Dear Berry: How do I set different wallpapers for the lock screen and homescreen

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By Dear Berry on 24 Aug 2013 11:30 am EDT

Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Today's question comes from a reader who asks:

I am looking to customize my BlackBerry Z10 and was wondering if there is way to set a different wallpaper for both the lock screen and homescreen?

Dear reader,

While we do not have the level of customization we were accustomed to with themes on BlackBerry legacy devices, two popular theme developers, Pootermobile and BBThemes, posted a workaround to this dilemma in the CrackBerry forums.

I modified the directions for the Z10 and Q10 running OS 10.1 and the leaked OS 10.2 (and of course it will work on the Q5). If you follow these simple steps you’ll be able to enjoy separate wallpapers on each of these screens for your BlackBerry 10 device. All of this is possible because of Parental Controls

  • Set the image you would like as the lock screen as your wallpaper before making any other changes
  • Swipe down from the homescreen and tap on Settings
  • Tap on Security and Privacy, and then Parental Controls
  • Toggle Parental Controls to ON and create a password for your new profile
  • Remember to leave all features set to ON to prevent your applications from being disabled
  • Your homescreen will default back to the original icon placement and the default background which is normal
  • Go back into Settings, tap on Display, and then Select Wallpaper to choose an image for your background
  • You may also go into the Pictures application and select from there as well by tapping on the overflow icon and selecting Set image as
  • Press the lock button at the top and voila, the background originally selected in the first step is displayed while the wallpaper activated after is on the homescreen when you swipe up

I can't help but love having two different walls for my display, even if it did involve rearranging the icons back to how I like them. However, once they are in your preferred order, changes are saved to the profile created by Parental Controls.

Again, special thanks to Pootermobile and BBThemes for sharing this wonderful tip. 

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See you next time!

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Reader comments

Dear Berry: How do I set different wallpapers for the lock screen and homescreen



This is too complicated for an average user...

One more reason people will chose a different platform.

Posted via CB10

Notice there was no jail breaking needed making your 700 dollar warranty phone under no warranty. Kinda win win if you think about it. BlackBerry rules, face it.

Too complicated for the average user......... (facepalm) do you still have velcro shoes too?

Posted via CB10

I remember trying this and it didn't work. Don't know if it was because I was using a higher OS or what but yeah....

Doesn't work with 10.2 it seems.

Note: to the people complaining about how many steps this takes, just realize that this is just a fun little hack that you can do if you want - - that's all!

Two wallpapers wasn't an intended feature of BB10! This hack just uses that fact that the "Primary" account and "Parentally Controlled" account can have different wallpapers. E.g.: your son can have his own wallpaper when using your phone with patent controls on, but he can't change your wallpaper selection.

So someone thought "Hey, I don't even have a kid, but I could use this as a trick to get two wallpapers! Cool!"

That's all this is. So I don't get all the whining here!

Posted via CB10

+1,2,3 oh and running OS10.2 and not on it maybe the official release will.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

It's a shame there isn't a straight forward way to manage this - or themes, generally. That level of customisabiility would be a boon for BlackBerry.

All these work arounds - great that they address missing functionality but really, just like with side loading; these are not practical.

Not everyone is going to be willing to do thid, and this level of complexity hurts BlackBerry 's standing and perception, in the eyes of the consumer.

All that said - good on the devs for a work around. This is why I rely on crackberry! :-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

At what point are you allowed to be critical of this new platform? And just to be fair, the platform may be new, but BlackBerry and mobile computing is not.

Many things BlackBerry users were accustomed to from legacy devices were left out of BB10, despite the users cries for these features to be readded since the launch of BB10.

We can burry our heads in the sand and watch the company implode if you feel that is the best course of action. Some of us, however, will iterate what we feel should be added to the platform to prevent such a thing from happening.


It's the attitude and mentality like yours why blackberry is going down. Bunch of excuses, nobody gives a rats ass.

Posted via CB10

1st of all stop calling people names, 2nd new platform or not, the ability to change something as simple as some kinda wallpaper (home screen or locked screen etc.. ) shouldn't take a year. (especially when they delayed bb10 saying that they didn't want to release an unfinished product, lol) .

Z10 Rocking

Thank you - my sentiments exactly.

Besides - I thought that was a balanced response. Why the name calling, I don't know.

I mentioned that I rely on crackberry - to clarify, because I can see my point may have been missed; I am grateful that a place like crackberry exists, so that I can achieve a level of functionality on par with the other platforms out there. The functionality I am used to.

