Deal of the Day: SmrtGuard for BlackBerry One-Year Subscription for $22.49 - 50% Off!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Aug 2009 03:18 am EDT
This deal is expired
 SmrtGuard - Deal of the Day - 50% Off!  

Boooyahhh!!! This is a CrackBerry Deal of the Day I know a lot of CrackBerry readers have been waiting for. We've been big fans of SmrtGuard ever since Bla1ze first blogged about its public beta back in March and that sentiment hasn't changed one bit. SmrtGuard helps consumer BlackBerry Smartphone users "lowjack" and remotely wipe their smartphones, to protect them in the event of theft or loss. In addition, it provides over-the-air backup and restore of personal data to the device. With SmrtGuard, you are able to:

  • Remote OTA Backup (manual or scheduled) PIMs, Call logs, Emails
  • Remote OTA Restore PIMs, Call logs, Emails
  • Remote Data Wipe (including microSD)
  • Remote Tracking (lowjack) and Locating - see it on our companion website that comes with the account
  • Remote Listen - Listen to your thief or be a spy
  • Remote Lock
  • Remote Audio Ping (to help you find the device)
  • Personal Guardian (send out distress call with push of a button)
  • SIMCard Guardian - alert send out when unauthorized SIM is used (GSM based phone only)
  • Loved-one Tracking - Great for couples and families with smartphones to track each other 

And for more information you can check out the video above (I recorded that back at WES in May) and view our full CrackBerry Review of SmrtGuard for BlackBerry. An annual subscription to SmrtGuard sells normally for $44.99, but as Deal of the Day you can get it today until Midnight CST for $22.49. That's 50% off! If you've been thinking about grabbing SmrtGuard, today is definitely the day.

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now thats a hell of a savings on one of the best apps out there.


Can't agree with you more ramsfan3068!!!


Now this is kinda wrong.
I paid a few weeks back for this "SERVICE" $44.
I can see the app being discounted (well its free anyway) but not a service plan.
You have to know that this must be frustrating those who paid for the services.

Just my opinion.
Good for those who decided not to subscribe because it was to expensive.
Now for them it's not!


So you thought it was worth a purchase at $44, but now that others can get it cheaper for a day, it's suddenly not worth that to you and you're upset about it?


This is certainly one of the most useful applications/services available for your Blackberry. If you haven't purchased it already, please do yourself a favor and do so. Well worth it, and half off for the entire year, you will regret not purchasing it.


JR Rider, can agree with you more. Just got account for my hubby and daughter. IT IS WORTH IT at regular price, and w/ the savings, my whole family has SmrtGuard protection.


I got a this for myself, but always wanted to get one for my wife so we can track each other w/ SmrtGuard's love one tracker!



Is it possible to "extend" a current service plan using this? I'm good for a few months (I think), but if I can get 50% off, I'll add a year.

Yes, It is possible to extend your existing account. If you are able to, purchase w/ your "secondary email" from your smrtguard account. And that should auto extend you. Other wise, contact us if something goes wrong and we can merge accounts for you.


Support @ SmrtGuard


How long after purchasing before this shows up on my account page in smrtguard? I was able to use the same email address (what I checked out with matches my secondary email account on smrtguard).

Edit - never mind; it's there already.


hey jave.park, like you i got one for my hubby and my college bound daughter :)

I think this is a must have for me as parent, i have one more tool to check if my daughter is safe. Also, good for my daughter to make sure her data is safe via a remote wipe if need be. Don't want random college boy to know our home info stored on her BB.

I had it since SmrtGuard launched, and love it!


If I purchase a new Blackberry within' the year, will my subscription transfer to the new PIN or am I screwed out of the remainder of the subscription?

Nope, the whole idea with SmrtGuard is that you can switch BlackBerry without data lost. So you can switch as many time as you want with your SmrtGuard account and each time you switch, you will see how easy to transfer PIMs (contacts, calendar...etc) to the new/replacement BB :)

Hope that helps.


The SmrtGuard control panel allows you to change your PIN, which means you can transfer service between BB's!


PROVIDING that you purchase your new SmrtGuard subscription using the same e-mail address as is registered for your current SmrtGuard account, you can extended your service by a year.
I was able to do exactly that (after consulting SmrtGuard), when I won a years worth of SmrtGuard service through a Crackberry contest. The additional year was added to my account with any trouble.


thanks for answer some the questions :) and you are answering them right on the money!



Anybody know how to gift this to somebody? Should I just create an account with their email and PIN and let them change the password?


Is there a status update regarding the "Clear Backup/Restore Status" option as discussed in the open forum? Inquiring minds want to know! Would love to cash in on the "Deal of the Day" but it's dependent on the above mentioned option.

By the way, the forum thread is in need of your attention as several questions await your response.


But some things are not intuitive ... locate the "reactivate" feature, if you can.

Also, if part of your overall perception/evaluation of the attention to detail built into a product includes grammar used in published documentation, be prepared to have suspicions in this regard ... i.e, using the phrase "piece of mind" in place of "peace of mind", ending sentences with "at", etc, in the User Guide. No big deal, but ...

