Dear Berry: Where is the 'Mark All As Read' option on my PlayBook?

Dear Berry
By Dear Berry on 4 Apr 2012 09:06 am EDT

Here we are again CrackBerry Nation, it's another issue of Dear Berry. So, let's crack open the mailbag and see what BlackBerry woes you have been having this week. The question this week goes like this:

Dear Berry,

Is there any way to "mark all as read" on the PlayBook messages? I have 300+ messages to open.

- Tim and Kim

Dear Tim and Kim,

I see you took advantage of the Native Email feature of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. The unfortunate, simple, answer to your question is no, there is no way to Mark All As Read on the PlayBook. I too added an email account that had hundreds of unread emails and really wanted this option to be available. However, instead of leaving you out to dry, there is a long-winded way to mark emails unread and requires you to select the emails a bulk at a time. Continue throught the break to find out how.

If it just one email account that you want to clear then it would be best to select to view that email account only to make things easier. Once you are there, swipe down from the top bezel to bring down the options from there you will see the option to 'Select'.

Select Email option for PlayBook

Tap that and you will then be able to select the emails you want to mark unread. If there is a bunch of emails together, you can select those in bulk using two fingers. Once you have selected all the emails you wish to mark, go ahead and tap the Mark As Read icon to the right.

Mark Read on the PlayBook

I hope that this will at least help you in your woes somewhat. I understand it is not the best solution but let this be my call to RIM on behalf of the CrackBerry readers to please bring us the "Mark All As Read" option on our PlayBooks. I probably would not recommend this option if you head more than 500 emails to mark unread, probably even 300 is pushing it but the option is there right now if you wanted to use it.

- Berry

There you have it folks, another edition of Dear Berry. If you have any BlackBerry woes be it small or large, or maybe you need some advice with your BlackBerry addiction, Dear Berry is here to help. You can email me at or you can tweet me @DearBerryCB.

See you next week!

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Dear Berry: Where is the 'Mark All As Read' option on my PlayBook?


hoping for a solution in the next update... same goes for fb notifications etc in my playbook.. it's annoying =/

Is there a way to *permanently* turn off the blinking red light?? I like the native email mainly so I can send emails, because I already get notified on my PHONE. But I can't seem to turn off the blinking red light until all messages are read on the playbook! Or am I missing something?

Yes, just touch the wrench on the top right and it will take you to the menu then select notifications and just select the glow feature. Done!

I agree the feature is awesome on my BlackBerry Bold 9930 but I don't need to be notified on the Playbook when watching a movie or something else.

Hope this helps.

I agree, we need a 'mark all as read' function/option, but in the meantime I use the swipe function to 'read' through many emails. I open the first email and then quickly swipe through them.

I love how everyone's building up BB10 as the savior when the BBOS is 100x more capable at EVERYTHING. Except app install/uninstall lol.

So is anyone else having the annoying phenom of emails being rebolded on the PB as if unread? This is not happening on my 9850, but happens over and over on my PB.

Hi guys,
300 messages is OK i have 9500 on my business email. Unfortunately i am not able to use the Playbook native email. :(

Folks, this shows that the Playbook under QNX is still unfinished business...

Hope that the upcoming BB10 new OS is better than this...

To be honest, the feel of the tactile keyboard and the lack of a "mark all read" function are the two main features that led me to stay with my 9930 when my wife switched to a Droid 3 last year. Looking back that was a smarter move because my 9930 has been way more durable than her Droid 3.

As a high volume email person (15k items in my inbox) my workaround for the lack of "mark all read" function on my PlayBook is to FIRST do a search (magnifying glass icon) for all unread emails and then follow the steps Dear Berry indicated above or to use the "mark all read" function on my 9930 and then sync up my PlayBook.

There is no doubt in my mind that the PIM improvements in PB2.0 put RIM back at the top for email, I will still echo the complaint of many Bridge users that BB10 needs a more efficient means to sync one's mail account actions on the PlayBook with a handheld unit without performing a separate sync act. Come on RIM, get this stuff together your customer base is dwindling fast.

15,000 emails? What is going on there? How can you function ike that?? I have a few hundred a day and that drives me nuts. But that being said, they all rate enough for me to look at, sort into folders, unread if i need to follow up. But to mark all as read before looking at them doesn't make sense to me