Dear BlackBerry, Please give me the option to bottom align app shortcuts within folders!

App Icons!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Mar 2014 01:08 pm EST

Productivity and efficiency. These two words have always been synonymous with the BlackBerry experience, and the ability to get things done FAST was the primary reason I became a BlackBerry fan so many years ago. Thinking back to the my first BlackBerry, the 7290, I remember being so impressed at how efficiently I could navigate my way through the operating system. BlackBerry had mapped everything out and figured out the path to getting things done in the least number of clicks possible, and when it came to suggesting things like menu options, it always read my mind and knew what I wanted to do be pre-selecting the option. 

With BlackBerry 10 being an all-new operating system, BlackBerry started from scratch and has been steadily improving the user experience, adding back in more efficiency and productivity in areas where it was lacking from the initial launch. We highlighted much of that in our 2014 BlackBerry 10 Review

One little anti-efficiency feature that's bugging me, especially on the BlackBerry Z30 with it's 5" display, is folders. Specifically, I hate that the application shortcuts default to top alignment, even when you only have a few apps in the folder. As a person who likes to use their phone one-handed as often as possible (it's more efficient - I have other things to be doing with that second hand!), and as a person who likes to organize their apps into folders, it's extremely annoying to have to reach up to the top of the screen to tap a shortcut.

At the minimum, it would be more efficient to switch to middle alignment. And even better would be to provide the option for me to choose my alignment. Personally, I'd rather put my folder shortcuts at the bottom of the folder so that they're closer to reach with my thumb. To professionals and power users — which is who BlackBerry is targeting as their primary customer — these are the little details and features that can go along way.

Be sure to watch my Instagram Video to see what I'm talking about in action. And be sure to listen to CrackBerry Podcast 113, where we talk about this in detail among other things. 

Agree with my logic here? Disagree? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Dear BlackBerry, Please give me the option to bottom align app shortcuts within folders!



That is a great idea! What do you think if they added 3 simple options.
1. Top Align (organizes top to bottom, as is now)
2. Bottom Align (organizes bottom to top)
3. Custom Placement (place any space you want)

Custom placement seems the way to go, with the option to fix it in one position so if you add new apps or move around other apps the ones you fix stay in the same place.

Dear BlackBerry:
How about giving everyone the option to purchase ANY of your phones unlocked, full price from your website and not have to wait for Carriers to finally give a Sh*t about BB and offer it.
If this was possible, I would have already upgraded from a Z10 to a Z30 and I would be able to identify myself with Kevin's situation about the icon placements and my comment would be more relevant to this blog post... Thank you.

It's not hard to get an unlocked Z30 (unless you're on Sprint, which no one should be on). Verizon's Z30 is unlocked and works fine on AT&T. Negri Electronics has all BB10 phones unlocked for very low prices (best I've seen anywhere). The unlocked Q10 is over $100 less on Negri than BlackBerry's website.

It's HSPA+, which in my experience is often as fast as LTE, unless you're actually trying to stream an HD movie over the network. It's becoming less congested than LTE and really is right there with it as far as speed.

Thats my concern... I honestly wouldn't want a Z30 thats going to be limited in short time - I googled HSPA+ vs LTE and found this interesting conclusion somewhere online:

HSPA did its own upgrading to HSPA+, to meet increased customer demands. LTE, however, is not the polar change you may imagine. If HSPA+ is the tip of the mountain when it comes to 3G technology, then LTE is simply the foundation for a new mountain. “LTE, also known as 4G, is the most advanced telecommunications technology currently available, and is one that defines a clear path toward future developments, making it the most attractive choice for carriers these days.

That's a good point, but it'll be a couple of years before LTE really advanced from where it is today. HSPA+ is a good alternative for now, unless you plan to keep the Z30 for well over two years.

Thats true... I only have about a year with the Z10 and I'm already looking for my next phone. I might actually consider this. BTW are there any specific models I should look out for that will surely work with AT&T? or are all Z30's equal?

