Dear Berry: How do I import contacts from my Curve to the Z10

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By Dear Berry on 8 Dec 2013 07:04 am

Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Today's question comes from Heather who asks:

I have gotten rid of my old Curve, and saved my contacts on Blackberry Desktop Manager before letting it go.  I now have a new Z10.  There seem to be a couple of ways of switching devices and transferring old contacts and everything else from one to the other, but only if you still have both devices!  I am getting frustrated with the whole thing.  Is there anything I can do with the saved contacts in my old desktop manager files?

In order to help Heather with her issue, I first instructed her to download BlackBerry Link. Once the program was installed on her computer, I said she should be able to pull the old Desktop Manager backup files by performing a selective restore to retrieve the address book entries. 

I am happy to inform you that this procedure worked for Heather and have shared the instructions on how to do so below. For those of you unfamiliar with performing a selective restore when transferring from a legacy device to BlackBerry 10, simply follow these steps. When going from one BlackBerry 10 device to another or just restoring the same one, these advanced features are not offered. You can learn more about backing up and restoring your BlackBerry 10 device with Link here.

However, please note these directions are for Windows running the latest version of Link only. Those who utilize the Mac version will find this feature is limited. 

Perform a selective restore - Windows 

  • ​​Connect your device to your PC via the USB Cable 
  • Launch BlackBerry Link from the desktop icon if it does not automatically run
  • From the menu on the left hand side under your device name select Back Up and Restore 
  • Under Settings, ensure the application points to the correct backup location
  • Under Actions click on Restore Device
  • In the popup box, select the backup (device and date) that you wish to restore information from
  • Make sure "restore all data" is not checked off
  • Under that heading, check off all of the available databases (not all legacy data is supported) that you wish to transfer from your old device to your BlackBerry 10 handset (i.e. Address Book, Calendar, or Browser Bookmarks)
  • When finished, click on Restore and accept the warning that the current data will be replaced with that on the file selected

Using these directions you will be able to transfer select data from your legacy device over to your new BlackBerry 10 handset just as Heather did. 

Download the latest Windows and Mac versions of BlackBerry Link here

See you next time!

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-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Ka Nos

CrackBerry should accept BITCOIN For payments. It's the future!

Here is mine!

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I think they do now...

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Dave Bourque

They do accept bit coins...



it would be better to advise people to use BlackBerry Protect to switch between legacy and 10.
Much easier and more reliable

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I don't think BlackBerry Protect has that feature in bb10.

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BlackBerry Protect does have the feature for Z10 that's how I switch from my torch.

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My bad, sorry.

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Yeah, if you have a backup from a legacy device stored in the cloud with BlackBerry protect you can access it with BlackBerry Protect on your new phone. But as others have said, BlackBerry really needs to bring the Cloud Backup capabilities that Legacy devices have to BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry desperately needs their own in house, secure iCloud, Google Drive, Skydrive competitor. I am sad that they sold Newbay and then proceeded with a BES 10 only cloud solution. They need a consumer offering as well.


Alternatively, there is another option which is using the Device Switch app. I believe there was a post about it a while ago but, essentially, you install the app on both legacy and BlackBerry 10 device and it acts as medium to transfer contacts/calendar etc.


There is also a hassle free method mentioned on this forum that requires no PC/Mac software and no settings to fiddle with. Install IntouchApp on your BB10 devices and upload your backup - thats it. There is a small $5 fee for the service but its well worth it for the time saved. Your contacts also stay backed up after that so you never have to worry about losing them. Here is the post:


It's about time BlackBerry should update Protect to the features it used to have on legacy devices. I don't want to be dependent on Link or any desktop. I bought my Q10 so I don't have to use my laptop anymore. I thought that's what mobile computing was all about. I'd rather have my contacts and passwords etc. stored in BlackBerry's save cloud, than in some 3rd party's cloud. So please BlackBerry update Protect to the features it had on BBOS.

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Agreed 100%

BlackBerry may be focused on retaining their enterprise customer base and selling BES 10, but they really can't forget entirely about consumers if they hope to have any of them choose a BlackBerry device to BYOD. It's been nearly a year and BlackBerry 10 still is struggling to reach feature parity with Legacy BlackBerry OS and has been totally reliant so far on 3rd parties for Cloud storage and Backup.


Also the device switch application that you can install for free on androids, old Black berry's, and iPhones, all you have to do is install the app on both devices. Connect both devices to wifi and you can transfer contacts, photos and videos. Really awesome I had to use it when I switched from iPhone to BlackBerry. Also when I had a friend switch from an old BlackBerry to a s4. All you do is pair them both via bluetooth. Click the android device that is paired in the list and click send contact information. Works as well

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I will be doing this very soon BUT my charging/USB port on my older BB just recently broke and I can only charge by using a wall charger (with the battery out). When I switch to my Z10 how can I transfer all contacts, calendar, apps..etc. I haven't done a backup in a while. Can I do this via bluetooth between both BB phones??


