Dear Berry: Bold 9000 won't start out of storage

Dear Berry
By Dear Berry on 28 Mar 2012 09:15 am EDT

Hello again readers! Dear Berry here to once again open up the mailbag and clear up any BlackBerry woes you may have. This week's question comes from an email I received a few weeks back from George who asks:

We pulled out my girlfriend's old Bold 9000 that has been in storage for a while. It worked when it went in. Now we plugged it in. Took a few min and then the screen showed white with a battery with the charging bolt through it (same as her Pearl flip we powered up to) After a while the red light came on for a min or two then nothing (the Pearl started up after that) So not sure what the issue is. Tryed putting the charger back in and out a couple times and nothing.(just the same thing, red light comes on for almost a min then nothing) Left it charging over night and nothing. My next step is to plug it in to my computer. Any ideas?

Ok so I finally tried to connect the Bold to my pc. But it just sits there with a red light on solid. It wont even connect to desktop manager. It just prompts me to retry or update. So i tried to update but when it got to jvm error ir wont continue. Now i also have tried to follow the steps posted on crackberry for reloading the OS on a nuked BB but after you select the connection to BB pin and where you are suppose to select the OS to load (using aplication loader) it wont let me continue, it just says desktop software does not have software for that device. So im not sure what i should do or try next. Any help would be appreciated.

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Dear George,

Do you have the latest OS installed on your desktop for the 9000? If it's not installed on your pc after you have downloaded it, you usually get a "does not have software" error. As for any other ideas, it could be as simple as the battery just going bad...

In subsequent emails, George goes on to say that he had the latest OS downloaded and installed on his pc and it still was not starting up. George said he'd try his 9780's battery on the off chance it would get the device to start up. Low and behold, the 9000 booted right up. Just goes to show that sometimes it's the simple things that we sometimes overlook!

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Dear Berry: Bold 9000 won't start out of storage


Same issue is currently happening with my old 8330. It has now become a toy of my daughter, but I have recently put it away because it will not charge anymore and will not power on, more than likely just the battery, but it isn't worth replacing since it actually is not in use.

Could also be that the battery is SO dead that it needs a good long while to charge. Sometimes just leaving it charging for 24 hours will do the trick. :) A battery in this state requires a charge from the actual power cord a USB charge through a computer won't do the trick.

Leave it plugged in for a loooooong time.... I think i had mine (9000, stored for 2yrs or so) plugged in for a couple of days, and them it worked.

All, I have found that this is a common battery issue. I've had several BB's that did the same thing. I've reloaded the OS several times trying to correct the problem. Finally, I put in a battery that was already charged and still being used, and the phone would start up as normal. The last time it happened, I just exchanged batteries and fixed the issue the first time. By the way this happened on multiple devices. I'm a phone junkie, so I get one every 6 months or so. So I think that when these batteries quit being cycled, they go bad fairly quickly. Hope this helped.


I've found that the Bold 9000 is prone to this sort of behavior, if you've let the battery drain down completely. If you search the forums, you'll find that some magic combination of plugging-in/unplugging, battery insertion/removal, waiting for charging, and luck, will eventually coax the phone back to life.

Very interesting story because I just re-activated my BB Bold 9000. It's been in a hiatus for about a year but I have grown to appreciate its large keyboard and its ability to adequately cope with the usuals: e-mail, BBM, Twitter and FB.

Did I mention that conveniently fits in my pocket and I don't need to put on my surgery glasses to view the keyboard? Since I do not have "girly" fingers, rapidly texting on a touch screen has never been an option.

Anyhow, I went through quite the run around to get contacts and calendar loaded on to it, much "to-ing and fro-ing" to get signed into BB Protect but here we are and it works great!

RIM, I know you have some starship quality BB 10000s in the works, but let's not forget who actually buys these devices!

Similar problem with me. Noticed after taking pictures with my 8900 that the screen would flip to white and the phone would not respond to keyboard commands. After a battery pull the device would attempt to boot but would fail. Had to be the battery and a new one did the trick.

After reading your post i recognized a good old problem. This is happening to most of the devices, not only blackberry phones. The problem is storing the device. Before you put away a phone or laptop always disconnect the battery and store it separately. Althought the phone is switched off, it does have a minimal battery consumption. Each battery has a minimal treshold level, under which they wont charge. Since you left the battery in the phone the phone drained it beyond this level. So now when you plug it in the battery is so dead that it wont charge. There are some techniques to kinda "start" the battery - you need to charge it with higher voltage for a very short time, but i dont recommend it if you havent done it before. So the solution would be to replace the battery, it should do the trick. Also try to start your phone on a charger only with the battery removed-should work.

If it's a battery icon coming up and doesn't charge then it's the battery with X through it and not a "thunder bolt" replace with new battery. That is oem charge and power on....if this fails its time to debrick install latest firmware to pc remove battery from device. Boot loader.exe grab usb cable plug into device "with battery pulled" plug into pc... Wait for loader to see a "unknown connection" click next and quickly insert battery. Then fallow steps in loader to reload device.

I have 2 batteries and neither would boot my stored 9000. Its basically a reboot loop that only reboots about 1/5th of the way. DM does not recognize it either. I've tried just about every trouble shooting technique I could find. From what I've read, it could possibly be a small battery of the MB that is dead. I have no idea though. I tried charging the battery for multiple days also.

Just try the playbook charger on the phone for 24hrs. Been using it to charge all my BB's and they seem to last longer then charging it using the playbook charger then the normal BB charger.

My 9000 died as well.
I have tried every combination and finally read that it's the Power Controller module that dies on them.

I now have 2x 9900 (work & personal) and a 9800 as a backup so I'm not to sad.

Bold 9000 - Put the battery in a 9700 series and charge it, you should have no problems with it after it recharges.

Bold 9900 - Find a charging cradle and it should charge with the contacts at the bottom. Upgrade the OS.

I have had this issue with my Storm 2 9550 on a couple of occasions. Only after letting my phone die completely for a couple days. The trick I use is strip the plastic off of metal twist ties that come with garbage bags. Insert one in each the + and the - pads of the battery while the battery is in the phone. I plug the phone into the charger/computer and then use another battery to "Boost" the phone. Once the the phone starts to boot up with the loading screen remove the booster battery and carefully pull out the wires without shorting anything out.

All fixed after that. Seems the phone will not charge a battery that is stone dead or boot up with the dead battery even when plugged in. Its unfortunate that you can't battery pull with phone plugged in without the phone shutting off.

I had to leave my 9000 on charge for days the battery was so low. As a matter of fact I ordered 2 new ones off of ebay and while waiting their arrival I just left the 9000 plugged in to the wall charger. By the time the new batteries arrived the old one had charged and all was well