For what it's worth, LTE is a battery hog and sure seems to hog more data than 3G. I don't know if that is still true with the 3G+ that AT&T is calling 4G, however...

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To a certain extent I use your third option now - on my Z10. I place the most frequently used apps at the bottom of any given screen. Of course this is limited by the need to have a full screen of apps, but that hasn't been a problem. This works well with one-handed operation.

You can also fill the top blank space inside any folder with 'dummy' apps or shortcuts (e.g apps you never use) to get the ones you want to the bottom of the screen. Annoying and inelegant solution for sure (adds useless clutter), but it resolves the positioning issue until BlackBerry comes up with a real solution.

Posted via CB10

Like our Windows desktops. I always remove auto-arrange. Align to grid is fine.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Exactly. Align to grid but custom layout. Great ideas!!!! And would set BlackBerry apart.

Posted via CB10

I would like to have the three options, but personally I would use the last two options.

Posted via CB10

I agree custom placement is a good idea, but I think in this case this just highlights the fact that a 5" screen is a novelty. 4.2-4.3" is still the most usable size.

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I have an idea that's a bit of a compromise. What if...

Folders slide up from bottom, and go up by how many rows of icons they contain. If folder isn't full, screen above would be darkened.

Or if not, folder is still full screen but the rows of icons still slide up only by how many rows it contains. (Which I guess is same is bottom orientation idea.)

With my idea, folders would close by same methods as Quick Settings, except it would be sliding downwards.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

I don't have small girlish hands. My hands are EXACTLY the same size as Arnold Schwarzenegger's. So if you think I have small girly hands, then he does too... which of course, is not the case :p

It's just a big phone! :)

What are you doing with your other hand all the time? I would argue one handed is less efficient since you can only look at 1 thing at a time

Can you help me find a way to upgrade my software to 10.2? I have Att z10 and it keep saying my software is up to date. And it's still on 10.1

I bought my PlayBook a Z10......

Forums dot CrackBerry dot com can help ;)

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

Solution for you, Kevin: play more basketball! Apparently, playing the sport allows you to develop elongated fingers so you can actually catch and trap the ball in one hand and stuff it with tremendous force into a basket :)
I couldn't complete the sentence before busting a gut - sorry folks. LOL!

And don't forget, Kevin, you play basketball with both hands, unless you propose to raise another blog requesting NBA to reduce the size of the ball, so it fits your Terminator size hands.


Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

Haha! I have very large hands and even I have to readjust how I hold the phone one handed to reach the upper left. I find myself using the Z30 two-handed much more than I ever have on a BlackBerry.

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Good point, the more customized tien the os can have the better,

This way we can tell others that blackberry has more features and something that the other operating system doesn't have.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Don't have this problem but thought this should be a feature reverse everything for left handed. Meaning hub is far right and gestures for pulling up hub reversed.

Posted via Z10 @ CrackBerry App

I vaguely remember the very early builds of BlackBerry 10 (before it was released) had the swipe/pull and hub gestures the opposite way round so it could be done

Posted via CB10

Hey that's actually a good point us right handed don't pick. Must be annoying on a z30 to have to cross the entire screen.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

It would actually be nice to be able to just place the icons anywhere on the screen, just like on a Windows desktop

I agree! I purposely arrange apps in folders based on frequency of use. Those that I use most often go in the middle or bottom rows.

Posted via CB10

It doesn't bother me on the Z10...

But I would love to have more than one page of apps in a folder!

Posted via CB10

Most new OS's are trying to make thing stupid simple! The reason I chose BlackBerry more so than anything was having the choices to make my device suit my adapting needs!

So I say the more options the better, people who don't understand them probably won't divulge too much into the settings anyway, but the device must suit the advanced users first then put a simple UI on top of all the greatness underneath!

Posted via CB10

I think this is one of the reasons for Android's appeal. It can be simple for those that want simple, or it can be heavily customized to suit advanced users and anywhere in between.

Posted via CB10

Hey Kevin, you just need the new Typo thumb extension. Available soon at retailers everywhere!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Agreed! That's why BlackBerry put the address bar on the browser at the bottom.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Good points Kevin. My eyes would also like an option to have folder names in a much larger font.