The above notwithstanding, the proof will be in the pudding and the "service" appears to deliver on its promises. I was reluctant to spring for the full price, but the 50% off was enough for me to give it a try.

So far, so good.


I couldn't pass this up for the price. VERY COOL piece of software.
Thnx Crackberry and SmrtGuard


I've been contemplating getting this app for some time now. With this deal I am really tempted but I have a few questions first and I'm hoping some of you who already have it can help with my decision. I searched the forums but didn't find answers there. I have a 9530 Storm so all my questions pertain to how this app runs on that BB.
-Once installed and running in the background, can you tell in anyway that this app is there? Does holding down the BB button show it?
-Is your app memory affected much and if it is what OS are you running? In the forums there are mixed answers on this but they are based on older versions mostly running on older OSs.
-Can this app be turned on and off from the phone or it's just always running?
-If a phone with this SmartGuard is lost or stolen and the battery dies or is removed is this pretty much useless?



Do I have to use separate accounts to purchase for my family or is there a way to have multiple devices on one acount?


Just purchased and d/l/installing SG on my tour...I can't wait to play with it!1


Kevin, any chance of CrackBerry running a DOD for StudentDocket, for all us students?


I already have Smrtguard, but would like to extend it for a year at 1/2 price. I used PayPal to pay, and would like to use that account again, but from here, there is no option for PayPal.

Smrtguard, your site does have the option for PayPal, yet it only has the option of paying full price, not the 1/2 off. HELP!


Although I have insurance on my BlackberryBold, I'm going to purchase this. Wireless backup, and being able to locate your phone is a seller to me. The last thing I want is to loose my phone and have to get a replacement.....I'm sure we all get attached to it at some does not feel the same.


I have been looking at getting this and until now, I have been waiting, I'm glad I did, I will be purchasing this now. Thanks CB and Smrtguard


They have a really bad customer service tho.. I have sent them emails w/o any response.. great app, CS sucks.


that was it. Andrew told me that I could use my secondary email to pay with PayPal, but their site only has the option of 6 month or a year and both are at full price. I wrote back several times, and haven't heard back from them. I don't want to pay full price when it is 1/2 off right now. I want to use my PayPal account again, and Crackberry doesn't have that option, Geez....


Is it just me or does it seem like these Deals of the Day are way overpriced and the 50% off is usally a few bucks cheaper than it's normal price..


So, I've purchased again. Good til Nov. 2010.
Thanks Smrtguard and Crackberry!


-Once installed and running in the background, can you tell in anyway that this app is there?

Nothing obvious at all.

-Does holding down the BB button show it?


-Is your app memory affected much and if it is what OS are you running? In the forums there are mixed answers on this but they are based on older versions mostly running on older OSs.

.151 ... Booted up with 36.2MB, 6 hours later at 35.8MB ... Battery seems to be draining faster however.

-Can this app be turned on and off from the phone or it's just always running?

"Close" does not turn it off and no obvious "Exit" ... appears to be always on, which would make sense.

-If a phone with this SmartGuard is lost or stolen and the battery dies or is removed is this pretty much useless?

If a pig had wings ... eventually yes, but you can't cover everything. :)

HTH ...


Thinking for my daughter...


Damn! I paid full price! But let me just say this is a great thing to have. You can set it to back up your phone nightly. Which comes in extremly handy when you brick your phone. Or even if you delete something important. As you can check it online.


Let's say I purchase this app and install it on my Storm... If I decide to purchase the next Storm device (I'm assuming its release is approaching) will I be able to transfer the app to the new device, or will I have to purchase it all over again?


Already asked and answered...nevermind


From Customer Service:


You can cancel your current Mobihand subscription, then reorder the crackberry
deal using the same vendor that you used - Mobihand AND please use the same
purchase email address used before to purchase SmrtGuard. The sale is going on
just for today so if you want to do it should do it now.



Just ordered, price like that I hated to miss out. I hope it's worth it.


Does anyone know how to reduce SPAM on a BB? I have a Storm but I am sure model doesn't much matter
Windows allows you to block senders, what does RIM allow?


What happens if the thief pulls the battery?


I purchased this software for one reason only, and it is the ability to wipe the device completely if stolen.

Although I'm glad of the purchase, I found that the emergency functions don't work with the Bold. If I'm in an emergency, the Bold's menu button doesn't activate the 911 call, the SMS emergency message, and the email of notification. Larry from SG was quick to respond to my emails and confirmed the issue.

Considering the pack of features I DO get with the phone, I'm very happy and recommend it especially for professionals who carry more than calendar, contacts and notes on their device. I'm an IT professional and the data I have on my 16GB MicroSD cannot be translated to money.

I tested all the functions but to the Self Destruct. They all work well including the listening feature and the location of the Bold.

Overall this is an absolute must and with 50% off there is no better time to get it.


thanks crackberry! good deal!


I sooo regret not checking the blogs daily >.<