Dear Berry: Can I swap between multiple email drafts on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Dear Berry
By Dear Berry on 3 Sep 2012 01:10 pm EDT

Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. This week's question comes from one reader who asks:

If I'm responding to various emails, either for work or personal, how do I switch between those drafts and can I compose more than one message at a time?

Thank you.


Dear Anonymous:

Thank you so much for sending this in. As a multitasking powerhouse the BlackBerry PlayBook allows users the ability to create multiple messages at the same time. It offers tabbed email that lets you go up and back between the drafts and your inbox if you need to reference a prior message or open another application to pull information from.

Multiple Messages

Just follow these simple steps and you'll be scrolling through all your drafts in no time. 

  1. Open up the messages application.
  2. Tap the new message icon in the bottom left or swipe down from the bezel and tap on Compose Email.
  3. Type your message and swipe down from the bezel again. This time you will see your current draft labeled as 1 if you haven't given your email a subject. Otherwise each draft will be named after it.
  4. Tap on the Compose Email choice again and now you have created draft # 2.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each of your drafts. The maximum number you can store is 10.
  6. To go between the drafts, swipe down from the top bezel and scroll to the left or right and tap on the draft number/name you want to continue working on.
  7. If you want to go back to the original email when you swipe down from the top bezel tap on Messages to return to your inbox.
  8. If you tap the X in the upper left hand corner of the email, your draft will be saved if you exit the application.

This is a convenient way to quickly browse through your emails and drafts without worrying about saving or sending any of them first.



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Reader comments

Dear Berry: Can I swap between multiple email drafts on the BlackBerry PlayBook?


I hope that this is not the direction that the upcoming OS BB10 is heading...
If you don't know the gesture, you cannot properly use your device?
I believe this is a major part of the slow uptake of PlayBook even amonst BlackBerry fans.

I've personally seen demo playbooks left in a dark corner of a sales room left there to die, with no salesperson to explain the (many?) gestures needed to operate it.

Question: How do you get back to the homescreen without a "Home" button??
I could not figure this out in the showroom, so I personally did not buy any Playbook.
(Answer: swipe from top to bottom of screen, and this is from one of the folks on this website, who replied like it was "very obvious". The answer is anything but obvious.)

For those many folks didn't know (and still don't know) the correct gestures, how can they feel empowered to use the BlackBerry device like PlayBook or OS10 devices??

I hope that BB10 devices would be more intuitive, otherwise RIM cannot win back new customers (ie: just keep some of the old BlackBerry fans only).