Posted via CB10

Completely agree. The most disappointing part about this is how BB emphasized how they designed the BB10 for one handed use, i.e. The address bar for the browser is at the bottom. But for every one thing that is great for one handed use, there's something that's not.

So is the search bar for the phone. It should be at the bottom, and then it slides up with the keyboard when you tap it, just like the browser

CB10'n it via da Z

Also bring back the vertical swipe to answer/reject a call. Or at least let us choose which option works best for us.

I don't know if it's my short thumbs or what, but since this was changed to a horizontal swipe at the bottom of the screen, it's just not as easy to manage one-handed. I find I need to use the other hand to move that little dot, instead of being able to swipe up or down anywhere on the screen w/ one thumb.

Seems like such a silly thing...except when I've got my phone in one hand and a bunch of stuff in the other and end up dropping stuff just so I can answer a call. Which is most of the time. :/

also, why cant i have 6 icons next to each other like on the 9900. Or atleast give us more customize options.. USE ALL THE SCREEN REALESTATE!

I seem to recall Marcus adolfsson complaining about just what you are asking for on a podcast as that's the way they do it in iPad iOS7

I would like to see "Close" and "Cancel" buttons of pop up windows on the bottom as well. Too far to reach and counter-intuitive given that navigation is bottom driven.

Posted via CB10

I totally agree. I also have a problem with the delete/back button on top of the send button when texting.

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

Definitely not a problem on the Q10, but then again that's one of the many reasons I have yet to purchase a 5" phone. In my opinion Q10, iphone, Z10 are the best options around for both size and build quality.

Posted via CB10

I concur. I never though how convenient it was to have the browsers address bar below until I started using it. Alas it's such a task now to use it any other way.

Posted via Q10 on T-Mobile U.S.A

Been saying this since day 1 with my z10.

But I think you should go farther.

you should be able to have bottom alignment even in main screen layouts.

Also, why not the ability to put icons anywhere on the grid? Why limit it to just top, bottom, or center? What if I like a top and a bottom row filled and the middle open? Or all left side?

Make it happen, BlackBerry

That is one thing that android got right - you can put any icon or widget anywhere. I used to intentionally arrange all my most used apps in the bottom right hand corner so they were in easy thumb reach.

Posted via CB10

I hope this comes soon.

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( BB10Store on Aptoide Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

Give us digit grouping in the calculator as well. It's much easier to read 10,000,000,000 than 10000000000!!!!

[URL="bbmc:C00387969"]Channel for Asian eye candy[/URL]

It would be sweet to have the option but I also feel it would be good if we could lock certain apps in a location. For example lock the Facebook app on the second line of the first page and my carriers data app on the first line of the second page.

Posted via Z30 using CB10

You know what they say about men with small girly hands..... small hands ----- small gloves.

Posted via CB10

I heard you :)
What if we could just disable "auto-align", as in windows desktop.
No top, no bottom, no middle ; just drag each (and not all along) within a folder where you want to.

Or how about an option to just turn alignment off... (still have it snap to a grid, but not require it to be top / middle / bottom aligned)

Posted via CB10

I already posted a feature request for it in the Beta Zone a while ago. On icanmakeitbetter I posted it too, but as an addendum to a feature someone else posted. Several people have voted for it on both places. It should be easy to implement, so I’m optimistic we’ll see it in the next feature release. Fingers crossed. :-)

Not a huge thing, but ability to better customize location of icons would be great!

Posted via CB10

All BB10 should be able to place your icon where ever you prefer; and I'm not only talking about the folders also on the main screen

Posted via CB10

I think it'd be better if you could just out your icons anywhere you want on the grid. I've rearranged my icons to see my wallpaper, for instance. I should be able to have a gap in the middle if I want.

Posted via CB10

Arbitrary icon placement would be great. Would like to see an option to have banner notifications at the bottom so they are actionable with one hand.

