Dear Berry: PC Sync still not working with my PlayBook!

Dear Berry: Where is the Sounds & Notifications option on my BlackBerry PlayBook?
By Dear Berry on 30 May 2012 09:10 am EDT

It's that time of the week again CrackBerry Nation where I cack open the ye olde mailbag and try to help clear up your BlackBerry woes. This week I've decided to let the community take a crack at the answer as this one is stumping even me. Brett writes:

I have posted in the forums and even reached out to RIM directly regarding this and have had no luck(RIM wants to charge me for help when I havent even had the playbook a year WITH the extended warranty). Ever since the update before 2.0 came out I have not been able to sync my playbook with my laptop. I have tried turning off the wifi, blue tooth, uninstalling and reinstalling desktop manager to the newest version but still as soon as I connect my playbook to my laptop (HP DM4 1160 win7 64 bit SP1) it disconnects within a few seconds. I have reformatted the playbook several times with no luck. Any other ideas for me as I see in the forums I am not the only person with this issue! I would love to be able to use my playbook more but without music and movies on there, I end up lugging my laptop with me as well. PLEASE HELP!!!


- Brett

I was able to provide a temporary work around for the issue but haven't been able to give Brett an answer to solve it. Keep reading after the break for the work around or head straight to the comments with a possible solution!

This was my response for a temporary fix regarding Brett's pc sync issue:

Dear Brett,

I'm still researching this issue but perhaps here is a temporary solution...

- Berry

I've searched and searched and haven't been able to find a way to possibly recreate the issue or solve it. Come on CB Nation, help a fellow BlackBerry abuser out with possible reasons and solutions!

That's it for this week folks. If you have any BlackBerry woes or BlackBerry etiquette questions that need answering, send them my way at or tweet my @DearBerryCB.

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Dear Berry: PC Sync still not working with my PlayBook!


Have you confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook driver is installed on the WIN7 laptop?

Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Network Adapters.
The BlackBerry PlayBook should be listed as a Research In Motion Network Device.
If it says "disabled" then Right Click and "Enable".

- if it is enabled, it might be worth trying to reinstall the Driver.
Hope that helps! 


I've done this...and everything suggested in the comments below...several times. Nothing works. The simple answer here is we're going to have to wait for an update.

uninstall current desktop software, instal version 6, goto microsoft sight and update .net framework and then update to desktop 7 then .net framework update again. i'll look for the link i had and will post it.

If you want it to work wired which I know some have had a problem doing, try changing the file and sharing options in your PlayBook to Windows only and trying, if it doesn't work, put it back to both. But it isn't instant, you have to try leaving it plugged for it to get detected and all.

It would probably help if you linked the handful of threads about this problem so we don't get duplicative responses or suggestions. Thus far, everything suggested in these comments has been suggested in the forums and does not work.

Don't rule out the laptop or OS on the laptop.

Can you try the following?

1. Can you retry to connect to the Playbook? Note the time
2. Check the Windows Event Log to see if there is any event issues noted

You should make a thread on this

If you have access to another computer (say a friend's), try doing your sync.
If it works, then you know that it is an issue with the laptop.
If it fails, then you may be dealing with a device with a problem.
At the minimum, you will have a better understanding of which machine is the source of the problem. At the best, you will know its not the PB!!
Regretfully, we often to quickly point fingers at the last device not knowing that the original problem was buried in the laptop (a bad chip that is marginal in operation).
Good Luck!

This occurs for me so what I found is that the BB device manager for my 8330 seems to block detection of the PB. So I go to device manager icon on taskbar, right -click, properties, options tab, make sure 'start on system startup is not checked, then exit.

If DM is open, close it. Start Windows task manager, choose processes, click image name, individually select BbDevMgr, and end process. Then scroll down and close anything starting with Rim or RIM, including another device manager.

You may still see an icon for device manager, mouse over and it should disappear.

At this point if you restart DM it may connect. I prefer to shut down completely, disconnect power from laptop, pull battery and cycle power button to bleed off any RAM ghost pointers. Replace battery, plug in, restart.

Another thing that helped me was to find my DM icon, right click and select Run as administrator.

Hope this works for you.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 asap!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rocked it until flash crash - RMA'D to a plain one - miss the old unique one!

Your issue most probably stems from your NetBIOS settings. You need to ensure the NetBIOS helper is running and that your blackberry virtual network adapter has the netBIOS protocol installed.

ive had this problem before, i put it in developers mode and my pc will detect it and allow me to sync

I know it's no sync, but have you tried simply copying your files (movies, music, docs, etc) via wifi? It's a convenient way to access the PB.

