are being crazy about those numbers. it is mandatory for BB come up with similiar things or need to wind up the business, because their fan base is not going to help them in long run for sure...

If anything, now is the time to buy BlackBerry products! They need our help! A firm isn't going to do well if they aren't selling anything and if we aren't buying anything!

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Better strategy then investing in them unfortunately, at least you will have a device. I has the nothing except of a loss of a few thous :'(

^ This. Also, hopefully Fairfax will give BBRY a better outlook on marketing and advertising... cause that's where they need the help.


Fairfax, unlike BBRY will do their job as a finance company:

1. Sell patents
2. Remove cash
3. Sell OS to licensing co
4. Sell (if possible) hardware business
5. Sell nameplates (TAT, QNX Etc)

Should be nicely buttoned up by end of 2014.

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"Fairfax, unlike BBRY will do their job as a finance company"

Not true. At least not if you believe a word Prem Watsa says. He first bought into BBRY at over $50.

He believed in the company as a whole then. I see nothing that would have changed his view.

"Not true. At least not if you believe a word Prem Watsa says. He first bought into BBRY at over $50. He believed in the company as a whole then. I see nothing that would have changed his view."

Maybe that BBRY stock is trading at $8 right now? I'd be livid...and poor.

I still love Blackberry, but I didn't lose a boatload of cash in stock.

Man are you one consistent negative dude! Either that or a paid shrill....... I hope it's the latter!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Chuckle. Definitely not paid.

But hey you apologize for their behaviour a lot and I know we've gone back and forth already regarding your insistence that RIM device users should give the company a break since you consider BB10 a 'new' OS.

We disagree. Whatever.

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From The Globe & Mail today...

“We’re trying to make sure it remains in whole, in Canada,” Mr. Watsa said in an interview Monday after unveiling the proposed deal.

"We own approximately 10% of the company at an average cost of $17 per share and we are excited about its prospects under Thorsten’s leadership and Mike’s technical genius." (This was a few months ago, so maybe he's no longer excited about the prospects but decided to try to take the company private anyways.)

I've heard the RIM message from the BOD, Senior Leaders and road show staff before. It's sad when people have to wonder of this time it's not a lie.

I've been lied to my face by RIM staff that clearly knew the end game that was occurring.

I'm sure this time will be different chuckle.

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That is great advice. Not!!!!! Like how I get burned on the playbook. Not buying anything from this crappy company ever again. Hope it just closes down.

The PlayBook worked and works just as it did at launch only better for the last 2 years. It sucks that it didn't get BB10 but that doesn't change the fact that it still does what it does and even after the no BB10 announcement they pushed out another update that fixed a lot of the issues people had with it. I would rather they do that than push out a buggy half working BB10 build rendering the device next to worthless.

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agreed! currently playbook is the best tablet bcoz combined with a bb10 phone over bridge its the best interconnectivity and ecosystem currently present. what we could do with playbook + bb10 phone we CAN NOT do with ipad+iphone or galaxy tab+galaxy phone.

I second this sentiment. Bridge connectivity and integration with a BB phone leverages the playbook's utility to a superior degree–it's more than just a media consumption device. I've never regretted the $200 spent on my playbook–I'd do it again tomorrow-and have no urge to splurge on an Android/iOS tablet.

I haven't checked Bridge since the Playbook update recently. Does it now do all that it did with my BBOS7 9900, or does it still just allow Internet connectivity through my Q10 and nothing else? I will answer my own question when I get home, rendering this post a waste of everyone's time. Enjoy!

lol once again, like we all did few months back? like most of us did in times of playbook? i love my Z10 and it performs much better then all those quads out there, but its about time that instead of pampering the company they realize that they need to bloody market their phones. If someone doesn't know about these phones how will they buy?

amount of money they wasted in the F1 partnership if they would have just used that money in making ads n displaying billboards etc, things would have been much better. In my city there is not a single board/advertisment about blackberry 10 phones, but still me n some other long time bb users keep spreading news with word of mouth.

All i get i was that blackberry nor its management or its executives are dumb. they know very well what is happening and how to fix it, they just don't wanted o probably bcoz of some benefit from going private, once bbry goes private things will be much better, bcoz fairfax wouldn't want to loose its investment and they will make things run much better way. Blunders after blunders on purpose to crash the share price and make an easy bargain for someone/? i guess they wanted it and that is happening.

