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Dear Berry: How can I file emails on my BlackBerry 10 handset?

Need advice on how to solve your BlackBerry woes? Dear Berry is here to save the day.

By Dear Berry on 9 Oct 2013 11:15 am EDT

Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Today's question comes from Moira who says:

How can I file my emails into folders? How do I make a new file?

There is a way to file your emails into folders. For example, if you have AOL or GMAIL you should already have folders set up and this would allow you to file them there. If you long press on an email in the hub it will bring up the action menu on the side. Simply tap on the file icon and the available synced folders are shown. Tap on the one you wish to save it to and it will move it into that folder.

Note that these folders are accessible via your device by tapping on the blue header at the top of the hub that displays the name of your email account. 

For the second question, there are a couple of ways to to make a new file. The first is by logging into your email client on your computer (i.e. GMail) and creating a new label/or folder. The second is through your device.

  • In the Hub, go into the email account you wish to add a folder to
  • Tap on the drop-down (blue) bar at the top of the screen
  • To add a folder, tap and long press the folder you would like to make the main directory (i.e. Inbox) and from the menu that appears tap on the + Add Folder icon. Enter in a name for this new folder and tap OK.

This should create a folder on both the email client and on your device. I have tested this on my GMail account (set as IMAP) and the folder appears instantly in both places.

If you use a desktop email client such as Outlook you can set it to sync as your BlackBerry does not automatically download the emails. One way this is accomplished is through the drop down in the hub and long press on the newly created folder. From the menu select Enable Folder Sync and that's all there is to it. The other way would be to go into Account Settings and edit the folders from there. You can also rename and delete folders by tapping on the corresponding icons as well.

See you next time!

Have a question about BlackBerry etiquette? Need advice on how to cope with your BlackBerry addiction? Dear Berry has you covered and there's no question too big or problem too small. Submit any of your BlackBerry woes by email to or on Twitter @DearBerryCB.




Posted via CB10


Great! I was trying to figure this out. So will my messages be stored here indefinitely?

Posted via CB10


Assuming you have set your mail account to synch indefinitively, any folder & sub-folder that you have set to synch will be kept available on your device. So any email that are filed into unsynched folder will not use any memory space (but still available), so you could manage what need to be on your device at any time according to need of the moments

The ability to file emails into dedicated folder and sub-folders is one of my favorite feature from the hub.
In fact I found it easier to file message from my Z10 then from Outlook on my PC.
One thing you will notice when using that feature, is that BB10 generally recognized in which folder you may want to file it and propose you that folder (which you can change with no issue). Not sure what algorith behind that, but most of the time it is working just fine for me.

On thing still incomprehensible; why "Sent email" could not be filed ?


When 'filing' emails into folders, don't the emails disappear after the designated sync time for that email account?

As BBThemes mentions below, I need the ability to SAVE the email indefinitely on my device, similar to how it was on BBOS.


See below my reply to BBThemes relatively to BBOS way.
In short,
Just set the folders you want to keep on your device to sync, and make sure your account setting is set to sync forever ...and that's it you will have them.

You also have the option to show (or not) filed message to display into the main hub. (Hub > More button>Display and Action > Show Filed Message)

FYI: On my Z10, I could have access to emails that I received more then 10 years ago (from an Outlook account and not from any smartphone device)


Look for Email Archiver on BlackBerry World, I think it does what you need


Personally I far preferred it in BBOS when I could `save` it, this saved the email to local storage and was accessible even if you had no data connection. having to make new folders to sort stuff into is good but not a replacement in my opinion.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that the save option that we had in the previous BBOS was basically making a duplicated local copy of that email. So whatever filing, deleting... work you were doing from your main email system, ...this remain in your device until you manually delete it.
Now I do preferer the new way because of that. Any filing, deleting work that you do from either your device or from your main email system (using PC) is reflected everywere, no needs to manage and/or delete any email from both places; you just do it once from either your phone or your PC.
Just to clarify, when you set a folder or any sub-folder to sync, it make a local image of all emails that are filled into that folder and keep them for the designated sync time (mine is set forever) . ...its there accessible on your device at any time, available even when on AirPlane mode.
If you are rigourous of filing your emails, it became quite easy to find it simply by opening the specific folder you should have placed it (top blue header from the hub).
If this specific folder was not set to sync and is empty ...just set it to sync (3dot menu) they will bring them back.
So easy that I simply remove sync for all my older projects files that I'm no longer working on. It free up memory space and I know I could easily get them in case I need to.


This is why blackberry is at the bottom of the takes the most basic function of its operating system and makes it complex...not being able to save emails is my biggest could they screw this up...the lack of apps is annoying but not a deal breaker

Posted via CB10


I have been trying to set up folders for my POP Email Accounts and neither Verizon or BlackBerry have been able to help me. I keep the error message that " Folder Management is not supported for this account". I have private domains through GoDaddy. When I go the the HUB and tap the top the only folders which appear are BlackBerry Hub, PIN and Calls. Please advise. Thanks.


the POP3 protocol doesn't support folders, you have to use IMAP or ActiveSync


beware if you are using GMail.
Basically GMail does not have folders. They simply create virtual ones based on the labels you add on a message.
So when you have a message in the Inbox, that has 2 labels, the message is seen in 4 parts on the Z10 :
- in the All Mail folder in the GMail directory
- in the Inbox folder
- in the Label1 folder
- in the Label2 folder

it is not much of an issue, except that from the Z10, you can add labels but not easily remove more than one.
If we take the message above, and do the following actions :
1) if you delete it from the Inbox, it will disappear from the Inbox folder but remain in the three other folders
2) if you browse the Label2 folder, and then move the message to the Inbox, it will disappear from the label2 folder but remain everywhere else

it is not the Z10's fault, but rather the way GMail handles IMAP folders.


In the end, I have removed all the labels in GMail's webmail, and use the categories (the ones in the tabs, that are filed automatically by the new Bayesian filters). Sure they cannot mimic a folder, but at least I can now simply move an email to a customtrash folder.
and from time to time in GMail's webmail, I will delete the emails from that customtrash folder.


Well - that was easy - so now I know how to say my emails if I need to. One more great thing about my Q10! It just gets better.


Wow.. I just knew that we can create a new folder through hub.. thanks CB..

Posted via CB10


Hi, Is there anyone who knows how to attach an old email to a new mail? When someone sends me an email with an eml attached, it's nicely mentioned with a mail icon within the attachments list and I can open it. So that works perfect. However I don't know how I can attach an eml myself and send it to someone else.

Posted via CB10


This required a feature that exists on some email clients like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. The name is "forward as attachment".

Other clients like or GMail or the BlackBerry email apps can only do "forward inline".


Would like to save emails to Remember App or Evernote. Cannot see to make that happen.

Posted via CB10


Did not know you could make folders from the device itself, thanks for the tip!

Posted via CB10


Dear berry when z30 coming to the Caribbean...are ow do I order one.....have a z10 but need to get a z30

Posted via CB10