Bury your head in the sand and spout sycophantic nonsense, if you wish; I only want to see BlackBerry succeed.

Ostensibly, BlackBerry released their os early, bereft of most of the features everyone else takes for granted. I understand why they did it. I equally understand that they are excelling at catching up all the time, as evidenced by all the leaks.

This idea that the os is new - simply emulating the basic feature set, as existed, would have created a great base platform, from which BlackBerry could then add to.

Irrespective of all of our opinions, it is what it is.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Changing the wallpaper is easy, the only difficult part is trying to have separate wallpapers... and even on my nexus 4, I can't do that without an app so why are we picking on BlackBerry for not doing something that even android can't do natively? Isn't ios the only one that has that functionality built in?

Agree with stopping the name calling BUT:

It's all about priorities on a new platform, and Wallpapers definitely aren't compared to other small itches appearing on daily use functions on BB10... let's keep this discussion reasonable...!!!

Posted via CB10

I think I will go with this option. They forgot to mention that once you complete all the steps (and it works by the way), if you had all of your apps in folders, adding the parental controls gets rid of them. So I now have 13 pages of unorganized applications. Once you remove the parental controls, it defaults back your last settings. So your folders will reappear and the prior wallpaper will come back. It's cool, but getting the lockscreen wallpaper app is a lot easier.

just tried this and it didn't work for me :( the second image i selected became the lockscreen image and the default wallpaper on the home screen reverted back to what it was when i loaded the 10.2 os

Too complicated for minimal results, this should be a simple tap and click, done. Not going 3,4 screens deep, turning off this and that. I'll wait until it's an easy option.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

The process just changes your lock screen! Then you go back and change your wall paper! It just sound difficult it's really easy!

Posted via CB10

Is "Dear Berry" Greek, by any chance? Because that explanation was sure "Greek to me".

That made "side loading an Android app" sound delightfully simple.

Posted via CB10

I have been using the work around for a few months now. But with the latest os10.2 I think 1371 it no longer works. The lock screen picture is changed but the home screen pic is stuck on the carrier default pic. Whenever you try to change the it's the lock screen picture that changes. Not the home screen.

Posted via CB10

Wow, some people are not sharp enough to follow simple instructions.
I wonder what job (certainly not a career) some of you brainiacs perform to support yourselves and your family. Get a dumbphone. Obviously the BlackBerry platform is for certain people. Those that require a phone a 5 year old kid can easily use, may I suggest an IPhone or an Android device.

Great find, thanks for the Simple fix.
Good day.

Go BlackBerry!

Posted one-handed via BlackBerry Z10

I agree with you. I'm surprised every time I read a comment about how hard something is. Don't get me wrong doing this on iOS and android is 1000x easier... but this is not hard either. Problem is no one wants to read and follow instructions anymore. Just push a button and make things work. I saw a post above where the guy said..." I changed the lock screen but the wall paper went back to default" WOW... the instructions said to change it once you're done. Same as people complaining the NFL app is not available for their devices in Canada, writer states at the bottom it will be released in Canada for the season opener. I don't understand some people. I get it, It's not as easy as how it is on other platforms but it can still be done, just requires a little bit of work. ( BlackBerry needs to make it easier) I agree with those saying that, but the people complaining that it's so hard to do,'s a simple step by step process that takes less that 1 minute literally...shhheeeeessshhhh

Posted via CB10

We shouldn't have to go through parental controls just to set a wallpaper on lock screen different from the one on home screen. This platform should be as user friendly as possible. Unfortunately it requires everyone to be a rocket scientist

Posted via CB10

Exactly. And all the excuses that this is a new platform are so preposterous, they just get added to the apologists' long list: it's a new platform, that [error/bug/omission] is by design, the iPhone had this problem [in 2007], I need a tool [even if it doesn't work], not a toy. None of them are of any value to an honest discussion of BlackBerry Pro and Cons.

Posted via CB10

Hmm. Well it worked fine for me, meaning the wallpaper is different. But for some reason it took all my apps that wer in folders by category OUT of the folders so now I will have to reorganize everything. I think.

Posted via CB10 with my BBQ

I turned parental controls off and now everything is in folders again. Phew! Interesting experiment though. I always like learning how to do different things on my phone.

Posted via CB10 with my BBQ

Actually it wasn't difficult to do at all, and I'm one of the worst for this type of thing.
I'm sure they'll make it easier in future or the 10.2 update.