Double the marketing budget and give half to application developers. Our app eco-system is lacking to put it lightly.

I am BB fan, Z10 is the my third phone in last 3 4 years, I bought it in India in 15 days of launch for 43500 / - Rs, believe me it is very big amount, you can have new bike in that amount or two dell laptops with better conflagrations. after six month of launch cost has come down to 26000 /- Rs. being fan of BB If i had waited for six month I could have saved 17500 /- Rs. Now in India Z 30 is being sold for 40000 /- you tell me why should i buy Z 30 now, where I know down the line after six months I may get Z 30 at 25000 /- and not to forget, being fan of BB, if i decided to buy Z 30 then I have sell of my z10 now How much i would be getting for Z 10 10000 /- why should i bare loss of 33500 /- for being fan of BB?, it would be foolish if i spend this much money..

BTW, I love my Z 10 like anything...

Holy cow, as soon as someone tries to have some fun around here they get cut down. What has become of CrackBerry?

Calì lewis, Google her but be careful - there are some nawty pics of her showing her other smile

Finally! That makes sense though after all, we've all been prosumers right from the start.

And it's good that they finally reiterated the objective of the strategic alternative board.

My confidence with the company is back thanks to that reply from blackberry.

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Yup. I am a prosumer so as soon as I can i'm getting the Z30. In the meanwhile, my Z10 is still rolling strong.

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Yes....its about time. I am a prosumer....bring on the z30!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Yes no one wants a flop berry. Trading my z10 for an iPhone 5s today. Good bye shitberry

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have fun with your non-conversation starter, dude. I'd much rather be the cool guy sticking up for the underdog.

Nope. Clearly there are many CB Members who feel the latest debacle was RIMs last instance of shitting the bed.

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The rest of my household were once all Palm fans, stuck with them until the bitter HP end, so we've gone down with the ship once already, the second time should be easier...

Same here. I'm not switching unless I can't buy a BlackBerry anymore. Meanwhile, I'm loving my Z.

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I'm curious - did your family drown when Palm's ship went down or did everyone just enjoy the beautifully-designed-and-often-imitated phone for a few years and then replace it like everyone else does with consumer technology?

you once wrote "....but I could not stay away from the z10 and supporting a Canadian Company!

Z10 is AMAZING!!"

you mean a ever-so-slightly upgraded and just a tad larger-screened iPhone 4, right?
It's all good with me; THANKS for finally helping up-tick my (AAPL) shares AND pay me a dividend!!

Also, if it's not too much trouble, would you consider trading said "berry" for a lesson in 'good, social manners?'
I would gladly donate your device to a worthy recipient who CAN use it and WILL also appreciate it.


I think you fail to recognize between the quality of the OS/phones and the quality of management. On the other hand, your name is Judas, so I get the context.

Good riddance, you deserve an iPhone with that attitude. And say hi to all the arrogant 'geniuses' for me when you're begging them to fix your broken screen

Posted via CB10

Okay.....join the lost sheep! Pile of giddy idiots all waiting in line to buy their 6 th device in as many years of the same thing all clapping hands and jumping up and down.....definitely not prosumers......go join them!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Good riddance. By the way, is that your actual picture or did you just do a search for "30 year old virgin" on Google images?

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

I would personally *NOT* recommend anyone going for the legacy devices. Mainly for two reasons:

1) Support is 95% focused on the BB10 devices and it has been so for around two years. This means bugfixes etc. happens at a much slower pace.
2) People are complaining about lack of apps for BB10. The situation for BB 7.1 is much, much worse.
3) Everything about BB10 devices are better: Screen, browser, performance, built quality (99x0 is decent).

The reasons PRO a legacy BB device could be:
a) Still using BIS - very cheap dataplans in come countries.
b) The device is conciderable cheaper than BB10
c) If apps is not an issue BB 7.x could be nice device.

