Dear Berry: Feeling iPhone Pressure!

By Mara Blumenthal on 16 Jul 2007 10:11 am EDT

Dear Berry with Mara BlumenthalDear Berry,

My husband is an Apple NUT. He was 2nd in line at the Apple store to get an iPhone - which he successfully purchased. I must admit it's a beautiful electronic however, I'm in love with my Blackberry (at times before my husband). He has been bothering me ever since the IPhone ads began months ago to switch from my Blackberry. I use my Blackberry for business (am self-employed) and pleasure. We are now fighting because I have told him for the last time I am NOT switching and that the iPhone doesn't meet my needs. Maybe if he reads it from you, he will believe there are other people who aren't totally focused on this iPhone. Thanks for your help.

iPhone Pressured

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Dear "iPhone Pressured",

Yes, the iPhone is a beautiful device, I agree. As an iPod/media device with a magnificent display and sleek design, it's great. I myself find it a beauty. However, as a business device, the Blackberry can't be beat. Additionally, RIM had focused on the consumer market with their 8800 and Curve. For receiving and answering emails, the Blackberry is way ahead of not only the iPhone. The iPhone has inconsistent call quality, a slow data connection, typing is difficult and it lacks Bluetooth support. That being said, as an expensive media device, your husband has made a nice choice. For you, it doesn't sound like leaving your Blackberry behind would make anyone happy, especially you (which in turn would most likely make your husband very unhappy :>)). You're not pressuring him to switch to a Blackberry, please let him know that gadgets are a personal thing and "different strokes for different folks". I hope he enjoys his new iPhone as you will continue to enjoy your Blackberry!


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Dear Berry: Feeling iPhone Pressure!


...whatever you do, don't give into the iPhone! You'll regret it; nothing can match the power of the BlackBerry!

I sound bias, don't I? Well, I am - LOL

I have been struggling with the decision of whether I want to give up my amazing Blackberry Curve to upgrade to the iPhone. I've listed my Curve on Craigslist and I always chicken out. I just can't give up my Curve! It's the best Blackberry ever!!! So I carry my ipod shuffle to the gym...who cares;) Hang in there and DON'T DO IT!!!

Can the iPhone allow users to type long messages and email quickly and easily?

Can the iPhone send and receive MMS messages?

Can 3rd party applications be installed easily on the iPhone for more options later down the road?

Can the iPhone easily sync with and take all of your Outlook content on the road?

Can the iPhone seamlessly integrate multiple email accounts from several places including exchange email? And have it all pushed?

Can iPhone act as a MOBILE device that can be used one handed and on the go easily to check email, write quick responses and other things?

I phone has some cool stuff. But all of the cool things are absolutely useless when it comes to business. Once the cool factor wears off. You are left with a device without much functionality at all, cumbersome to use in a business environment, and limited to the functionality that is there. The iPhone is wowing people with its looks and interface. But when it comes down to it, it is a very poor replacement for a Blackberry and what it does best.

The curve pounds out the iphone. Texting on the apple is so F***ing stupid. My curve has a full keyboard that dosent select every letter around it.also we got that beautiful little pearl on our PDA that is awesome. The only thing the apple got on us is its ability to view streaming video by the way R.I.M is working on that so hang tight and fight the apple heads , berry lovers

i must say i was thinking about switching to an iphone, but im scared i will regret that decision. i most deff love my curve..

I own an iphone have had it about 3 months now I am switching to a black barry
The iphone can’t even forward text messages no picture messaging.
I bought and it was a mistake it’s so bad I am paying the termination fees to switch companies to not only save 60.00 a month but get the black berry.

I'll use it my car for an mp3 player or sell it

where do find the free aps. the one that makes crackberry show up on my cell phone as though i was using a computer