With the risk of being flamed.

Having Issues Connecting Your PlayBook To Your PC? Here Is a Common Fix
from by the BerryReview Team

Resolution KB26904
The following settings need to be enabled in the Research in Motion Network Driver connection located under Network Connections:

Client for Microsoft Networks
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

To enable this setting in Microsoft® Windows® XP, please complete the following steps.

Go to Control Panel in Windows
Select Network Connections
In the LAN or High-Speed Internet window, select and right mouse click on the Local Area Connection that is detected as Research In Motion Network Device
Select Properties after doing a right mouse click
Ensure Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is checked

To enable this setting in Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista®, please complete the following steps.

Go to Control Panel in Windows
Select Network and Internet (in Category View, if in Small or Large icons view, go to the next step)
Select Network and Sharing Center
Under View your active networks, choose the alternative Local Area Connection x (Access type: No Internet access) that is detected as Research In Motion Network Device
In the next window for Local Area Connection x Status, select Properties
Ensure Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) is checked

Apparently, I have way too many apps installed on my PB, since the backups start, but never completes and crashes during the app backup process. I've had that issue for a long time annoying.

It happened to me it would connect then few seconds disconnect to my desktop but when i connected it to my laptop it worked ok. I tried a lot of work around available online but it did not help and I even almost broke my usb port for connecting and disconnecting so it may not be the ultimate solution but i took the pain of reformatting and re-installing my pc window's. Os. It works since then.

Did you try another USB port? i've seen way too many times that windows buggers up the driver install during the detection phase. plugging the device into another usb port makes it think it's a new device and attempts to re-install the driver.

I have this same problem and can't wait for an update to fix. Every time I think of taking tons of time to do workarounds I put it off until "later" which never comes.

I just use drag and drop and it works so easily. Even RIM Support advised it. They were not able to help, and said it was a known issue. Having to go thru all these contortions to sync the PB has got to be fixed. (..."dislocate shoulder, squeeze head and one arm through small hoop, and press DM Sync ..."). Puhleez let 2.1 fix this problem plus let me sync my PBs with Outlook either directly or thru Bridge!!!

I really appreciate everyone's willingness to post detailed helps here, and plan to keep this post. The CrackBerry Nation is the best.

This is a well known glitch that exists on the Windows and Mac versions of BlackBerry Desktop Manager. It seems to be related to PlayBooks only, I've been experiencing this issue since November of 2011, immediately after having updated my Desktop Manager on my Mac, it appears that there is a choke point whenever a yet to be specified number of apps are installed on a PlayBook, RIM's software syncs with all of the BlackBerry phones we have at my household AND with my wife's PlayBook which only has a handful of apps installed, but it fails every time I've tried to sync mine. I've tried every solution that has been offered just about everywhere with no luck, I hope that the folks at RIM get this problem resolved soon, I'm getting tired of the inconveniences that seem to take forever for RIM to fix.

Sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing with your PlayBook.
I would recommend using the following KB's from

If at all possible, to narrow down the scope of the issue, try the following as well:
- Attempt to connect the your PlayBook with another computer. (if that works, then the issue is with your computer and the above mentioned KB may provide a fix)

- Attempt to connect someone else's PlayBook to your computer. (If that works, then we know the issue is with your PlayBook.) In this case, there is an official way to force a reload of OS into a PlayBook in "broken state". Unfortunately, I cannot say any more about that process here.

But you could contact BlackBerry Direct Customer support (1-877-644-8405) to assist you with this issue. Regarding them charging you for support, it really depends on the agent you get. Agents do have the ability to wave the charge and proceed with complimentary support. So simply explain your self and your frustration without getting angry and they will wave the charge.

When you call BDCS, there will be 2 outcomes;
1. they will fix your issue or
2. they will replace/repair your device.

My suggestion is to stay calm when you talk to your support agents, simply because the faster you let them exhaust all troubleshooting steps, the faster they will be able to get you approved for a RMA.

Hope this helps.

Sometimes it all goes down to reinstalling windows clean.

I had to do that numerous times because windows flunked out on the drivers database and could use any of my USB hardware. Maybe try that, as that's what I have been going about to get my desktop to recognize my blackberry bold 9900 and windows keeps killing desktop manager before it even starts. Yeah, same issue. It worked before, then stopped after the last sync. Been using the netbook to do that now.