My suggestion:
Kevin thanks OP for this very good question, and sends her a free Z10 ;-)

i find bb7 actually has more apps i want then bb10 but the main apps im after are for bbm pin sharing

but more useful apps like my banking app are also on bb7 yet not on bb10 i know it will come in time but the BBRY Sell out will probably delay developers till they know the platform isnt being sold off

This is one of the reasons I think it was a mistake not to include a legacy device runtime (like Android) in BB10 with a scheduled depreciation point to give app developers a taste of the new OS and time to convert their apps.

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I think cost was a concern.

Until BlackBerry discount the Z10/Q10, the 9900 is a great choice.

I don't suppose Nwadike is planning on using it for the rest of eternity.

Thank you, jpvj, for your analysis. As for #1, since OS7 has been out for quite a while, there are fewer bugs left to fix. I think for #2, though, as Nwadike mentioned, he didn't use many apps and had what he needed in an OS6 device. So long as he doesn't need a lot of fast data, he is fine with a 9900. As he prefers a keyboard, the best BB10 device, if he were to get one, would be the Q10. I have a Z10 and agree with #3 but it really depends on what Nwadike needs in a phone.
As several have said in other threads, the phone itself will keep working no matter what the structure of BlackBerry is. The carrier has the obligation to support the phones.

But thanks for the insightful answer. There are too many people just dropping negative comments without a good reason. Please keep posting. :)

Hi Anilu,

For #1: This is unfortunately not correct. OS 7.x contains LOADS of issues. As a partner working as a BlackBerry system integrator for enterprises, I have had lots of issues and T-Support cases. Zero (0) of the supportcases related to the handheld has been resolved and that is actually quite impressive - in a negative way.

FYI: If you experience something on devices, you have to set the device log into debug mode. Within approx. 30 minutes of the incident happening, you have to extract the device log (USB cable and BB Desktop SW) and provide this to T-Support. This is REALLY hard to achieve in a business world, as users don't want to spend time and money on fixing "strange issues" - they pay us to deliver something that "just works".

This is why anyone with a little history in mind, knows that "do a battery pull" is a very common solution to the legacy devices.
IMHO the quality of the BBOS became worse (or maybe just more visible) with OS 6 and 7 as they added so many new features and the OS was not build to handle it.
I have heard *rumors*, that they lost control of BBOS as it evolved. Interns wrote part of the code and the knowledge disappeared when they left.
I repeat the above line is “RUMORS”

I was extremely happy for my 9900 for years (until I lost it after BB JAM appreciation party in Amsterdam around february 2nd this year ... something related to free beer i guess ... *LOL*). I had received the first Z10 on the 30th of January in Denmark and was forced to start using it as a production device at that time. I never looked back: No more spinning wheel, no more reboots after app installs, large screen, no more batteri pulls and an amazing browser.

You are right about #2 though. If his situation is "static" and he is satisfied with the apps and performance of the 9900 this is of course a solution.

BB 7 devices are highly dependent on BIS, so in case the BB infrastructure is shut down (unlikely to happen), the device is almost useless (no email, no browsing) where as a BB10 is fine as a consumer device without.

There is absolutely NO future for this device class. BB is only using this platform to be present in the emerging and lowcost markets, and hopefully they will soon be able to deliver a Z/Q device in a competetive price range so they can save all the ressources they spend on the legacy device and everything around them.

BB 10.1 / 10.2 has very few of these issues and reboots/battery pulls is not a default suggestion anymore. Of course there are bugs in BB10, but they spend SO much more ressources on fixing those.

In the end, it all comes down to price/value for the customer. If the BB10 platform does not add significant value compared to the BB 9900, he should go for the BB 9900. Also if the pricetag is too high (Q5 anyone?!) this is also blocking BB10.

Thank you! As a consumer I wasn't aware of IT issues so I defer to you on #1. It really comes down to what is best for Nwadike himself. A Q5 would definitely get him more up-to-date technology if he needs that. As BB is targeting enterprise I don't see BIS going for a long while, even with them going private.

"Typing on a Z10 is pretty dang amazing".

I agree Kev and own a Z10. Why has Frank Boulben been completely inept at conveying this to the world?

Incompetence or on purpose?

Posted via CB10

He only gets

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

48 million is in shares, and ife runs it in the ground well he is SOL.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I have never seen him promoting anything, other than the odd interview.