Posted via CB10

Handy Tip not sure if this is known, if so sorry for posting.Also if you zoom into a certain part of a picture that you like and then set that as wallpaper that zoomed part ends up as your wallpaper,works best on hi-res pictures.

I figured this out by accident when I first got my phone. I couldn't figure out why my lock screen wallpaper was stuck until I Bing'ed it.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

Might try this, it's not complicated and I'm no geek, for those who say it's an odd way to change wallpaper you should try putting a contact in a Samsung smart phone, my dad has bought one and OMG it's horrible, it took about 4 different screens to get to add contact. FYI no way will I ever go to Samsung. Just for the record no one in the phone shop offered him a blackberry it was iphone or Samsung, he tried my Z10 and fell in love with it. Poor sod is stuck with his Samsung now for two years.

Nice idea but then we can't change the wall paper and It will stayed the blue one all the time. Every time we change wall paper it is gonna be the lock screen.

Posted via CB10

So, after setting this and resetting up ones home screen folders again, how does one change the lock screen photo again without having to reorganize everything back into folders on their home screen?

Posted via CB10

My z10 installed problem...working well...following instruction should be no problem. note. backup your files before updating 10.2.

Posted via CB10

Works perfect. And I bought an app when I first got my Z10 to do this. Thanks for the tip.

Posted via CB10

My galaxy: open picture cluck menu set as wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper. Done

Posted via CB10

So what do we do if we don't have parental controls on our Z10?

Like I literally do not have a parental control setting under Security and Privacy. Weird no?

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

This sucks as u have to rearrange icons any Damn time u want to change the lock screen background.

Posted via CB10

How many iPhone users does it take to set the wallpaper on a Z10?

....we'll start the clock after they get their "velcro shoes" tied.

Posted via CB10

Yeah was just about to say. Tried it out and same thing happened to me.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -

Yes, it is a rather simple work around...
But the point that many of the comments are trying to make is that we shouldn't have to do a work around for a simple task that was available on legacy units. This is BB10 for Pete's sake! It's supposed to be making steps forward and not stepping backward.
Yes there are improvements and good things about it, but lets not forget and leave behind all the options we had with the legacy devices either.

I think it sucks that BB is limited in so many ways that we have to resort to exploiting the very limitations that make BB weak in the first place. We went from features to glitches to glitches as features. Great trajectory here.

Whiners..... Go do something constructive like save a tree or a whale or save us from your whining!
Considering how dumb your whining sounds, perhaps you'd be better off trading in your Smartphone for a Dumbphone. At least, you'd feel smarter and wouldn't have to whine as much!

I've got the latest leak ( on my Z10 and the Two Wallpaper, Parental Control, Work-A-Round...
Works fine!
If it isn't working for you, turn off Parental Control, and REBOOT! Then give it another whirl!
And WHY would you have a problem keeping Parental Control On?
Did you have issues with your Mother as a child?

i hope BBQ10 in the next update will put options on settings for changing the color of the LED lights this would be pretty cool and people would buy in to it :) hopefully it will come true - from a BB fan since day 1 :)

Posted via CB10

Why home screen cannot setting animation wallpaper...?any method of doing..please help .thk.

Posted via CB10

Very cool
+ 10 to the Guy... explanation was very clear
Took me 30 seconds to do it...
The only problem is that when you
Remove the parental control, it goes back to the posted on the lock screen

Posted using my Z10 and CB10

Great tip! However it does work on Z10STL100-3/

Maybe on the official 10.2 release?

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the solution ! Way too complicated for average consumer. Hopefully 10.2 has option to set lock screen and home screen differently in Display settings.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely it's a problem to change the wallpaper in BlackBerry Z10 after I upgrade to the version 10.3.997, I tried to many times to change the wallpaper through the Settings -> Display -> Select Home Screen Wallpaper
But nothing changed no Home screen wallpaper nor the lock screen, so I have the way to do so following the procedures:
1- Install Ol File Manager from the following link:
2- Afterward, open Ol File Manager and navigate to the desired photo and open it using Gallery (of-course Gallery not appear on my home screen in this OS version) then tap on function key and select "Set picture as" and tap on "Wallpaper" and here is the selected wallpaper on your home screen
But if you want to change the wallpaper by the same way it won't work! so follow the procedures to change the wallpaper again:
Open Ol File Manager and navigate to the folder "Pictures" on the internal storage of the phone and delete the following files: ".wallpaper" and ".wallpaper_info.xml" that will solve the problem and set the wallpaper as the way I mentioned earlier.