Dear Berry: Bold or Curve 8900?

By Mara Blumenthal on 23 Mar 2009 09:12 am EDT

Dear Berry Dear Berry,

I just have a quick question for you, that I know doesn't have an easy answer... Bold or Curve 8900?!?

  - Oh the humanity!!!!

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Dear "Oh the humanity!!!!",

Thank you for writing.This is a very difficult question to answer. Both the 8900 and the BOLD are very special devices. However, the BOLD is the "flagship" device from RIM, in my humble opinion. That being said, it is a bit larger than the 8900. Now if you aren't looking for 3G connectivity and you want a new BB that is smaller the 8900 is for you. But I must admit, I'm biased, the device I'm currently using is the BOLD and I love it. I struggled myself with which device to purchase and decided 3G (speed) was essential.

I know whichever device you choose it will make you very happy. After all, a new BB always warms the heart with great fun and anticipation :-)

Let's see what the CrackBerry community has to say.

Enjoy and let us know what you decide.

- Berry

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Reader comments

Dear Berry: Bold or Curve 8900?


I believe you can't go wrong with either phone.

Go with your needs and covergae options in your main area.

As it stands TODAY, these are the hottest BB's (plus the Storm).

I have a 3G Curve (Sprint). Soon I will have a Bold (won in a contest) and will be able to test it.

I keep reading about the Niagra, but I will stick with my current BB Curve or switch to the Bold by the end of next month.

Believe it or not one of the deciding factors for me was the camera. I have 3 kids and am always taking pictures. The camera on the 8900 as it like night and day when compared to the BOLD. Its 3.2 megapixels comapred to the BOLDS 2.0. The 8900 has auto focus which is fantastic.
That all been said I have SlingBox Mobile and its use on the 8900 wasn't very good therefore I went with the BOLD's 3G connection. I gave the 8900 to my wife so now we have the best of both Blackberry worlds... Hope this helps.

It really is a tough decision but what ever device you end up with, you'll have an excellent phone. I used a Bold and then was seduced by the size of the 8900. So, got an unlocked one and loved it! Except for the keyboard. I came from a Curve awhile back and thought I'd get used to the smaller keyboard again but I just kept making to many typing mistakes on the 8900 and finally went back to the Bold. The camera is awesome on the 8900 but the auto focus feature slows it down (something I was bummed about). 3G wasn't a factor for me and I still do miss the compact size of the 8900. I'm hoping eventually we'll see a variant of Niagara for at&t. So, now that we've all confused you even

I went with the 8900, for 2 major reasons.

1) I LOVE the fact that 8900 is a little smaller. It fits my hands better. i think it's easier to walk around with the phone in my pocket.

2) THE SCREEN on the 8900 IS A-may-za-zing.

I own a Bold, but a friend just bought a 8900 and it´s being in my hands since Saturday, I just love the size and the aesthetics of the device, my provider still does not have 3G so maybe I will change for the 8900 for a while, until 3G service it´s provided.

I am a Bold owner and have to be honest, having owned nearly every other Blackberry out there at some time or another, the device itself is the best ever; however, the 3G capability is completely ruined by AT&T's 3G service.

It's terrible. I live and work in the heart of a major metropolitan area and most days just hope that my phone will kick back over to the edge network so the phone actually works. I've upgraded to every beta and official OS released to date, with no luck. I've even swapped out phones

I think that Niagra will be the way to go. I had an old 7230 on Verizon's network before I had to switch to AT&T for work, and their EVDO network was just blazing fast. Even when the first rolled out the faster network, I used to tether my 7230 and run my slingbox clear as day on my computer.

All this talk about 3G speeds is garbage. Verizon is a better network hands down. I don't know why carriers aren't discussed here more.

The Bold really is the best phone on the market, it's just on the wrong carrier.

you can't make this distinction with ATT's bold firmware. You can either turn the mobile network on or off.

"The Bold really is the best phone on the market, it's just on the wrong carrier."

I currently have the curve 8330. i was hoping verizon would pick up the bold, instead, we're getting this updated curve. blah blah blah.. my friend from t-mobile has the javelin (verizon's upcoming curve 2) and there's no big change, besides higher res.


3 letters.. UMA! the Curve supports UMA and the Bold (oddly) doesn't. What this means to you? free calls from any wifi hotspot anywhere in the world.

I agree with a couple of you guys. If the Bold was on the Verizon network it would be AMAZING. However, Verizon also has the most expensive data plans. I'm not switching to another carrier simply because AT&T always have the latest and greatest first in the BlackBerry world.

My friend has the 8900. I played with it for awhile and it's awesome also but it's not my Bold. While in ATL my 3G works amazing so I'm sticking with my Bold.


Both companies are $30 for BIS and $45 BES. And their voice and text plans are exactly the same. The only difference between the plans is rollover.

Not sure what you're speaking of but with AT&T my unlimited data as well as text is only $50. Verizon's unlimited data plan (just data) is $45. There is no unlimited text and the most you get is 5000 text which is another $20.

Upgrade your voice plan to Select from Basic (it costs the same $20 over the basic as AT&T's data plan with unlimited texting). It's just another way to do the same thing and the cost in the end is the same.

A friend of mine currently has a WinMo device and a contract on AT&T. He's looking to get a BB - I've played with the Bold some (and the Curve a little) and recommended the Bold to him.

