Dear Berry: Can I turn off the loud low battery alert on the PlayBook?

Dear Berry
By Dear Berry on 19 Apr 2012 10:50 am EDT

Hello again dear readers. It's time to once again open up the mailbag and clear up any BlackBerry woes you may have. This week's question comes from one of Stephen L and he writes:

Dear Berry, Do you know if it is possible to turn off the very loud low-battery alert in the Playbook? The alarm has gone off a number of times in the middle of the night, waking up the entire family - making my Playbook less popular.

Thanks S

Dear Stephen,

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to change that particular setting on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I feel your pain as I myself have been dead asleep only to have been awoken by the nagging chime you speak of. My best advice, try to make sure it's on the charger at night before you go to bed or at the very least, turn the PlayBook off at night.

If anyone in the community has a solution for Stephen's problem - please let us know! We'd love to find an answer to this question. 

Thank you for sending this in Stephen! If you need further assistance, be sure to hit up our BlackBerry Help page or check out the BlackBerry PlayBook forums for any of your OS 2.0 questions.


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Reader comments

Dear Berry: Can I turn off the loud low battery alert on the PlayBook?


interesting... mine doesn't make any noise wen the battery is low, nor are there any prompts. all i know is the device just turns off. so annoying

mine too!
It's turned off on me in the middle of playing a game. No notifications, just bam! Off. Took me a few seconds to realize the battery was gone.

Mine gives the warning pop-up and sound at 9%, but when I've got the Android Player open, it will give a different alert at 15%

I always mute my PlayBook before sleeping. E-mail/BBM/video chat requests are just as annoying. The PlayBook needs bedside mode just like the BB phones.

Did you know that you can just press and hold the play/pause button and it mutes the sound? No more needing to press the volume down button 10 times a night:)

I use mine for an alarm clock so muting isn't an option.

I love the airplane mode. Leaves the PlayBook functioning normally and I don't get disturbed from emails.

Radios off, radios on.

Your PlayBook is likely just engaging in a bit of competition with your cat.

Sarcasm aside, I leave mine plugged in overnight as well.

Plug-in the PlayBook and charger it or turn off the alert and possibly have a dead battery.

Decisions. Decisions. hmmmm?

I'd love customizing individual alerts like on the BBOS... but we all know the PlayBook can't hold a candle to BBOS in terms of customization ... or app capabilities (background, or integration with the OS) ... or native apps .. or notifications ...

The ability to control that alert and others would be great. Currently I Charge over night both phone and playbook.

If you are not going to charge overnight, mute. Also, airplane mode should take care of email alerts, etc.

The sound that the PlayBook makes, camera shutter, reminders, and the battery notification are all based on the volume level. Simply gold the pause button and mute your PlayBook before bed and you should be good.

it should have the computer voice Hal speaking that its low and the option to turn it off. pretty sure it was there in the 1.0. os. i just charge it and my phone when going to sleep.

I'm not understanding the problem as mine never makes a sound for low battery or notifications. Probably cause I have it turned off in the settings under Sounds & Notifications...Are people experiencing this after the latest os update? cause I haven't updated mine and am in no rush to do so.

I get no battery warning sound or notification. My PlayBook just shuts down. I now keep an eye on the battery level.

The charger with the magnetic plug is your friend here; it works extremely well and leaves me quite unable to work out why (a) the iPad doesn't have one and (b) it isn't the standard charger supplied with the PB. No more trying to get a micro-USB the right way round and in the right hole at bed time (no sniggers at the back please.)
It makes it the work of a second to put the thing on charge last thing at night.

One of the best design features of the PB, and rarely commented on.

Hey GUYS!!

When you put the Playbook in "Sleep" Mode it will make an alert if the battery gets low. If you do not wish to have the little bell sound notify you, simply do what you were doing- shut it down at nighttime.
Sweet dreams! :)