Deal of The Day: Save 50% on BerryBuzz Today Only!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2010 09:50 am EDT

Recently updated, BerryBuzz is on sale for 50% off today as our Deal of the Day and you can pick it up for just $2.97. BerryBuzz is a simple app that lets you customize your device LED and alerts for different apps on your device. Want blue for BBM? Purple for Facebook? Orange for AIM? You can do them all and even create custom colors. Set alerts for IM apps, the Gmail app, tasks, calendar, all your email addresses and more. New additions to version 2.2 include the ability to backup and restore settings to your media card. A free trial is available, but don't think on it too long as you'll want to get it at the sale price before the day is over.

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Deal of The Day: Save 50% on BerryBuzz Today Only!


There is nothing better than the Buzz... I have been using it forever and it never lets me down and I never miss a call..and now it's on sale? There should be no reason that you don't pick it up NOW!

The new backup feature they implemented into it recently is really awesome too! Makes it so easy to restore settings if you wipe your phone a lot. I've used this app for a long time and wouldnt ever be without it again!

It's ok though. Well worth the money. I didn't think it would be that handy but turns out now I know which color to pick up on. Very nice app.

Since it's half off I'm going to get a copy for my girlfriends curve.

I did the SAME thing! I got Terrapin Station as my phone ringer, and disco as my led.

And then for email, I have colors, all my mod mail is orange (CB's main colors), regular mail is violet, important mail (family, work) is red, and BBM is blue (the color RIM uses for the icon). It's SO handy to see at a glance and know what's coming in, or what's waiting. :) And there is SO much custimization with BerryBuzz!

This is and has always been my number one app for the blackberry and the a glaringly lacking feature on the iphone.

Awesome app. I would say that this and QuickLaunch are two absolutely essential apps for Blackberry users.

my fave app!! i just wish they would upgrade Smart Alerts so you can get the custom colors to work for contacts. love it!!

I purchased this for my BOLD 9000 last night @ 11pm ET. NOW, you're telling me it's 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***** My wife would kill me if she knows i waste money....................................

Perfect! :) Question though, if I buy it and then switch devices can I carry it over to my new BB or do I have to buy it again?

But I think BBSAK is what you want. You should be using BBSAK not only for backing up 3rd party apps, but also as a crucial step in OS upgrades. It 'wipes' your phone of every everything to provide a clean slate for new OS installs. This really makes the dif and minimizes all the glitches/issues people talk about post-upgrade.

So I just bought it and after install it gave me message 'this version of BerryBuzz is not optimized for use on your 9630 BlackBerry Tour. Please DL version at". I haven't set anything up yet, so I went to that address, and its offering the same version I originally DL'd. It appears I can use Berrybuzz as is though.

Anyone else experience this? Should I just ignore the message and use it?

Write the developer they have flawless customer service. I don't know the exact answer but if its not yet available they may be testing item which means berry+tester=free app

I've bought a few of their products and haven't been disappointed yet. Heard lots of good things about BnerryBuzz and for the price, couldn't resist.

I worked yesterday so I missed the sale!!!!!!
I love this app too and I wanted to buy it....
ugh... =(