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Dear Berry: How do I update my OS when OTA and BlackBerry Link fail?

Need advice on how to solve your BlackBerry woes? Dear Berry is here to save the day.

By Dear Berry on 11 Nov 2013 08:58 am EST

Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Today's question comes from Kevin who asks:

The phone on my Z10 is not working. I cannot make or receive calls. I've tried restarting the device, and I've tried removing the SIM card and putting it back in. What's going on? My other issue is that I have tried multiple times to update my software to 10.x.x.xxxx, but every time I restart the phone after the update has been downloaded and installed, a message pops up saying the software update has failed. 

I decided to try and upgrade his OS first before tackling the calling issue as I felt upgrading the system would correct the other.

Now there are three options for users to install an operating system:

  1. BlackBerry Link
  2. Update on the web  
  3. Over-the-air (OTA)

As Kevin is a MAC user and the OTA method failed on several occasions I suggested using BlackBerry Link. Unfortunately, after several attempts this method failed as well. For those who experience issues such as this when attempting to perform an official OS update, these are the steps you can try to rectify the problem and allow it to install.

  • Remove the SIM card from your device
  • Turn off Location Services (Settings > Location Services)
  • Run the update in BlackBerry Link again

Using the above steps, Kevin successfully installed the OS on his Z10. After waiting for the device to turn back on (it is normal for it to take awhile), it was up and running and his phone call issue was solved as well. When updating your OS via the web or BlackBerry Link, please make sure the device remains plugged into your computer even when it is rebooting.

If you are having issues reloading the operating system on your BlackBerry 10 device be sure to read our full tutorial below or head over to the forums. One final piece of advice is that you should always remember to perform a full backup your device before installing an OS.

Thank you Kevin for sending this in and for your patience with the process.

How to reload the OS on a BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10

See you next time!

Have a question about BlackBerry etiquette? Need advice on how to cope with your BlackBerry addiction? Dear Berry has you covered and there's no question too big or problem too small. Submit any of your BlackBerry woes by email to or on Twitter @DearBerryCB.



None shall take the infamous first position!

Posted via CB10


You just did

Posted by z10 boss


Agreed in a clever way lol


In an annoying way.

Posted via CB10


Hahaha I meant it as in people don't shout they're first etc.

Posted via CB10


Well you did, and the tactful way to not bring attention to it is to not even say first at all. Comment on the article and not say anything about being first. That is the best way to take the first position


I have an ATT z10 and it's still on 10.1. Can I update to 10.2 using the method mentioned in this article?


Link and OTA suck, especially when waiting for American carriers to release updates. Use the sachesi updater instead.

Posted via CB10


sachesi works fine? It's a leak anyway, right?

Posted via my awesome BlackBerry Z10


It couldn't find an official one since they've not released for US carriers!

Posted via CB10


Hey Dear Berry,

I'm just curious - are you a latvian?


"As kev is a mac user" well theres his problem straight away, he uses that shite!

Posted via CB10

Bikram Kochar

Mine is not showing an update.. m still on 10.1. Waiting for 10.2..

Posted via CB10


mine shows a update 10.1 too. But, i already have one. Maybe if we update it 10.2 will appear just after that?

varun wasan

Useful info.

I have lost the ability to spell #AutoPrediction #AutoCorrect #Amazing Z10


Dear Berry,

What's in the box???


ive NEVER been able to have a successful software upload through mac's bblink. ever. and i have tried everything imaginable. ridic.


The whole OTA update really needs to improve. Why should we have to resort to old school methods like connecting a device via USB??? I have 2 users here both with a Q10 and 10.1 OS on Vodafone UK. One can upgrade to 10.2 and for the other it says he has the latest ! WTF is that about?

Posted via CB10


That's system is f*cking crazy!

Posted via CB10


Thanks for a helpful article.

Posted via CB10


I struggled to get an update!First the update was 468MB and after completing everything it tells me there's another update 1021MB.Checking my software showed it never updated to 10.2.I then downloaded the second update and downloading went on fine but installing stopped at 92%.I had to Use BlackBerry Link on my laptop when all went well.

Posted via CB10


Never had such issues but good to read this solution in this article!

Sent from my Z 30


The posted link for the Web update only seems to apply to OS 7 and earlier devices.

Posted via CB10


Thank God for this post! I upgraded to OS 10.2 the official way, directly through my Q10 and lost my phone and camera. Going to reload the OS now following these instructions.

Posted via CB10


My BBLink never showed the option "Update", no matter how many times I updated the software


I have never had an issue with the OTA update, but can't say the same for Link. It usually fails for me.


Had that problem when I did the 10.1 update and just tried full reboot and all was fine. Had no problem with the current 10.2 update

Posted via CB10


I'm still on 10.1 :(

Posted via CB10

Janis Apsitis

BB need to change update policy ASP and push all updates for everyone (like apple for iphone do)! not based on carrier


I tried to update using link. Turned off location services and then the update notification was there, but giving me the os version that i already have installed ( I decided not to update it because i didnt know if it could generate an os conflict. If i update to this 10.1 version i already have then 10.2 will be available after?


Hi @ all,
I am a new blackberry z30 user from Germany and generally new to the blackberry world.
So far I am doing great with the new device.
Just one question :
How can I find out the latest version for the z30 on bb10? Bblink tells me there is a new one but doesn't download it and on my device's ota automation it tells me there is no update.

So I'm a bit confused here.

Btw, my current version is and Bblink tells me about a version


Posted via CB10