Dear Berry: I Don't Know What To Do

By Mara Blumenthal on 17 Nov 2008 09:10 am EST

Dear Berry Dear Berry,

So I'm a kid who loves the BlackBerry phones. I just got to upgrade to a new phone on AT&T and I was thinking of getting the BlackBerry Bold but  I found out that it was so expensive. But I wanted it so bad so I tried to get the money for it but my parents said no to it because they weren't going to get it for me. I then had to upgrade right away to a BlackBerry Curve 8310 which is really good but then I went to the store the other day and saw the Bold on display and I fell in love with it. I wanted the phone so bad but the only thing stopping me was that price. The price was so high and I couldn't ask my parents for the money so I was thinking of saving money up for the phone so I could get it without the plan and just not tell them. I then thought that through and thought it was kind of bad. So I thought of trying to do a contest but I had no chance of winning. I would do anything that anyone would tell me to do just to get the phone. It looks so nice and I really want to get one but I can't figure out how. Please help if you can.

- Needs Money for a New Bold!

Dear "Needs Money for a New Bold!",

I completely understand your frustration and you sound like you love and are addicted to BBs already. It is true that the BOLD is an incredible device but it also is true that the Curve is great. Most importantly, you have to be able to afford the device.

I have a couple of suggestions:

  • How about doing jobs around the house and for neighbors and saving up?
  • I don't know your age but is it reasonable for you to get a part time job and save for the device that way (I'm assuming you're in school)?
  • How about asking your parents for the device for the holidays or even for them to pay for part of it for the holidays? Or if you get multiple gifts from several family members maybe they all could put in dollars so you could buy the device that way?

It's great that you're so involved with the BlackBerry and that you have a Curve. I hope one of these ideas works for you but if not just take your time and save up for the next device or for a BOLD as the price drops in time. Trust me, you will always love the new and improved BlackBerry as time goes on. So if for some reason it doesn't work out this time however, I hope it does, it will down the line at some point.

Thanks for writing in and let us know at Crackberry what happens.

- Berry
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Dear Berry: I Don't Know What To Do


If you work for it, it can be bought.....

SMH...Why does this NOT surprise me?
The other day I saw a 7 year old with a BB 8220 Pearl Flip.

A few weeks ago, we sold a Tilt to a 10-year-old. It made me a little sick to my stomach, but it's what the kid wanted and the parents were willing to buy. Hopefully, with four new QWERTY "dumbphones" available for kids who've just wanted smartphones for texting, situations like these will become more rare.

Sunday I was in my ATT store getting a holster for my Curve, and a Mom was buying her son an iPhone. Kid looked to be about 13. While standing there ENDLESSLY waiting to check out, I heard the ATT guy ask the Mom if she wanted her sons plan to stay the same. She said yes, and the guy says" So, we will leave txting blocked, no internet, and XX minutes of phone calls". I'm thinking to myself, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS KID DOING WITH AN IPHONE THEN!!!! Show off to the friends?? NO txt, NO net, basic minutes.....he could have gotten a RAZR........

Some ways i have been raising $ for my storm is by Talking to people who have old cell phones who don't use them. Even in used conditions, you could sell it them for anywhere from $70 on down. The thing to keep in mind is that the people who need to process insurance for phones nee replacement phones. I Stopped by a few cellphone stores in my town and told them that if anyone needs a replace ment phone for cheap, have them call me. I usually sell the phones cash for 40 if it is in decent shape. Everyone wins and you keep making $ for that bold. I have made enough for my storm doing only this.

If it's been 30 days or less since your upgrade to the Curve, return it to the store from which you purchased it and have your upgrade reversed. Go back to using your old phone, or use a friend's or family member's spare phone, with your SIM. Meanwhile, save up for the Bold. Within the next couple months, one or both of the following will happen: (1) the price of the Bold will decrease; (2) you'll have saved enough money to buy the Bold with your upgrade. Please note, however, that you will not be eligible to receive the $100 mail-in rebate for the Bold unless you subscribe to the BB data plan. Also note that unless you have a BB data plan, Wi-Fi is disabled on the AT&T Bold. Good luck!