Posted via CB10

It would be nice to also have app groups that can span multiple pages. I hate having to create 2 groups for the same type of apps.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/

This was mentioned earlier but it doesn't hurt to repeat it. I agree that a folder should be able to scroll once the initial screen is filled with icons. But then you have to consider the default position when the folder is opened. Do you want it scrolled to the bottom by default, or the top? Or a setting for either?

On a similar topic, I like the "option" to position my phone upside down every time I plug in my ear buds (i.e., on my desk). Or is it just me?

Posted via CB10 /w Z10

ABSOLUTELY! And to take it one step further, let me choose my OWN icons and shortcuts for the Quick Launch bar along the bottom of the home screen! As in the PlayBook, I dare say it...Android's OS.

Agreed! With 2 hub-like icons to the left and to the right and the search icon centralised ;) PERFECT!!

Posted via CB10

These types of little efficiencies are exactly what I love about BlackBerry. Kevin is absolutely right, make it easier for us Z30 users to click around! I love the screen size but would love efficiencies like this built in.

Posted via CB10

Ít funny i was just fiddling with the same issue on my Z30.
I place all my communication apps at the bottom as opposed to my Q10 being on top.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, you are exactly right with this. It is so annoying to have to reach all the way to the top to open an app.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely would love that, have seen it on other phones and it's very practical !

Posted via CB10

Why isn't there a way to open an app and stay in the folder instead of being directed to the active frames page? You would think that would be in bb10 seeing we're able to do other tasks while remaining in certain apps, same concept no?

Posted via CB10

Great suggestion, but I hope we get the " View Text " feature on the Q20 Classic. Which is a great feature to remove the formating so you can read the text only in a PDF.

Posted via CB10

I agree, Kevin. I like to keep a clean first page when doing presentations HDMI. I have to have one icon to hold the page open, and it would be nice to be able to place it in a way that fits with my wallpaper. And it bugs me when I move an icon I then have to rearrange the page.

That said, there are so many priorities before this. BlackBerry has to spend time and resources wisely to succeed, and I want that more than anything. This can go on a wish list for later.

Posted via CB10

Makes sense, Kevin. I love using folders. Keeps the screens clean and organized. Vertical Alignment options would be welcome.

AMEN!!!!!!! Don't understand why the option was not built in from the get go!!!!!!!


I would also like to see groups with the ability to scroll adding more icons than what is just on one screen. So far i think i have at least 3 separate "Games" groups..

My hands are pretty big, but I would still like to have the option to bottom align and custom align. I can reach the top of the screen one handed, but not comfortably.

Posted via CB10

Agree completely. I am average size hands I believe and it's a stretch to reach the top icons with one hand. Should be able to self position on grid. Like android.

I agree with most people's ideas and that is to make bb10 customizable. Arrange my apps anywhere like android, even let me customize the quick launch bar at the bottom of the screen. Also, I agree with the active frames idea let me pin active frames and move them around. Someone mentioned having the actionable notification on the bottom it would be nice to have the choice. While we are at it I like Kevin's idea about the hub, he said he wish he could swipe to delete msgs instead of it taking back to the app screen, you can just swipe the bottom of the screen to do that.

Posted via CB10

I agree, even though I am now with a Q10, it still would make sense to have the possibility to align icons in the bottom of the screen. While we 're at it, also please increase the app folders capacity to more than one screen (in the Z10 it is 5x4 and the Q10 4x4)... I would definitely appreciate having a unique folder called "utilities" and have 2 screens of apps within the folder instead of having to have "utilities1" and "utilities2" etc...

These and personalised profiles in notifications and my beloved Q10 would be near to perfect!

"Hey that is my Q... 10... via CB10

Wow, Kevin, I get this, but there are dozens of more annoying things! Try looking for photo you took last week. When you bring up the Pictures app, and you tap on Albums, it starts from the beginning of time, and you have to swipe a thousand times to get to last week. Yes, there is Recent, but last week is often not recent anymore. I wish we could reverse sort the photos so I can start from the most recent.