He has really been useless as far as a CMO is concerned.

Posted via CB10

Inept is a good word. Both the US and Canada have large bilingual populations but I never saw any commercials promoting predictive text in up to 3 languages simultaneously and seamlessly. The Z10 would be great for French Canadians or Hispanic Americans who often communicate in more than 1 language in a day

The Z10 keyboard is so amazing that I would never switch back to qwerty or Touchscreens of other manufacturers...

Posted via CB10

Wow, never thought of this. This is exactly what needs to be done so more people can know as well.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

we are asians and using two languages on my zed. Unfortunately BBRY is so focus selling the company than selling the device.

Well I still think a BlackBerry is a great buy for now, you can even get good deals on some Q5,Q10 and Z10 . Even if the rumours say that BlackBerry will leave the consumer market. I don't think they will leave the consumer market, because if they do this would mark the end of BlackBerry right away. I think them being bought out and going private is a good thing, but I just hope the new owners make it right.

and also you can add that you recently bought iPhone :D that will also convince him! ( I know, I know, this is just for teh lolz :) )

One you have a BlackBerry in one hand, the other hand just tags along ;)

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Some people have a home in one country but work in another. Two phones make sense and no roaming charges. I have a UK Z10, and a Danish Z10. Might just be in the market to replace one of them with a z30 at some point soon :).

That´s true. I will always like BlackBerry. It´s the best for me. But now we have to accept that BlackBerry won´t sell devices to general consumer. They will focus on services, and that means that BlackBerry won´t sell us anymore a device that would be used as we do it now.
I won´t buy another BB, I will use my Z10 til it is usefull, but when I need another, I´m going to buy iPhone. I wont buy Android, I think its just crap. It´s very sad, but bussiness are bussiness, and now BB is out of the general customers bussiness.

BlackBerry will sell us devices -- the "pro-sumers" among us. All that term means is not the average 15-year-old, but a person who knows what they want and go for it. Like a lot of BlackBerry users already. I just wish/hope that a provision is made for us to buy directly from BB like Apple customers can in Apple stores. That way no more carrier interference or bias (they do push whatever phone gives them the most commission, despite the customer unless the customer is insistent -- I've seen this myself).

I don't think they should have used the term "prosumer" at all. It is not currently a widely used/known term and it gives the disillusion that BBRY won't be making products for regular consumers (outside of Enterprise). They should have used the terms "highly productive and focused consumers" instead of just the term "prosumer". They're creating confusion where confusion need not exist.

@judasroy ,Make sure the shitberry doesn't get in your mouth the first time you use your NEW iphone5Same.

Ask the guy with a new iphone whether he can attach a file while writing an email....

Posted via CB10

Can you not attach a file while writing an email? I would throw the thing in the garbage....when I am around iphone users and they can't do something, I always say yes you can, you just do this and that.....they always go okay and they start looking around in their phone and adventually I say....oh I guess you can't . Silence always follows and then they change the topic.....its comical.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Fuck bbry I want to ask everyone to boycott all the products they let's us down as shareholders so I'm dropping them for iPhone 5s

Posted via CB10

I'm annoyed with them at that too. But, not sure I'd boycotting is the way to go... maybe throw eggs would be more fun.

Posted via CB10

They let you down. Your basing your argument on the company stocks which make no sense at all. I bought shares when they were a 7$ and sold them when they were 18$. The stock market is a business, you seem to have invested in BlackBerry based on your emotions and your love for the company. Never do that, next time you invest use your head and do your research. Don't ask people to boycott great product because of your mistakes in the stock market.

Wow! You bought at the absolute low and sold at the absolute high!!!! Next time just say you made x amount of percentage points, that way you appear more credible than you obviously are.

Hey X_factor,

If I would of used all those stock terms someone like you would of been confused. Bottom line in the stock market you have nothing to blame but yourself when you loose. A lot of people invest without any knowledge of how to read charts and do their research.

Well these so called investors!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Do you think playing the stock market is a guaranteed thing?. You win some you lose some. Lick your wounds and keep moving. Life could be much worse.

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Yeah, you tell him. I'm sure that he'll miss having BBM for all three remaining contacts that actually use that service.