By following the advice above your post from natehirji


i moved succesfuly all the data from old curve 8900 to Q5 except SMS and call log history,altough it says it was transfered but it isn't...tryed 3 times same results


The app (device switch) should perform this task with no hassle

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i have tried(device switch),but does not have SMS or call log to select as BB link does, it has only:contacts,calendar,photos,videos,notes,documents wich i have allready transfered...thank you anyway..


Why can't I just save all my contacts, including the bbm contacts and other contacts... the whole address book with every detail and contact links via BlackBerry Link on my personal computer. So that when I restore the contacts everything is back the way it was and I don't have to re-link contacts or change or modify or do any single thing... a true 100% back up of contacts and restore...

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Or just use bluetooth.

Recommending BBRY users to use BlackBerry Link is like recommending a firefighter to take a 7 story building fire out with a Dixie cup.


not with a dixie cup... but by spitting... ;-)


I think the best thing to do is to always keep your contacts on your computer or USB drive in the first place and not just a proprietary backup file that needs to be interpreted by specific software.

I've never had to wonder how to get my contacts to a new device since the Ericsson days, before Sony partnered up. That's when phones had infrared ports that I used with my PocketPC to get online and send email and surf the web.

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If it's just contacts, why can't you Bluetooth them over without the use of Software?
1. On the Curve add the Z10 as a Bluetooth paired device.
2. Then highlight the Z10 on the Curve's Bluetooth devices and press the menu.
3. Select Transfer Contacts.

BlackBerry is the only OS that allows this. Android and iOS do not allow bulk contact transfer at the OS level, they have "apps" that can do it however.


Quoted text in the post is too dark to read comfortably on CB10.

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Lol people are still buying blackberry :o

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Like nothing else has their issues?

Nothing else truely multi-tasks. Nope not possible with a monolithic kernel aka iOS and Android.

Nothing else has true native security built into the OS the others have bolt on after thought band-aids.

Nothing else has a device originated encryption key to secure messaging.

So what other POS do you have in mind?


Lol iPhone :) like I have Z10 n iPhone but z10 is not good at all like it's slow and then when you reboot u ha e to wait for hub to reload and it takes ages... but hour point are also good :)

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Here's what I did to move contacts from an 8300 to a z10.

1) use desktop manager to transfer contacts from 8300 to desktop
2) use BB Link to sync desktop contacts with z10


Folks, the BB10 platform has been out for almost 1 year, and it is inexcusable that BlackBerry still has no easy ("it just works") way to transfer your contacts from a "legacy" BlackBerry device to a BB10 device.

Remember, the "legacy" (as labelled by BlackBerry itself: obsolete, end-of-life) BlackBerry users still outnumber the BB10 users by a huge margin.

Coupled with the BB10 inability to properly sync with MS Outlook, with missing/double/triple contacts bug.
Now we know why!


Why wait for Blackberry to build something when there is IntouchApp? Today, every functionality on a smartphone is really an app. Why force yourself to use apps chosen by Blackberry? You have the freedom to chose the app of your choice. Just like you people use Dropbox for their files, they should use IntouchApp for contacts. No more headaches as its cross-platform. Moving from a legacy device to a BB10 takes only minutes with IntouchApp. No wonder they are a top-10 productivity app on AppWorld.

La Plancha

Im on a q10 running 10.2.1. That I recetly downloaded. Now I dont have my factory apps(media,pics, etc). Cant ssee pics or videos or even listen to music. What. Can I do?

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After update of my z10 from 10.1 to 10.2,after each call it starts hanging, I have to turn off and on before it starts working normal again, it's depressing for 2 weeks

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Can someone please tell me where to download sachesi app? I want to update my software.

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Please we want a way to hide the bar

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Hi folks I have a Z10 with OS, 10.2.0 .424, but I am having a big challenge adding a facebook account to my hub, when I download it requires me to re-login and then the screen just bug!
Also is there an app for screen shot and for voice recording that you can advise to download.
Pls help.

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Hi! I don't know if there is a fix for the FB/hub bug but you can search the forums here for a possible solution (I have never had this issue myself). As for screen capture and voice recording, both features are built into the BB10 OS already. For screenshots, press both volume buttons simultaneously. It will capture your screen and save it in the Photos folder.
Voice recordings require you to launch the Remember app. Right in the middle of the bottom row of icons is the Voice Note icon. Click on that to launch the Voice Note Recorder. You can find the resultant recorded voice notes by opening the File Manager and checking in the voice folder on your device.
I hope this was helpful...


Can som1 help me here? I upgraded ma OS to 10.2.0 and I can't find the NFC under ma share app again. Wht can I do to get it back? Pls, help.

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Ma music can't play via an ear piece, is dis a phone problem or thre is a way I need 2 set it? Pls help.

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I can't figure out how to sync memopad from BlackBerry Bold to Q10. Any suggestions

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kamal lyall

Use Device switch

Q10 is marijuana


This never worked for me while trying to transfer backup from my Bold 9780 to the Z10. It never saw the legacy device's backup file no matter how many times I pointed Link to the correct folder...