You simply must find a way to own this phone, even if you have to sell blood in the parking lot! Hands down this is the best phone...not really phone, but communications/entertainment device...EVER! Just remember, where there is a will, there is a way!

good of you to post your dilemma, as we all have pretty much the same issue. i would like to see the bold offered through verizon, but am using the curve until such time.

i will though put on my crap detector and say i doubt you are a kid, but an adult posing as a kid trying to get us crackheads feeling sorry for you and put up the cash to buy you a bold. silly rabbit, trix are for kids.

be a grown up and put it on your credit card like the rest of us.

if you are a kid, and were my kid, you would only be allowed to have a basic phone and work to afford an upgrade like that. i know how kids are with abuse to their phones. the bold is a pretty expensive device to drop, break or loose.

good luck "kid".

ha wow i am definitly a kid. im 17 and i just wanted to post saying i had no idea on what to do to raise that kind of money as quickly as possible. im not an adult "possing" as a kid.

Hi berryaddict1022,

I run I'm also a bold user (and hardcore, long-time Blackberry user). In fact, I'm typing this on my Bold right now. ;) At Moola, you can play games and win real money. It's not impossible to make a few hundred bucks in a short amount of time if you put your mind to it (a little luck helps too). Email me at the address above and I'll help you out.

PS: Btw, why the Bold and not the Storm? I figured a "kid" would prefer touchscreen device like the Storm...

Similar to what someone had mentioned before, if you it has been less than 30 days return your new upgrade and go back to your old phone. Wal-mart through Let's Go is offering a free Blackberry Bold if you sign a 2 year contract and subscribe to a particular plan (read the details).

If it has been more than 30 days, then you could sell your phone on eBay and probably get around $200. Then you can buy the new Blackberry Curve 8900 unlocked for $500.

The new Curve is amazing and is the Bold's cousin but slimmer. The new Curve just came out on T-Mobile in Germany so the US should be seeing the phone shortly. Hopefully at the end of the day for $300 ($500 - $200) you have a Bold capable phone that is unlocked and can use on any GSM network.

Hope that helps,

If your parents are still buying your stuff for you, maybe a Blackberry Bold isn't for you. What do you expect to do with it anyway? Look at how pretty it is? Or text your parents when its time for them to pick you up from school?

my parents didnt buy me the phone. i wasnt allowed to buy the bold but i still want it and i couldve had the money but instead i had to use it on the curve. and im 17 so i dont think i would be txting my parents. i use the blackberry for everything.

How about waiting for the Curve 2 aka Javelin? Same crisp screen and a better camera. The Bold is mostly marketed toward business people. Take it from me, you don't want to be carrying it in class. Not because it's big, but the fact that it is pretty expensive and many will try to steal it.

I'm in med school and I still don't like to carry it in class.

i do love blackberry as my love ! and especially Bold ....and u already known that's why i love it right ! Even the price more and more expensive here , Vietnam !
and i think the good way for us ......for young ppl , save money for our wish or find a job to earn money for it !
Hopefully our wish will come true in near future !

i do have a job but only during summer. i dont have time to go to work but now i was thinking of trying to find a part time job and idc if u were working at 12. i have money for the phone, im just not allowed to touch it until im 18 but i just wanted to see if i could buy it earlier without a job now and figure out ways of getting it soon.

I too would like the new bold!!! The one thing that I'm considering is using blackberry's trade up program!!! On the blackberry website they have a trade up program where they give you cash for your old devices!!! It's worth a shot!

Good luck!

get a job.

next year you can vote and kill foreign people in the military. do you still think your a kid? if so you got some serious growin up to do.

let this whole situation be a lesson to you: nothing comes for free. if you want something you should have to earn it. your parents would have to earn the money for the phone so why cant you? most people were basicly on their own at 17 and not begging their parents for stuff they want but def dont need.

at 17 without a job living at home off your parents what could you possibly need a blackberry for in the first place? lets hear some real reasons...

ok so i live with my parents and i dont have a job now because i only work during the summer. i have applied to many places but now i have just given up and i dont live off my parents. i have saved money up but not allowed to touch any of it right now because its meant for college. they didnt buy me anything, ive earned money for my own things thank u very much. i bought my phone, i pay my bill and i do more then u can imagine. but my reason for asking the dear berry is because i wanted to know if there were any other ways on getting money. i have loads of money that i can use for the phone but i cant touch it so next time u run ur mouth.......dont.

hahahaha are you serious?!


