Deal of the Day: Storm2 users - get Tank Recon 3D for 50% off!

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2010 09:37 am EDT
Tank Recon 3D

A few weeks back we first checked out Tank Recon 3D for the BlackBerry Storm2. This awesome game takes advantage of the OpenGL support and shows off some great 3D graphics. Through various game modes you take on different missions in your tank shooting down AT guns, planes and more. Tank Recon 3D sells regularly for $7.99, but it is today's Deal of the Day so you can grab it for just $3.99 (that's 50% off!). Keep in mind this is only for the Storm2 so don't bother trying to get it if you have any other device. Here's to hoping we see more games like this with 3D support come to BlackBerry soon :-)

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Reader comments

Deal of the Day: Storm2 users - get Tank Recon 3D for 50% off!


I have been looking for a game for my Storm2. My first game actually besides the stock games...And I must say I was tempted to buy this game when it was still full retail. But now that it is 50% off, I went ahead and took the plunge. I must say that the graphics is UNBELIEVABLE! maybe because I havent played much 3d games...but all I can say is that, I appreciate my Storm2 more besides using it for, when I am bored, I have a game that I can play while on break and show Storm2's screen goodness....

And before you bash my post about how this game barely matches with Iphone, Ipad, Droid....I have had my storm2 for about a year with no problems. Maybe those who are bashing havent had any goodluck with their device hence the switch.

I've been hoping and waiting for this game to become the "Deal of the Day". Finally it's here.

I have nothing negative to say. Sorry. I'm quite satisfied with this and no nothing's wrong with my head. My Storm2 is fantastic. Believe it or not...