This has been a major gripe of mine from the start. The pictures, photos, etc. , are kept in a lot of different places. And, it's all doubled in misc/ android folder!!!!
I would really like an option to name my pics right after I take them.

Lost of options would be good. Be nice to return the hide option too as there are many icons we can't delete.

Reg leaked Q10

Ok with that... but before this gets done there's one lil' detail that needs to be addressed ASAP... YESTERDAY:


Think these are the shortcuts that need their attention first...!!!

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Vertically/ custom placement along the right side of the screen so I can use my thumb. Bottom align would be great too.

Posted via CB10

thats a great idea! i felt that the z10 was too big and it would even help a phone that size.
but how ever i think the 10 is too big and the 30 is comical large

Two things really bother me about app organization on bb10:
1) app limit per folder (why not scroll down or right?)
2) cannot create a folder in a folder. Operating systems since the beginning of time allowed this

Please fix this BlackBerry, and you don't have to fix both, just one will solve my mess of apps. I guess it's good my BlackBerry has too many apps...

I've suggested to a couple devs to create a series of apps that do nothing other than serve as place-holders to allow me to position my apps/folders where I want them (along the right side and towards the bottom).

Apps would be PH1 - PH8 (PlaceHolder) to allow me to fill the top half or left half or diagonally from top-right to bottom left with the place holder apps to push MY apps/folders to easier one handed reach.

P.S. No girly hands here - 6'4" tall, 2xl gloves, and size 14 shoes. Please - no PIN requests ladies ;)

Z30 too big? Use a Z10. Problem solved. You're welcome.

Black Z10. Because the Blacker the 'Berry, the sweeter the use!

I have been asking for this for a long time! I want custom arrangements for icons like android. The way it is currently makes zero sense.

Posted via CB10

I never thought of this... but now that you mention it; this would improve the one hand usability in a huge way.

Posted via CB10

And while you're at it please move the contacts search field to the bottom, and make the search matches start at the bottom and work upwards.

Posted via CB10

Good point! Never thought of it myself, though, having only a Q10 and equipped with rather long fingers. But definitely something you should be able to select.

Posted via CB10

Makes sense, should be dirt simple to implement. What is really needed however if we want to talk productivity is email filtering and filing. We should be able to set up email filters and have messages automatically moved to specific folders. Notifications can then be set on specific folders or on all. This would tremendously help with organizing emails.

Posted via CB10

I have a (clumsy) solution: you could fill up the screen with Web links to bump the things you actually want closer to the bottom of the screen. Just add a bunch of links to your favorite Crackberry articles from the browser and then add them to the folder.

Posted via CB10


Next thing you'll be asking to place apps all over the place.

You'll just make it look ugly.

Create a ghost app. Zero code, just an invisible icon, unless you press on it. Can use these as custom spacers. This is even better than bottom justifying. This way you can space your icons fully arbitrarily in any position. Copyright 2014. (BlackBerry given permission to implement).

Posted via CB10

this feature has driven me nuts since day one. I am all for customizable placement within folders and the home screen. I very much want to have my favourite apps aligned from the bottom right corner everywhere I go on the phone. Everything should be aligned from here, hard to see how they managed to set it up this way when the clearly had the idea of bottom alignment from day one with things like the browser address bar.

I think custom positions for shortcuts would improve my efficiency on the device. But in terms of improving my inputs to the device, since I've already optimised my home screens as best I can, I think other improvements might be more beneficial. Below is my prioritized list :

1. Landscape home screen. I find myself in landscape mode in an app quite a bit. But then when I go to jump to another app I am having to re-orient the phone. Or I was - I've now got the uncanny ability to use the home screen when on its side! Nonetheless, this really stands out as a weakness to me.

2. Fully customizable home screen. I think Android got this right. We should be able to have shortcuts auto arrange (top, middle, bottom etc.) or have them stick. Icons should allow for spacing, custom sizing and fonts. Shortcuts should be able to appear on more than one screen or folder so that I can provide alternate views.