1. you don't have a job.

2. your a little kid.

3. you live at home on your parents dime. just because you pay your cellphone bill yourself does not mean you are living on your own supporting yourself like an adult.

4. you have no control of your own financial situation.

5. saying stuff like "i do more then you could imagine" to someone you dont know at the age of 17 is the equivalent of saying "i have no idea what its like to live on my own so i yell at adults that "dont understand" my little high school world" when of course we are much older then you and actually do remember better then you think.

6. bragging about your "loads of money" that you cant touch shows how childish you really are.

so yes...i may have "opened my mouth" as you call it but you are the one begging for a blackberry that they dont need. expect some comments about it and grow up a little.

so once again ill ask you....what do you possibly need a blackberry phone for? its a buisness barely even need a cellphone from what i can tell....

i applaud your parents for not just giving in and buying you the new hot item you can take to high school and either break or have stolen. there needs to be more parents with control of their kids like yours.

so let me say congrats that you actually are an a hole. the only fricken thing that i dont pay is the bills. i do everything else and the money i have that i cant touch if for college. im not spending my college money on a phone and they rnt buying it for me. im trying to figure out ways other then a job for earning money for the phone. i dont have a job bc i only had a summer job to start with. i had jobs before but had to quit to be able to work in the summer. and ive been applying for jobs but nobody responded yet. and im not childish, ur the one that shouldnt be saying anything bc ur the one that is taking ur sweet time and saying rude comments to a fricken kid that wants to know other ways on earning money. so take ur blackberry and shove it up ur a** bc i have had it with people thinking im childish and dumb for not having a job and why i should have a buisness phone. and i have a curve and i use everything. i have had my managers email me, some colleges email me links and i use everything that a blackberry is meant for. so stick it.

paying your bills is what being an adult is all about. you just said your parents pay your bills. you are def not an adult. your a child.

as an employer its pretty obvious to me as why you dont get call backs. your attitude sucks and you are apparently not mature enough to handle life outside your parents house yet.

you contradict yourself so many times in your last temper tantrum that its not even worth pointing it all out. i really dont have the time becuase i do have a job and pay my own bills.

my suggestion is that you stop crying, shut your mouth and go find a job. nobody cares that you think you are having a hard time. i know people with families having ALOT harder time then you and i dont see them here begging for phones they dont need.

oh...and my favorite part of your last freak out was:

"so take ur blackberry and shove it up ur a** bc i have had it with people thinking im childish and dumb..."

thats just comedy gold!

im 18.

i have a car.
i have a blackberry bold (that i bought on ebay not from att so it was even more expensive)
i pay my bill
i pay my insurance
i have a job
i buy everything i need to live
and ive been doing this all since i was 16.

so dude grow a pair and buy the bold, get a job, and get out from under your moms wing. living at home is ok just dont act like you live with your parents. act like your independent, cause at 17 you pretty much should be

i do everything u do and im not explaining my whole life story on here just so people can bash me even more. i have a car to i pay my phone bill i pay insurance on my car i have a job but im not gonna go nd waste money on a bold when i need it for other things. i just put this up here wondering if there was anyother ways to get it. nd when u said ebay i think that helped.

Why dont u wait for the new will b coming out soon and looks like the BOLD..the bold is nice but more for the business sect/job market.The curve is more has more appeal for the younger crowd..good luck

If you're a kid, then likely you're not using your Blackberry for e-mail, and if you are you are probably wasting your money on the service just getting e-mails from your friends and favorite webisites. I'm guessing most of you and your friends can get your conversations done using text. The bigger question, which I think someone brought up already is, you're 17 and you don't have a job? Unless you're some sort of super jock who plays sports every day after school all year long you should have a job. You're probably exactly what is wrong with today's youth. You all want "stuff" but aren't willing to do the work to pay for it.

