Dear Berry: How do I save In Case of Emergency Numbers on BlackBerry 10?

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By Dear Berry on 27 Aug 2014 05:01 pm EDT

Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Today's question comes from Pervez who asks:

How do you save ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers on Z10? / BS10?

Hi Pervez,

Being able to reach specific contacts in an emergency situation is always important. For many individuals their device becomes a potentially lifesaving tool. For those who may not be aware ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. It allows friends, family, and even emergency personnel to quickly find contact information. There are several ways with which to accomplish this on BlackBerry and each person is different.

Contacts Application

The easiest method and the one that I use, is adding contacts with ICE preceding their name. For example, you can ICE1 – Mom, ICE2 – Dad, inputting their numbers in the entry. While it creates duplicate contacts, rather than modifying the existing ones, it does allow EMT's or other professionals to quickly navigate your emergency numbers.

In addition, you may create entries to include medical details, including allergies, medications you are using and additional relatives, friends, and physicians. Again you would precede the entry with the "ICE" tag so as navigate directly to them. Using the steps outlined above you could update your lock message to say where to find these contacts.

Keep in mind that your phone cannot be locked or password protected for these professionals to access your address book.

Lock Screen Message

If you have security enabled on your device you can add two emergency contacts to your lock screen as show in the image above. The reason I say this is when you lock or protect your device with a password, this hinders emergency personnel including police officers from accessing your contact list. While locked, you can make an emergency phone call.

  • Swipe down from the top bezel to bring the homescreen menu and select settings
  • Tap Security and Privacy > Lock Screen
  • Scroll down to the Lock Screen Message
  • In the Line 1 and Line 2 fields, you have room to enter in at least two contacts and their telephone numbers.

Setup a background image with your details

As mentioned before, people lock their device for security and privacy reasons. However, this poses a downside. While it prevents strangers from accessing your data when lost or stolen, there is no way to view your ICE information. While we discussed adding a lock screen message, another quick fix is by changing your background or lock screen image (this can be done with the help of a third-party wallpaper changing application).

This quick and simple solution will allow you to add emergency information including your name, medical condition, contacts, etc. to your screen. Just be sure to check how it looks first so that there is nothing blocking the information from being read when creating your own wallpaper.


Taking precautions using the above methods are some of the ways in which you can alert the proper parties in an emergency. Installing an application is another method with which to store ICE contacts and other important life-saving information.

These are just a couple of applications available that offer a variety of features to aid first responders in obtaining important medical and contact information. The red cross is universal and easy to identify on your homescreen.

These are just a few methods I recommend to create and save ICE numbers on your BlackBerry.

Anyone else have a method they use for emergency contact information? Feel free to chime in by leaving yours in the comments.

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Reader comments

Dear Berry: How do I save In Case of Emergency Numbers on BlackBerry 10?


Thanks for the info

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my brand new Z30 or my great Q10 or my beautiful Z10

Not sure, you might be more likely to attract the drug squad ... using the word "ICE" here in Australia ;-)

Anyway, that lock screen idea is great...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

That is an awesome information. Instead of using lock screen messages for a mere statement, someone can use it for life-saving messages

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

Biggest beef since BB10 released is that not enough space in the lock screen message to type what I want. I wish could type more and or and extra line. I have some medical conditions and the meds I'm on could be vital for ems to know if something happens.

Not sure why they limit this so much.

BlackBerry give us more!!!

Posted via CB10

Agreed. I'll be ordering one eventually but right now my heart meds changing every couple weeks until they get the right combo. So would be nice to be able to list em on lock screen just in case.

Posted via CB10

But I shouldn't HAVE to. Software wise it's not hard to program a few more character space or an extra line or two.

It's just lack of foresight ad to how people could potentially use this option.

Posted via CB10

I use my lock screen information as sort of a contact number, it says "if found please call: 1234 567 8912"

So sort of a loss protection kinda way

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the info, Dear CrackBerry, very sound advice. I'd like for a better system built into the OS itself though, as the lock screen is a huge barrier and I'm not exactly thrilled about displaying my wife's number on the first page that pops up when my phone's woken up. Luckily I'm not dealing with life-threatening illnesses so I have some time to wait for BlackBerry to bake it in. :)

Still good advice though!

I use the ICE 1, ect, for my contacts. I also have the MED-ICE app. Since I'm not that important I don't lock my screen. No data available to steal.

Posted via my Z10 on CB

Great advice! I already have a contact number on the lock screen, but it says "if I am lost please call....". I could say "in case of emergency call...."

Posted via my Q10 or Z10

That's a real life great article. I appreciate the info. I am on a BES, so head office has it locked down - and good they do. I think I will change my lock screen message.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Zed30, eh.

I was thinking the same thing. ICE maybe makes sense in an English speaking society but elsewhere... not so much.

Powered by BB

I don't know about it being hoax, but I do wonder how often emergency services would ever really check. Not at first for sure, but possibly once person is in hospital and some staff have time to start looking for information then this might help.

Personally I still don't want a bunch of personal information easily accessible so need to think about this more.

How do I set up 2 ice numbers on my lock screen because I have a passcode set up on my z10 can't seen to do this

Posted via CB10

Thanks CB This solves a nagging problem for me.i lock my phone but have some pretty serious medical conditions too.never thought of using the lock screen in this manner.brilliant!

Posted via CB10

I've had my wife's contact information on my lock screen for a long time. Had this exact epiphany when I realized I had set up ICE contacts on my locked device.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

Same Here !
I've been using my lock screen message for
Lost & Found purposes " If Found Please Call. . . # "
Great Ideas about implementing ICE :D

via Z10 

I, 2nd (Plus) the idea of adding more lines/Space . . . .

& for those who do not want to give out personal #'s maybe
Include a *Google # &|or a disposable email
Some people are kind & go out if there way to return Phones
i.e. - the kids who made a YouTube video to return a Cell Phone to a young teenage Girl!

via Z10 

Lock screen is definitely a big stopper here for anyone to access any of your ICE or MED info. I kinda like the Application solution on the home screen, ...but still not good with a lock device.

BB10 (and other OS) should add provisions to add such "Red Cross" application launch button directly available from the lock screen. Somewhat similar to the emergency call option.

Posted via CB10

I have had an ice message and 'if found please call' message on my Z10 lock screen since day 1.

Posted via CB10

It would be a nice option if BlackBerry allowed you to choose two or three contacts from the contacts app that could be accessed from the lock screen in an emergency.

Posted via CB10

I like the idea of having two separate entries; one as the ICE entry with just the name/phone number for emergencies, and one with all the details of that person for my personal use. (EMTs don't need my husbands bday or our anniversary, right? Lol)
I like the tip of putting a ~ in front of ICE so the ICE entry is sorted at the top, however when I save my new entry (even if I've changed the name so it's different) my Z10 immediately consolidates the info into my original entry, one which I can't edit or delete without removing the entire entry and starting over. ?! WTH am I doing wrong?!

They need make an ICE icon next to camera icon on the start screen. Just long press and wala you got all the info you need. ( or want to give)

Posted via  Z30 supremeness

I entered two ICE contacts on my lock screen info, but they don't appear when I go to it. What might be causing this?

This is a great tip! I lock my phone so I've always felt like having an ICE contact was useless, but putting the info on my lock screen never occurred to me and is perfect! Thanks Crackberry for the potential to save some lives :)

Posted via CB10