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Xbox One Bundle w/ 2 games

$350 $230 save $120 at GameStop

GameStop is currently offering the 500GB Gears of War Xbox One bundle with Rise of Tomb Raider (digital copy) and your choice of a free game for just $230. The bundle itself normally sells for $350, and the two free games are valued at around $100, making this quite the offer. Sure, it isn't the Xbox One S, but it is a great option for those looking to pick up a second console or even a first one. You'll be able to pick a game up to $60 in value in the bundle in addition to the digital copy of Tomb Raider.

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$8 $6 save $2 at Amazon

Right now you can pick up CHOETECH's USB-C keyring adapter for just $6 with coupon code FHWTY97R, a savings of $2. If you find yourself surrounded by Micro-USB cables and not USB-C cables, be sure to add this thing to your keyring so that you can keep your phone charged. The small adapter won't take up much space, but you'll likely find that you use it more than you'd realize. Remember, you will need coupon code FHWTY97R for the full savings.


Marsee Bluetooth Speaker

$28 $19 save $9 at Amazon

Marsee is currently offering its Bluetooth speaker for just $19 with coupon code 68FZMN5H. This is a $9 savings on the speaker, which is a pretty awesome deal. It offers a rugged design, great sound quality and even has a built-in flashlight for those times you may be partying into the night. Remember, you need coupon code 68FZMN5H for the full savings here.


SanDisk 200GB microSD Card

$250 $80 save $170 at Amazon $250 $80 save $170 at Amazon $250 $80 save $170 at Amazon $250 $80 save $170 at Amazon $250 $80 save $170 at Amazon

Amazon is once again offering SanDisk's 200GB microSD for just $80. This isn't the lowest price we've seen on the card, but it is still quite a value. If you are looking to add some storage to your phone, tablet or other electronics this is a great way to do just that.

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