3. All search functions should be at the bottom of the screen.

4. Actually this should be number 1 but is just a but off topic. VOICE! I should be able to speak any icon name and have it expand. This could be made super slick by having the device learn my pronunciation to avoid mis-launches and improve performance in noisy environments.

On the latter, I think BlackBerry have done an awesome job perfecting input via keyboard (physical and touch) . In fact the Z30 keyboard was a significant factor in my coming to this platform. However, to truly own the prosumer/enterprise market BlackBerry really needs to the the next leap and win on voice.

Until I used Google voice I would not have found myself saying this. But on my Android phone and tablet, when on the road if I want to search for something - anything I always use voice input. BlackBerry should find a way to voice enable all core functions and make it foolproof (learning pronunciation of key words would be a start and a very powerful voice engine). Text to voice should be available everywhere including world class voice dictation.

I have used some of the voice apps on Blackberry and some provide decent performance within their niche (e.g.SafeDrive and SayIt) but I'd like to see voice fully integrated and at the core of the BlackBerry experience. After all the enterprise folks that BlackBerry is after spend a lot of time on the move. If done right this is an enterprise capability that would also transfer to the consumer market if and when BlackBerry starts to fully engage that market again.

Posted via CB10

One thing I would like to see is have all apps separated from the one I want on my default screen. On BlackBerry OS 7 you had your favorites view or frequent used apps view. I hate that I have apps I never use and cannot delete having visible icons.

Posted via CB10

Also, even in comment windows make a few alignment corrections. Put the cancel or post on the bottom.

Posted via CB10

I have bigger hands so this isn't an issue for me. But there are occasionally buttons or search fields that are positioned at the top. This was a design pattern that developed on the iPhone back when it had a 3.5 inch screen. It's kind of lazy -- four corners -- design, but it worked at the time. But, the non-Apple world has moved on and Apple will join us in the fall. Bigger screens are undeniably better for media consumption, browsing, reading, etc., but it's regrettable when apps are designed with a legacy Apple approach. BB10 design guidelines kind of address this and then kind of don't.

But, yes, I vote with Kevin on this one.

Posted via CB10

This would be great!!! Doesn't even need to be a folder the app placement would definitely make my first panel at the bottom giving me somewhat of a homescreen!

Kevin, my man, I love ya and almost all of your posts, but I really don't think this is the biggest issue worth doing a "dear bbry" on.

How about universal landscape instead?

I do agree though, but I would have included more in this post such as save/cancel buttons oddly and stupidly being all the way at the top.

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I love you too. I have a bunch more to come. Gotta space the complaining out. And putting too much into one post just becomes noise. I'll do more of these one off ones. Need to be able to demonstrate in a 15 second video.

Also, we talked about this on the podcast yesterday so wanted to follow it up.

We have deeper problems dude. My proximity and light sensors didn't go back to work for months after BlackBerry server's issues. So many other users suffer from this too. ...

Posted via CB10

I would love to see apps close back into the folder when opened from a folder. I hate having to reopen the folder after I close an app.

Posted via CB10

Q10 user....Please allow for custom placement and let me put more than 12 icons in a folder.

Posted via CB10

This all good but not as important as putting the categories back in contacts! Groups are fine but they don't sync with anything.

Posted via Z10

Yes. That is the problem when you are using one hand.

Custom aligning would be very welcome

Posted via CB10

Thought of that since I switched from the smaller screen of the storm to the Z10. It's a little awkward to reach my thumb to the top of the screen.

Posted via CB10

This would be Great. But even more great would be.....blackberry doing updates the same way apple does, through the devices and NOT through the carriers.

Posted via CB10

Maybe hire an assistant to follow you around all the time and when you need to reach all the way to the top of your giant screen, there he/she is peeking over the top of your screen, ready to mom always told me I have great ideas ; p

Posted via my fancy BB10 pager thingy

Here is a better one.

Dear BlackBerry,
Please let me remove "or customize" the bottom 3 icons on the home screen. Maybe I don't want the Camera in the bottom right. Or Search in the center.
Or better yet, nothing at all!