Um get over it. You don't need a blackberry phone. 1st there to much money and ur to lazy to find a job. 2nd ur to lazy and ur always playing wii. 3rd ur always on the phone with me. 4th ur always playing pokemon. Last but not least ur not a good money saver. Ur always wasting ur money on corny stuff.. Like me =]]] but im not whinning over a phone so it doesn't matter ^.^


seriously. your not even mature enough to give intelligent answers to people! i think its great they posted your pathetic letter begging for a phone you dont need! in case you havent figured it out yet the joke is on you and we are all laughing...

o calm the hell down. culoberry is one of my friends. she was just messing around with me. geez. i wasnt begging for a phone. nd i know i dont need it. just like if u have a blackberry u dont need it either. its things we want in life. nothing is needed. if we want something we wont stop til we get it. so i will figure out a way to get the bold. i dont care if u think im childish. i think ur the one thats childish bc ur on this site typing coments to people just to start shit. thanks for the comment ass hole.

what are they teaching you in school? you cant even put together an intelligent sentence yet you want a smartphone....oh the irony!

at least your now admitting you dont need it...

Whhoaaa jerk u don't even know me iight. When u get on my level then ill let u talk to me like that u got me fool? Andd r we going to the mall this weekend? =P

Back stabbath. You need to stop coming on this site and leaving comments to kids. Your probably like 12 and have no life of your own and you spend all your time on sites like this so make your pathetic life worth something.

Wow do you think your cool now because you said idiocy and it worked right in the sentence? *claps* good for you. But I think you should check yourself before you reck yourself. So if your calling me an idiot, you better check yourself because your the one "fighting" with in your words "childish kids" so please get a life =]

i bet the phrase "check yourself before you wreck yourself" is alot older then you...but props anyway for trying to look tough by quoting old das efx lyrics. hahaha

I understand your situation. I also understand only having a job during the Summer but as some people have mentioned, trying to get a part time job that you only work a few hours a week is one option. I used to be a "latest and greatest" addict when I was in high school (not that long ago) and I've learned that patients is a virtue. I know how it is to want something so badly you'd almost do anything because you want the Bold...back in the day I wanted the Razor when it first came out. Like some of these people said, I would definetly wait till the price always does... You can take this with a grain of salt, but I'm only trying to give advice from past experiences. Either way, good luck getting your phone. I hope it works out!

I understand the situation, many people posting comments about this dont. When you were a kid-or even WHATEVER the age you were- do you remember wanting something so bad that it was all that you could dream about and more? Well obviously this boy, fell in love with the bold. Not very hard to do. I suggest to him that he finds a decent paying part time job- and just start saving up. Thats all you can do for now- but in the meantime the price will lower and it will become easier to purchase for a more affordable cost. To the people saying that kid's shouldn't have blackberrys, well-too bad. It's not going to STOP him from wanting the phone. He wants what he wants, and personally I think it is great for him- he wants to be up to date on the latest technology, and the bold is by far a wonderful smartphone with alot of capabilities. Kids are getting more and more smart these days- and we are ALL becoming more and more dependant on our phones. Just remember- these "kids" are going to be taking care of you "older" people one day- you can either complain and get nowhere, or suck it up- and watch the world of technology advance. So good luck to you on the bold, I hope you get it :]

From the very first sentence I had a feeling this whole story is made up.
What kinda 17 year old would call theme self a kid???
I had lots of fun reading the responses, the fights and good old advises.

HAHAHAH crackberry has become the new myspace lol.

now ppl can get on here and argue and check to see if ppl are going to the mall

i love it. when can i add my profile song?

thanks for the advice. i actually found a new job so now i have two jobs but i havent gotten around to getting the bold yet. maybe ill wait for it to go down in price some more before i go get it.

thanks for the advice. i actually found a new job so now i have two jobs but i havent gotten around to getting the bold yet. maybe ill wait for it to go down in price some more before i go get it.