Dear Berry: How do I record a voice note?

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By Dear Berry on 22 Jun 2013 08:26 am EDT

Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Recently I've received various tweets and emails concerning the following question: 

How do I record a voice note/message in BlackBerry 10?

For anyone looking for that familiar voice note recorder icon, in BlackBerry 10 it is integrated into the Remember application. This is why I'm going to give a quick rundown of this specific feature including ways to record, delete, and share the audio file. For a full breakdown of the Remember application, our own Simon Sage compiled this detailed walkthrough for you to review.

Recording a voice note

  • Tap on the Remember icon and from the bottom of the screen choose New Entry
  • Either from the bottom or the overflow (three dots) menu tap on the Voice Note icon
  • Tap the red button to record your note
  • When complete, tap Done in the upper right to save your recording (*Note: Make sure that the note is attached to the entry. You will see a purple voice note icon as an attachment otherwise you will need to record again. This may occur if the recording is too short)
  • If you wish to create multiple voice notes for one entry simply repeat the above steps to record and attach additional voice notes.

At this point you can finish modifying your entry and save it to the application. However, I’m sure there are members out there who would like to know if a note can be saved and even shared by email without having to do this. The answer is yes and you can follow these simple steps. The important thing to keep in mind is that all voice notes are saved to device memory regardless of whether you cancel the entry after recording, mark it as complete, or delete later on.

Save and/or review a recorded voice note without completing a Remember entry

  • Once a note has been recorded and attached to an entry, users can simply tap the X next to the note and discard changes to the new entry screen
  • Navigate to the File Manager application on your device
  • Tap on the Voice folder which stores all recorded notes. This should be located under device memory, not SD card.
  • From here you can listen to or delete all of of your recorded voice notes whether they were from already completed tasks or from ones recorded without creating new remember entries

Rename and share notes

  • Users can also change the filename of each note, move to another folder (i.e. SD Card), or share the audio file (via BBM, email, text message, Bluetooth, NFC, or Remember) from within the File Manager application. Simply access the same voice folder discussed above, select the file and choose share, move, or rename from the overflow menu
  • Notes may also be attached by composing a new message (i.e. Email, BBM) and choosing either the audio or file icon

I know this may add a couple of extra steps and clicks but it is one workaround I utilize for recording notes on the go without managing additional tasks. For more information you can visit the original forum thread. A special shout out to member Andrew4Life for his succinct and helpful summary.

See you next time!

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Reader comments

Dear Berry: How do I record a voice note?


Yes, I think they should make an Native Voice Recording App, so we wouldn't be needing to do all this nor needing "Parrot" app.. make it as Good as Parrot and Boom. Perfection!

Posted via CB10

Go to BlackBerry World and download Parrot, works just like the old voice recorder and has far less steps. Don't get me wrong I love the reminder app, but for just a quick voice note it takes too long to run through the steps provided above IMO.

Posted via CB10

It's not that good as a default voice recorder! what does this mean every time we wish to record some thing we need to go to remember -- new entry and so on and later discrd and thing is againf need to go file manager for hearing it!! not so friendly, like torch and older devices seprate voice recorder and list of audio clips must be avilabl at one finger tip

Posted via CB10

I was wondering how to do this the other day and ended up doing it the way posted above, might just download Parrot if it's a lot quicker though.

Posted via CB10

I like how the native Remember app is integrated with Evernote, but I am currently using the Voice Recorder app by Toysoft. It's similar to the voice recorder functionality on BBOS, easier to use than the Remeber app (IMO) and I like that it has the "Built for BlackBerry " designation".

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

I have Parrot and it's a decent app, but I don't like that I can't move the audio files or save them to the SD card.

There are others available, but I don't use a voice recorder app that much to justify spending money on one.

Guess I'll stick with Parrot or Remember for now.

I didn't see that at first. Although it just copies it to the SD card. Still have to delete it from Parrot's sandbox.

Oops, sorry didn't see you had figured that out already. You are right, Parrot should just allow you to choose a save location, not a copy. Kind of silly redundancy.

Posted via CB10

Actually, in the record settings you can tell it to copy file to any location you like where you can then easily access the file.

Posted via CB10

You know...somebody at BlackBerry was really thinking we they came up with this. It is a logical advancement. Good job BB!

Posted via CB10

The Remember app is good and everything, but am I the only one who wishes there was a separate memo and voice recorder app? I just want to jot down notes sometimes that don't necessarily have a due date.

Posted via CB10

Alvin- If you are looking for just a straight out voice recorder you can try DictaNote in BlackBerry World. I have used it a number of times if I just want to record a name or reminder to myself. It is free and is rated 4.5 stars. This is the link:

On the other hand, I also use the Notepad app for many little reminders and notes to myself that have no due dates. For example I may set up a "Books To Read" folder and I can copy/paste a link from a website or take a screen shot of book titles I want to read from a newspaper story, etc., then add that entry to the folder. It's easier using the Notepad for that kind of stuff instead of bookmarking them when I may only want a line of text off a whole web page.

I really like having the option of saving info a couple of different ways. We all have our preferences but having a choice is what counts, not just one way for all.

Posted via CB10

I use the Parrot App.
I can record , save and share to any email account as an attachment very quickly or directly to BBM or Text super fast and send, it is quite awesome app.. Also, I save the recording to my Parrot folder in the Remember APP, works excellent.
I want to record and share asap Keep Moving

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the info, the new voice recording UI stuff sucks we can't even send it easy like record n send via bbm.. pure annoying. Innovation plox.

Posted via CB10

I don't know why BlackBerry made the voice app so hard to get too! I even forgot how to access it until this article appeared. Voice app shouldn't be integrated into another app like remember to access it so stupid. You should be able to access it through an icon. I use the Parrot app for now it's pretty decent. I much rather prefer how they had it on BB OS6

Posted via CB10

#quickrecord is another voice recording option. It's useful for those that want to save to SD cards. It feels like an #Android port and is pretty limited in terms of functionality.

Posted via CB10

Still waiting on being able to share my remember notes without highlighting. It would also be nice to record in the background while you are either reading your remember note.

Posted via CB10

This is useless, like trying to make albums for your pictures.

Anyway, did the article say that any recordings will eat up your memory permanently or did I misunderstand?

Posted via CB10