I have over 200 BBM contacts and 21 BBM groups plus about 20 channels I follow. Just saying...

I belong to one group that has about ten contacts, none of which I know. Only one person I know has a BlackBerry and they don't use BBM.

Most are decrying the loss of friends using BBM, not the other way around.

Just sayin'.

Posted via CB10

Playing the stock market was his risk. But this company is purposely driving the price down. So THEY can make more money. How could you ever want to support a company like that? There fully just screwed all there long time investors that stuck with them through it all. So I would fully understand your reasoning for boy cot.

Posted from My all in one beauty Z10

I do wonder, some of my friends want to buy iphone5s and are yearning for bbm on iPhone, guess dey jst can't do without BlackBerry

Posted via Z10

Good.....anyone who bought a Apple at 750.00 bucks has not been let down.....good for you.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I have a Q10 and love it but I am also really loving the z30s specs I hated the NOTE series from samsung just because of android and it's plastic feel. The z30 powered by Blackberry 10.2 can't be beaten in my opinion screw the apps you all think u need these apps what for really? Some of u genuinely may need those business apps that Blackberry don't have but there's always side loading which is it hit and miss. The browser alone on blackberry is a winner for me I can do anything in it.

Posted via CB10

I have Kindle on my Q10 and it works brilliantly. Just sayin'.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Where did you get it? I haven't side loaded anything. Don't know how & my Q10 is working so well I'm afraid to mess it up.

Kevin. Also, why os BB10 only on phones with "confusing to many swipe gestures"?

Would it have been impossible to develop a phone with a home button, like 9900, with BB10 software?

That's all a lot of people wanted.

Test marketing would have told Frank that.

Frank Boulben is a big part of why we are where we are.

Incompetence or on purpose?

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Blasphemy! No buttons on my BB10. Keep moving.... away from sticky clicky buttons.

I never thought I could fall in love with a method of navigating on a phone, but when handed a device of a different brand, my eyes and hands start desperately seeking my Z10.

I wish the rest of the world would set down their home buttons for a week and try the BB10 swipe. There's no going back man, no going back.

Posted via CB10

I find myself trying to swipe up to go home whenever I use another device--even on a Nintendo 3DS!

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Nah, unfortunately in actual practice the 'Home Button' is superior and quicker than swiping.

Man, how annoying is it to have to swipe 2x to open the phone and then later swipe 2,3,4 times to get back to your hub or to your main app screen. What a PITA.....its no wonder BB10 is such a failure.

You don't have to do need to learn the flow!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Lol! You're doing it so wrong!
Forgive them CrackBerry for they know not what they do.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I agree. I went to the Z10 from a 9810 Torch where I relied heavily on the track pad for all my scrolling as opposed to using the touch screen. I thought it would be a tough transition going to a full touch phone, but it was an easy switch. If people using the other phones out there just tried a full touch Z10 or Z30 I'm sure they would be hooked.

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LOL...what's your obsession with Frank Boulden???? I mean I get it...he should GO! But i doubt it's going to happen by you mentioning him all the time.

It's not an's having to point out an OBVIOUS observation that apparently few others are willing to admit. I've been beating the "Boulben" drum since after the Superbowl ad....I had my doubts before then, but thought he deserved a it is, as mentioned above, obvious...he's a failure as a CMO (just ask around and see how many people STILL don't know about Z10s or the new OS)

You "swipe up" from anywhere in the OS and it brings you home, it's not that difficult, and a lot faster when switching between multiple apps and the Hub.

They should just advertise the heck out of their new gestures so that everyone in the world knows them, even if they don't have a BlackBerry.

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Did you know that Steve Jobs hated the home button? He thought it was ugly but the engineers had to convince him it was necessary to refresh the OS in that it wasn't stable enough otherwise. His original vision is what BlackBerry 10 pulled off. It humours me that people feel lost without it now, if they only knew. I thought the thumb scanner was rescuing it from a technical point of view but that is a fail as well considering how easy it seems to be to hack. BlackBerry needs to start making fun of home buttons in their ads, not add a home button.