To my mind (and from the research I've done - some folks at work have the Bold) - it's a solid and reliable device. He's a heavy emailer and texter.

I have a Storm - and I love it. I explained its pro's and cons to him - he agreed with me that the Bold would most likely be a better bet for him!

Either one is going to rock, honestly if you go with the 8900 you will be happy and likewise with the Bold. I currently own the Bold and the size factor isn't too big of a deal to me, neither is the camera quality. I do like the 3g speeds of the Bold but unless you are running the slingbox application and other heavy hitters like that you won't notice much. Like stated above: a new blackberry always warms the heart. Most all phones no matter which carrier have a 30 day trial, you will know in the first 7 to 10 days whether you got the right phone or not.

Good luck.

easy bold, i've had both the bold is a better phone all around and it really isnt that big of a size difference so unless you're a girl with tight pants (or emo kid for that matter) get the bold!

might as well just get the original curve there about the same except camera and screen and a few other things but seriously could save money and pick whatever carrier you want.. I have the Bold i love it. I keep it in my jean pocket or coat pocket and don't find size a problem at all.. Its like right on the edge of to big or just right. Sometimes i'm looking at it and it seems perfect and i use it and love the screen. Other times i wish it didn't feel so precious and i could just kinda abuse it a little lol or have the pearl flip and just be like a normal phone not caring whether its getting scratched or dust or w/e.
Bold is more of an investment and definitely the whole experience with it just seems more serious or maybe that's just me.

The 8900 is better in EVERY SINGE way possible over the 8320 (and even the 8330 which has more memory than 8320). The only thing it is missing really is 3G.

I'd suggest you read Kevin's review before posting something like that and making yourself look foolish.

I just got the 8900 (Curve) which has always been my favorite BB device. I like the size of the Curve and the screen actually has better resolution than the BOLD.
That being said, I do like the battery cover of the BOLD much better than that of the Curve. Other than that, I will take EDGE / Wi-Fi connectivity over the crappy 3G connectivity anytime! Go with the 8900 (Curve). In my opinion, T-Mobile is better than AT&T as well. Cheaper plans too!

The Bold is a great phone, except for the "antiquated" textured battery cover. I have a Curve 8900, although slightly smaller, its designed is very modern. Thats just my opinion on it. Regardless which one you get, you will get a great device!

Bold is better if (and only if) you're blessed with a stable (I repeat, stable) 3G reception. But if size and non-3G is what you're eyeing for then 8900 it is :)

In my opinion it doesn't matter what BB you get. RIM has awesome devices all the way around, I have the 8900 now and had the 8320, both devices have exceeded my expectations above and beyond the call of duty. Like Dear Berry says, it just depends on if you need 3g capabilities or you can settle for wifi. I know you won't go wrong with any BB you choose, it just works!

I really like the 3G speed AT&T provide for me, I travel in the Southern California area and the 3G for me has become essential, if you can live without the 3G speed the curve is a nice phone.

I own the bold, on ATT in Salt Lake City. The device is great, but I'd probably prefer the 8900 if it weren't for the longterm prospects of 2G/3G on ATT. The 3G in my area right now is better than edge, but not by much... that is, unless I tether. The speeds I get on the bold are usuall 300Kbps or less, but tethered, via bluetooth, to my linux laptop, I've gotten 700Kbps in the same spot.

I'd say if you don't mind a crappy camera, and want the best speeds farther into the future, the bold is for you. If you aren't going to keep the phone for more than a year or so, and don't need the fastest speeds (or you're happy to use wifi hotspots), then the curve is probably the better device, especially if the better camera is important.

Well it depends on your needs:

* Slightly larger screen
* Better keyboard
* 3G (if you are lucky enough to get it)
* 2 MP Camera

8900 Curve
* The processor is a little slower but overall device performance is faster than Bold (even with the Bold running up to date software)
* Superior browser (much faster even on EDGE
* More storage space
* More RAM
* Comes with (albeit small -- 256mb) memory card.
* Smaller more pocket able, easier to talk on form factor
* Keybard is not as good as the Bold's but is not bad either.
* 3.2 MP camera
* UMA (for free calling over WiFi if you carrier supports that)

The final analysis

* If 3G is available and important to you and/or
* you have larger fingers or just don't like the Curve keyboard

THEN, get the Bold.

Otherwise get the Curve, overall it is a better device.

And FYI I own both.

If you have AT&T I would not recommend the BOLD. I have it now and the 3G coverage is horrible. I have dropped calls all the time and it is beyond annoying. I love the phone itself and the internet speed and dowloading time is amazingly fast. A friend of mine had the same problem i have and got the Curve 8900. He says that you do notice a big difference in speed compared to the BOLD but if you have AT&T it is worth the sacrafice to get a phone that actually works. So if you dont have AT&T get the BOLD i would say otherwise stick with the Curve.

Your question relates to "Should I take it in the mouth or in the a**"? Either way it will leave an impression. Not to digress: the Curve will suit your metrosexual curves better. Keep clicking.

Just get whichever jumps out at you first, or shop around for the cheapest deal.

Honestly speaking, there is so little difference.

I have a Bold, and I love it. The Curve was a bit too small in my hand, and I preferred the bold keyboard, so I picked that one. Plus there's good 3G and HDSPA coverage around where I am, so that does make a difference to me at least.

But yeah ... they are so close to identical that it makes almost no odds which you get just pick which looks better to you.