Posted via CB10

Dear BlackBerry, please bring the shortcut keys back on my Q10, with "s" being universal search. I miss being able to get to what I use 80% of the time by pressing just one button. "L" Calendar, "N" bbm, etc.

Posted via CB10

I find that everything on life has to be improved and I just have to adjust to suit the wonderful new improvements. But even better than that is when you have something that works really well and when you get the latest update, it's gone until the next update,where it is a new improvement

Posted via CB10

Custom align icons. How about more than one page of icons in folders? So instead of having multiple folders of the same name, other than a "1" or "2" after them we have more than one page, or nested folders.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

When you open a folder and use an app, after closing the app, the OS should take you back to the folder, not to the home screen

Posted via CB10

I just wish I could have the option for the original BlackBerry 10 call screen. The new one isn't bad, but I much prefer the uniqueness of the original.

Posted via CB10. C0001FA2B @ORIGINQuest

Definitely, and add the same option for icons on the home screen too - I have mine positioned so the most used are towards the bottom, less used are higher.

Posted via CB10

It makes complete sense to me, I use a Q10, and would like to go to the Z30, but one handed there is to much screenscape to manage! User placement would be awesome.

Forget bottom alignment, just make a setting that icons stay locked where you drop them!

Would probably be better if the folder didn't have to open up full screen. Opening a folder that presents a small box with those apps would be better

Great idea! Not much of an issue on the Q10 but I could see how that would get annoying on the Z30. I'm sure that's a. Concern they'll address because it's probably an easy fix and definitely would help people get stuff done more quickly and efficiently. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Agreed. I put my junkiest icons at the top and left to push my more important ones to the bottom and right, for this very reason. So as not to disenfranchise lefties, we should at very least be able to control which of all four corners is the default when populating a new screen.

Posted via CB10

Yeah fair point and well made!
I would use folders more if I had more control over layout.

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

I totally agree. Hope they quickly get a fix on this request. Btw, Z10 user here...

Posted via CB10

3. Custom placement for sure. Makes the most sense since there are really no limitations with that option.

BlackBerry has never really given that option. Makes me wonder if it's a patent issue

Posted via CB10

That's your fault because you didn't buy a Q10. Q10 is the perfect phone in the world. No need for dumb bottom alignment thingy.

Posted via CB10

After i delete an app the icons don't rearrange themselves. So there will always be a blank space on where i deleted the app. Hopefully in the future there will be an option where the app will rearrange themselves without having me to do it manually. And also an option whether i want them to sort either alphabetically or the date which i installed them.

Posted via CB10

I would love to add more apps to a Folder. I have no idea why I should have 4 Games Folders in my menu. :-/

Bottom align, custom align, all sounds great. I would love to see the option of being able to open multiple apps from a single folder in succession without having to reopen the folder for each app!

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I agree. Probably the group handling the ergonomics missed this totally or perhaps the "hate" for iPhone for fear of being copycat might have been the restricting factor!

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I think a track pad on the touchscreen, is the answer to the problem. A Z30 like device with track pad would be smashing. You then can navigate to where every you want with one hand, or should I just say the thumb. Please berry track pad on touch screen.

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On Z30? Where would it go? Would likely be a tough balancing act for most to use with one hand .

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I don't use the icons expect to un install apps or when bored. Personally I would prefer a "sort by date" and "sort by name" option.

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To ianbord I'm sure BlackBerry 10 phones are all LTE they just need it available in your area.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Agree with this option.
Indonesia is an important market so do take care of them.

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I suppose it would be more efficient but as it is on my Zeddy tenison, I'm happy so I agree; alignment choice is a nifty idea.

.1925 bangingest version, so frickin' good. Zeddy approves.

It did cross my mind to wonder what Kevin tends to be doing with his second hand...

...but I swiftly put that thought out of my mind because this is actually a sensible topic.

I think it applies to the Z10 as well even if just to a slightly lower degree because this handset is smaller than the zed thirty.

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I would like to see this option added. I would also like the option to freely place the icons wherever I choose.
Perhaps I just want one icon in the middle of a page or folder without it lining up at the end of all the others.

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