Dear Berry: Ouch!!

By Mara Blumenthal on 11 Jul 2008 06:31 pm EDT

Dear Berry Dear Berry,

I am all a twitter! I just ordered my very first Blackberry, and it is on the FedEx truck as I am typing this. It was supposed to be delivered today, but it never came so anxiously I tracked the package. The friendly computer on the other end of the line told me it was set to be delivered on Monday. MONDAY!!!! Today is Friday!!! I wanted to play with my new toy all weekend long, but now I'm barely going to get any alone time with it before I have to display it to the world. Help! What can I do to keep my mind off this terrible tragedy? Thanks,

- FedEx Furious!

Dear FedEx Furious!,

I can't tell you how much I empathize with you! There have been so many electronics I have tracked just to find much to my dismay that the item is coming later than expected. Even a couple of days seems like a lifetime!!

I must congratulate you on being a new owner of a BB. Of course you will love it and it sounds like the addiction has already taken hold. To help you manage through the weekend and be ready to prepare your wonderful new companion for the world to see, spend the weekend time on Read through the forums, go to the store on the site, view the free ringtones, etc. and when you receive your new beauty you will be ready and armed for all you want to install and how you want it to appear (themes, etc.). Order any accessories in advance that you are sure you want so that way you will feel involved with it before it even arrives. Spend as much time as you have on the Internet learning and getting ready to customize your BB. The weekend will fly by and on Monday the sun will be shining directly on you when the FedEx truck shows up!

Enjoy and have a great time on and with your new and shiny BB!

- Berry

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Dear Berry: Ouch!!


The day my new 8330 was supposed to arrive we passed a FedEx truck on the way to lunch and I had to be convinced to not approach and harrass er make friends with the driver. Granted it was a FedEx Ground truck and mine was coming FedEx Air, but the manic urge was still there.

study and look up everything about ur brand new lover, what you want to add to it. look up themes and software so you know exactly what you will be getting and you wont waste precious time.

Get yourself an iPhone? iPhone are nice looking and they have alot of nice features but, try typing a long email on that thing, have fun with that. I will never use anything but BlackBerry.

yeah, I agree - get yourself and iphone, that way you will appreciate your BB even more when you get it.

although I am a month behind on reading this I feel like I wrote that dear berry myself I am now typing and waiting for my new BB in pink to arrive I ordered it this a.m was told that because I ordered it btwn eight and four that it will arrive's hoping!