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In this hour of victory, we taste only defeat. I ask why? The roots of the mobile nation have grown deep under Blackberry's careful tending. Where there are emails, the wisdom of their countless engineers has saturated the airwaves. Their strength is a luminous sun towards which all secure messaging follows and the impervious shelter beneath which it has prospered. I stand beside you, accused of the sin of supporting our mobile platform, in this fate where we are forced to…recede. Refusing to rise up is a fool’s gambit. We squander quarters in the darkness while the others cease triumph. The mobile mantle of responsibility belongs to Blackberry. We will survive.

Right. But I gotta say pre-paid services for BIS here in Brasil are a hot mess and it's driving people away from BlackBerry.

Pre-paid is where the masses go here and what good is a legacy device without BIS?

Oh the bright side, now we know what a prosumer is. I think at least 90% of CrackBerry is covered by that definition.

That'd be Cali Lewis, and yes, she's pretty. She's also a good tech on the 'Talk Mobile' link at the very top of the page, she's part of the Talk Mobile crew as well.

Too bad Nwadike is in Jamaica I would have sold him my old Bold 9900 for 50 euros and/or my current Z10 for 100 euros.

I agree. PlayBook still running strong. better than when i bought it. No reason to buy another tablet at this point.

Hey, I'm planning to buy a PlayBook! I've done my research and have concluded that I like it and it will suit my needs. Besides, I couldn't afford anything else. As much as I want a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, I don't have an extra $1000 lying around. A PlayBook costs $100-$150--dirt cheap.

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But a Surface Pro 2 is a full PC, not a tablet. To compare it to the PlayBook isn't right. Try the Surface RT or Surface 2.

I'd buy another device more so today, than I would have on Friday.

I've played around with other platforms, and am convinced BB10 is in the best platform, ecosystem aside.

BTW, who is the lovely gal in the picture?

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With the lack of carrier backing for the Z30 out of the gate, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out with the 4 new devices in 2014.

Not many carriers have said anything about the device. Or do we now expect a statement to be released by each carrier stating, "we will not be carrying product x, y or z!"

LOL that has to be the weakest argument I've heard. Since they haven't said anything, y'all are just going to assume they won't carry it? SMH

For the record, Verizon has said they will be carrying it:

CPW has it for O2 in the UK:

Sprint has long said they will be carrying an all touch BB10 device.

And Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes, do you really think up in your neck of the woods, the Big Three won't be carrying it?

I'll be waiting for conclusive evidence of "lack of carrier backing for the Z30 out of the gate."

So do you have any actual proof the others are NOT carrying it, like a statement saying that they aren't? Because without something like that, it could just be that they haven't announced it, and you are making an assumption.

I'm not talking about carriers who have said they will not be offering it, because nobody has made that statement. At one point, it was all carriers on board right from the start. That's not the case anymore.

OK. Let me see something supporting "it was all carriers on board right from the start. That's not the case anymore." To prove this, you would need to demonstrate two things:

1. The "all carriers on board" part being true initially, and,
2. #1 not being true anymore (by showing carriers that were on board previously are no longer so...the "not the case anymore" part being true.)

Wow, man. Ok, case in point... all 3 major Canadian carriers decided to carry the Z10 even before it launched. Now, just Telus has committed to the Z30. The other two are non committal, for the very first time. This in BlackBerry's homeland. I don't know how much more clear it can get for you than that.

Actually I'd appreciate it if you'd quit because it's starting to feel like harassment. Not even sure what you're debating and we're obviously not on the same page.

Well, like I said, I'm not sure that we're discussing the same topic. And there's a better method to debate than harassing someone followed by using that word. Not sure if you've noticed, but CrackBerry has done a fine job of cleaning up the blog posts this year. There's a certain kind of decorum to be followed.

Oook want to continue.

You said there is "lack of carrier backing for the Z30 out of the gate," without offering any evidence (i.e. a trolling statement.) I asked you to show me evidence of this. You tried to justify it with an assumption that since carriers haven't publicly said anything YET, they must not be "committed" to the Z30. Conclusive proof would have been examples of carriers that won't be carrying the Z30, or ones that said they would and are now saying they won't. You couldn't provide either.

Then, in the way of examples, you offered Bell and Rogers. I provided evidence that the Z30 is already in Bell's timeline, and that Rogers is also expected to get it. Ergo, troll.